how to print on 4x6 photo paper canon pixma

How To Print 4×6 Photos On Canon Printer [4 Easy Steps]

The most typical size of photos that we tend to print is the 4×6 photos. These are the ones that are the most common. Most photo albums or frames come in this size as well.

So, there is no doubt that we mostly print photos in this size.

We all struggle with printing, whether it be photos or paper. Figuring out how to print 4×6 photos on a canon printer is crucial if you want to print your cherished photos at home for your photo frame.

To help you with that, we have a guideline here on how you can print your photos easily—no more getting frustrated at the printer at home and ending up at a photo booth for printing your pictures. You can now get the prints in seconds without having to leave your house.

How To Print 4×6 Photos On Canon Printer

Here’s everything that you need to know about printing the perfect 4×6 sized photos with your canon printer. Every step has been described in detail for your better understanding.

Step 1: Getting Your Tools Ready

The first step in doing practically anything is getting your tools ready. Here’s what you will need to print your photos at home.

  • Printer

Well, this is kind of foolish of us to mention separately; of course, the first thing you need is a printer. But there are a few things that you need to know about the printer.

You need the right kind of printer, to begin with. Not all printers are designed to print photos. There are printers that are made just to print photos or just to print on paper. Then there are the kinds that do both as well.

How To Print 4×6 Photos On Canon Printer

Any canon laser printer will get the job done easily. In their range, the Canon MG3500 printer is a good one that you could get if you plan on printing photos daily.

  • Glossy Paper

You could print your photos on normal A4-sized paper, but it won’t turn out as good. It’s a good way to print casual photos that you want to add to a card or something, but it’s never the best option. Most places that ask for photos need the photos on glossy paper as well.

how to print on glossy paper canon

This kind of paper is quite well known as the “kind of paper you print photos on.” You can get these at any photo booth, shop, or stationery shop. They are easily accessible and cheap as well.

For a photo of this size, you will need 4×6 glossy papers. The glossy II kind papers are great for printing photos.

  • A Good Photo!

The picture that you are trying to print should be of good quality. A picture that was taken in a bad or low-resolution camera will look bad and distorted. No canon photo printer will be able to save an image of low quality.

how to load 4x6 photo paper canon pixma

After resizing the photo, if you see that you have to zoom in a bit to get a perfect size, the picture might get a bit distorted as well. So it is better to start with a high resolution and clear picture.

Step 2: Adjust the Photo

Based on the kind of photo you have, you might need to make some adjustments.

Make these adjustments keeping the printing size in mind. You can make the changes on either a PC/laptop or a phone.

When editing on a PC, make sure the photos are of 4×6 size. This size editing option is readily available in most photo editing applications.

If you need more than one print, you can add all the 4×6 photos on one page, print the page, and then cut out the pictures. For that, you will need a larger page.

  • PC/Laptop

On your laptop or PC, you could use Photoshop to make these adjustments.

The application has tools that help you make size changes, crop the photo, and also make color adjustments. You will get the best results if you use an app of this caliber to edit the photos you want to print.

How To Print 4×6 Photos On Canon Printer

  • Phone

There are a lot of photo editing apps that we use nowadays to edit our photos. An app like this might help you make these changes as well. You can use this opportunity to add a filter of your choice to the picture as well.

how to load 4x6 photo paper canon pixma

If you are using a Canon wireless printer, you can connect your phone to the printer directly and print the pictures.

Step 3: Get the Pinter Ready

The first step is to add your glossy paper to the tray. Keep a dew on the tray, just in case. Position the paper accordingly and make sure the papers are leveled.

After you have made your adjustments to the photos and saved them, you will follow the next steps.

Connect the printer to your PC. If you are using your phone, connect the wireless printer to your device through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Right-click on the photo on your PC and click on the print option.

On the phone, click on the share button, and a “print” option should appear. Click on that.

how to print on glossy paper canon

Make adjustments on the printing page. Select 4×6 on the page size option. The user interface is more or less the same for all canon MG2400 printers and other models.

Next, on the paper type, you have to select the glossy paper option.

You can then make other adjustments as required. For example, you can select the color option or black and white option, borderless printing, and also the print quality option. Also, add how many copies you want in the meanwhile.

These are the adjustments that you will have to make according to your needs and wants.

After you have made all the adjustments, click on “okay” to save the changes. If you are using your phone, you should make these adjustments on a PC before printing the pictures, or you can also use any apps on your phone that are compatible with the printer.

Step 4: Print!

The last thing you will do is click on print, and you are good to go. It might take a while, depending on the model of the printer that you have. But the picture should come out crystal clear if you have made the adjustments correctly.

how to print on 4x6 photo paper canon pixma

If you have used a larger-sized paper to print smaller 4×6 sized photos, you will have to cut out the extra border bits from your photo. We suggest you to use 4×6 sized papers to get a more professional quality print. You can just print more copies.

But if you have used a 4×6 paper, there is nothing else you need to do afterward.

And you are done!

Final Verdict

Printing photos on a canon printer is the easiest. There is no hassle, and the print quality is also great, no matter what the model is. You can use a phone, PC, or laptop to make adjustments to the printer and the photos. Canon has made their printing procedure as simple as they can for your convenience.

Now you know how to print 4×6 photos on a canon printer. It’s quite easy, isn’t it? With the right adjustments made at the right time, you should get your printed copies of the photos in no time at all. It’s an easy procedure that, when done correctly, can be very helpful.

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