How to Print a Poster Size Picture on a Regular Printer

If you want to print a poster-size image, you will need a big size printer. Large printers are costly. Besides, you may need to make posters occasionally, not frequently. In that case, purchasing a large printer causes extra cost. There is a way to make a poster in a home printer. If you know how to print a poster size picture on a regular printer, you can get rid of the extra expense and make your poster.

The tiling process allows printing posters in a regular printer. It splits up the poster in pieces to print without any scaling down. These pieces are called “Tile.” There is an option to adjust the sizes of tiles. So, learn to print poster on a regular printer and customize your poster’s design

How to Print a Poster Size Picture on a Regular Printer

There are two ways to print the poster size picture at a home printer. One is through tiling large page printing, and another is through tiling all pages in PDF format. Follow the steps below to print your poster.

Process-1: Through Print Interface

This is the process of printing the poster directly to the printer.

Step-1: At first, open your image or poster file. Go to the “Print” option and click on it. The dialog box of Print will come, and you have to select your printer’s name. Enter the “Properties” option or “Set up” option. Go to the “Advanced” button.

How to Print a Poster Size Picture on a small Printer

Step-2: now, you have to set the size of your poster. Under the section of “Advanced,” you will find a drop-down menu. There you will see the “Paper” button and under that section, select “Paper size.” You may not find the perfect size you need. So, go to “Custom size” and manually type the tile paper’s dimension what you want. Then tap on “Okay.”

Step-3: Now, in the “Document” options, go to “Tiling.” Click on it to put that on. Tap on “Okay.” Then you will be out of the Set-Up box. Now check the preview layout preview. You will find the preview in the print box. Now set the paper at the loading tray and click on the “Print” option. Get your tiles printed correctly.

Now assemble a printed copy and get your poster.

Process-2: Through PDF

This process is to print poster tiles in a PDF application. You will need a virtual PDF printer like CutePDF or AdobePDF. You have to download this software and follow the below steps.

Step-1: Open the image and go to the “Print” option from the “File” section. Select the virtual PDF printer that you have downloaded. Tap on the “Print” button. Now keep this PDF file in a quickly-accessible area of your desktop. It will make the printing easy.

how to print posters at home

Step-2: Now, start your Microsoft Excel on the desktop and create a new spreadsheet. Enter the “Insert” box at the top bar. Click on “Picture,” and an interface will come in front where you have to select your PDF image. Now enter the File option and tap on Print under that File. Find your PDF printer name and select that. Check the tiled preview and find if there is need any modification. If all is okay, then load paper to print at the tray and click on “Print.”

Your printed tiled will come within a couple of minutes. Assemble them and have your poster in reality.

Conversion of JPEG to PDF

Images are in the form of JPEG or JPG. To print those pictures through a PDF printer, you have to convert the JPEG to PDF. The virtual PDF printer can save and store these converted files. So, learn to convert PEG to PDF and Print.

Step-1: Get the PDF print file converter application by downloading it from a website. When you finish your installation, you will see this converter printer in the printer list. Enter the “Settings” interface and select the “Printer and Faxes” option. There you will find the icon of PDF Converter and click on it. Here you will get “Printer Preferences.” Now make the settings from “Printer preferences.” Now set the paper size, poster resolution, and orientation. Select them as you need. Then click on the Okay button. You will get out of that settings.

Step-2: Now, you have to open your image JPEG file. Go to File to get the “Print” option. Tap on it and get the dialog box. It will ask you to give it a title. Give the title and save it where you want to keep it.

Open the saved File to check if t in PDF. Your File is ready to print.

Assemble The Poster

After printing your tiled papers, you must adequately assemble them to get the real poster. Follow the below steps and get the poster.

Step-1: Get the poster board and lay that on a surface.  Spread out your tiled pages accordingly. Make sure that the edges have aligned right. Cut the overlapped sides and edges correctly.

how to print a poster size picture on a small printer

Step-2: To fix tiles, stick tape or apply glue at the backside of the page. After joining those tiled papers, you will find that your large-sized poster is ready.

This takes little time to assemble, but it is easy to have a poster from a regular printer.

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Many creative people wish to make a poster to gift someone or to decorate their walls. As they do not know that there is a way to print large posters from a regular printer, they do not get to make them straight. They have to go to some shops or printing offices. But if they can learn how to print a poster size picture on a regular printer, they can easily do it and make some glorious poster for their friends or kin.

So, if you are one of them, follow the above instructions and get your large posters. No big deal. When you do them, you will find that these processes are easier and fast.


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