How to Print A 2×3 Photo on 4×6 Paper [Simple Methods]

Printers make it possible to print photos in different sizes. Many printers are made for printing small-sized photos in 4 by 6 inches or 2 by 3 inches sizes.

Definitely, you have lots of images in the Windows Photo gallery of your smartphone or computer. You will have many printing options. Within the printers, these innovative features also help print photos in smaller sizes than the standard size.

Wallet size photos are pretty popular. Because you will be able to keep them in your wallet, or you can store a massive number of pictures in your albums.

Now, how to print a 2×3 photo on 4×6 paper? It is a simple and easy process when you have 4 by 6 inches of paper and you want to print a photo in wallet size on this paper. It involves some resizing procedures. Let’s know the details about this process.

How To Print A 2×3 Photo On 4×6 Paper: Single and Multiple Printing

You can print one 2 by 3 size photo at the middle of the 4 by 6 inches paper to make it center-staged. Thus, the picture will look more focused. Moreover, you can print multiple photos in 2 by 3inches on 4 by 6 inches of paper.

The best-suited settings are to print two 2 by 3 inches photos in one 4 by 6 inches piece of paper. It looks perfect as the borderline sets well in this setting.

Print a Single 2×3 Photo on a 4×6 Paper

Step-1: At first, open the photo from your photo gallery. If your computer’s default is not set for the Windows Photo Gallery, right-click on the image and click on the “Open With” option from the drop-down menu. It will open another drop-down menu at the side.

Here, select Windows Photo Gallery. Then choose your desired photo that you want to print.

Step-2:  Next, you have to make all the modifications. From the Edit or Fix option, adjust the brightness and color level of the photo. If you need to change more features, make all the modifications. At last, crop it using the crop tool into 2 by 3 inches size.

How to Print A 2x3 Photo on 4x6 Paper
Memento Pro


Step-3: Now, open a blank document file on Photoshop. Set the dimension of the file 4×6. Now resolve 240 pixels per inch. Keep the background white. So, the canvas for the photo prints is ready. The background layer of the canvas is prepared.

Step-4: Now again, open the edited photo. Enter the option Select and then click on All. Now click on Edit and then copy. Go to the blank canvas for the picture, and here tap on Edit and then on Paste. The photo il be placed on the canvas as a separate layer on the white background.

how to print wallet size pictures on 4x6 photo paper

Step-5: Now click on the photo, and you will see the box appear. Activate the move tool and make the finishing adjustment and placing. Handle the corners correctly. 

Step-6: Now, Click on the Print option on the top side of the menu bar. Click on the Layout option and choose the ratio 2×3. Next, you have to select the number of pages you will print at once. Now click on OK and Print.

Print a Single 2×3 Photo on a 4×6 Paper

The printing will be done, and you will get a perfect middle-centered photo in 2×3 inches size on 4×6 inches paper.

Print Multiple 2×3 Photo on a 4×6 Paper

If you want to print two 2×3 photos or more on one 4×6 paper, you must follow this procedure. You can directly print from the Gallery. Let’s learn the steps below.

Step-1: First, you have to open the Windows Photo Gallery. So, open the Start menu from the ‘All Programs’ section. Now get into the Windows Photo Gallery. If you enter this way, then you will get all the photos together.

Print Multiple 2×3 Photo on a 4×6 Paper


Step-2: In Gallery, browse the folder where you have the photos that you want to print. Now, select multiple images here. So, you have to hold the CTRL button from the keyboard and then select all desired photos by mouse click. 

Step-3: from the top menu bar, click on the Print tab. Select the layout option and then tap on the wallet. Here the print setting set the image size is 2 by 3 inches.

Actually, this size is known as the wallet size. Now select the number of photos per page from the section ‘Photos Per Sheet.’ Make sure you do not like more than 4. A 4 by 6 inches piece of paper cannot fit more than four 2 by 3 inches photos. Click on Print.

How to Print A 2x3 Photo on 4x6 Paper

You will get your printed page with photos ideally.

Print a 2×3 Photo on a 4×6 Paper Through iPhoto

When you try to print photos with different aspect ratios that do not match a standard size code in a phone, you have to crop and resize the image. So, follow the steps below.

Step-1: First, open the photo from the Gallery. Then enter the Edit option and crop the image into 2 by 3 inches size. Next, do the necessary modifications regarding the color adjustments, brightness correction, etc. Then click on OK and Save.

crop the image into 2 by 3 inches size

Ste-2: Now, you have to customize the screen during the printing time. After clicking on the photo, choose the Print option. Here you find the list with the name of the printers. Choose your printer and then paper size.

Here you will find Customize option under Paper Size. Click on it and then right-click on ‘Fit to Frame.’ Make it centered on filling the white space of the paper. Now Print.

Print a 2×3 Photo on a 4×6 Paper Through iPhoto


You will get your photo exactly how you want.

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Final Words

When people make scrapbooks, booklets, or other things, they print wallet-sized photos on 4 by 6 inches of paper. It makes it focused from the inside. How to print a 2×3 photo on a 4×6 paper?

From the processes mentioned above, you have understood that it is not so hard. You can easily make modifications and print the photo as you like. Both from the computer windows and iPhone, you can command printing photos by resizing them and placing them on 4 by 6 inches paper. 


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