How To Print A Reverse Image : Easy Steps To Follow

Printing a reversed image or a mirror image is one of the essential techniques of producing your artistic design on fabrics through transfer paper. Your entire work of designing and transferring will be futile if you print the images upside down.

Therefore, would not you like to learn to print a reverse image before you start your t-shirt designing? Printing reverse images are applicable both, for iron-on transfer and heat transfer of images and texts. You also need to mirror image signs to show direction. Also popularly expressed as flipping and image, once you grab the technique in your computer or printer, you will be the most comfortable person in printing your various t-shirt designs. This simple-to-follow write-up will take you forward!

Properties Needed To Reverse Image

The computer or printer you are using to transfer images has options of reversing images. However, not all printers have the same to identify this component. They are of them.

  • reverse
  • mirror image
  • flip horizontal
  • back print

Search the printer by first going to printer properties, then finishing to orientation where you will find a mirror box.

How To Reverse An Image In Microsoft

First, paste your image, then click image to go to picture format. In the picture format, you will find the option of Rotate Object. Here, you can click the button to flip horizontal or vertical. Check-in print preview to see if the flip version is the one you want.

Can I Reverse Text In Microsoft Word

Often you may need to print text to represent a logo or a message through your t-shirt designs with images. Unless the text is a turnaround to reverse, prints will come out background and create difficulty in reading. You can reverse text by the WordArt option in Microsoft Word 365.

Reversing a Text with Microsoft Word

  1. In the Insert menu, you will find the WordArt option. Click.
  2. The menu that says drop-down will lead you to all the combinations of colors. Select your desired colors.
  3. Copy and paste the image in the box.
  4. Click the Shape Format; it will open to the right.
  5. Go to the section of Shape Styles, and click Effect.
  6. Click 3D Rotation from the dialog of Format Shape.
  7. Click to enter the numbers 180 for the value of X.
  8. Click the button that states X to finish
  9. Click the dialog to close.

Use An Online Reverse Text Generator

Using online software such as the you can easily reverse your text online. The steps are

  1. Upload the image.
  2. Rotate or flip the image.
  3. Select ‘Rotate’ or ‘Mirror’ so it reverses.
  4. Download and save in your file.

Printing The Reverse Images : Step by Step

Often both your image and the printer need to change to print out quality prints. Now that you have a quality image, the features of your printer should operate correctly. There are quite a few to adjust to before printing.

  • Editing The Image

printers have a preview screen that allows editing of the image. Features like cropping an image to the size that will be perfect for the t-shirt space, adjusting brightness, contrast, and others are available. Choose the ones relevant to image printing. Just like in photography, the preview will show you the perfect look of the image.

how to reverse an image

  • The Resolution of Print

The pixels or dots per inch or dpi determine the sharpness of the prints of images and photos. For home use, you may set the printer to 200 dpi, for heat press printing 700 dpi should produce a quality print in the transfer paper. It is best to use 600 x 600 dpi, a higher dpi may saturate the transfer paper with ink.

printing mirror image in word

  • Size of the Image on Transfer Paper

As the coating of the transfer paper imprints with the image, it is better to cut the picture and text very close to the line of the image. You need not worry if the transfer is transparent.

  • Type of Printer Needed

An inkjet printer works well for printing transfer paper. The inks recommended are OEM, solvent inks, eco-solvent ink, UV ink, and sublimation ink. Sublimation ink only transfers on polyester fabrics.

Printing Of The Reverse Image On Transfer Paper

Finally, follow the steps to print the reverse image.

  1. Open the document you desire to print.
  2. Select print under file.
  3. Click print.
  4. Go to layout and unselect print.
  5. Click OK and exit.
  • Cutting the Design

Printing the reversed transfer paper is not the end of t-shirt printing. With just a few steps to go, you will have your t-shirt ready for wear. Cutting the design to perfect shape is important, as you do not want to leave large portions of the surface paper to stick to your shirt. For dark fabrics, it is better not to leave any edge but for light one’s ¼ inch should be all right.

how do i reverse an image to print on a shirt

  • Prepare Your T-shirt

Wash your t-shirt for better acceptability of print. The fabric should be starch-free. Expert printers boil the fabric to take out any residue or dirt that may obstruct the brightness of the prints. The t-shirt should be completely dry and ironed so that there are no wrinkles in the part where the design prints.

how do you reverse a picture to print

  • Iron Press or Heat Press

Iron Press: Use a flat board for placing your fabric. Place fabric on the board to act as a cushion but still hard. Now place the garment and then the reverse transfer paper with design face down on the garment. Heat the iron you use at home to a temperature that the fabric will tolerate. Do not set the steam of the iron-on.

Printing of the Reverse Image on Transfer Paper

With a clean plate of iron, press very hard over the design at least for 20 seconds. Maintain uniform pressing so that the prints transfer uniformly on the t-shirt. Move back and forth and make sure that the edges are covered. Depending on the size of the design, the entire process may take 4 to 5 minutes. Cool the t-shirt.

  • Heat Press

A large-scale project requires an electrical heat press machine. Get the size that suits your project as they are available in small, medium, and large sizes. There are two types, Flatbed, and rotary. Any of them is good for heat-pressing reverse transfer prints on t-shirts.

How to Print a Reverse Image

The heat press machine uses a flat plate to exert pressure and heat on the printing substrate. The press machine allows perfect printing with ease.

Place the t-shirt as you would for iron-on, on the plate of the press. Set the temperature and timer as recommended for the fabric type- cotton or polyester. Wait for it to cool.

  • Peeling Off the Backing Paper

Carefully peel off the backing paper from the reversed transfer paper. Begin from the edge and go towards the middle. The image is now on your t-shirt. Cool and iron the t-shirt before use.

Final Thoughts

Printing a reverse image can be fun if you pick up the technique from our guide. In addition, printing on t-shirts has grown into a big industry worldwide. With innovative design and advanced techniques, you can grow your industrial project into a business enterprise. Further, who does not want to enjoy the artistic skills of designing to spread beautiful and motivational messages through the t-shirts? Enjoy your printing!

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