How To Print A Web Page As It Appears On Screen

We need to print web pages for various reasons. We need to get some images or important texts in printed form to work on those or use them. So, we need web pages to print as it is. The problem arises when the printed copies come cut off the margin or lines or with missing images. Yes, it happens, unfortunately.

How to print a web page as it appears on the screen? Though it is irritating to have the necessary notes imperfect out of the printer. There are some techniques to print them as it is on the net. If you follow those techniques, you do not have to worry, and you will get your texts or pictures correctly. You do not have to make any modifications.

How To Print A Web Page As It Appears On Screen?

There are several options to print the web page correctly without and cut-offs. Learn those techniques one by one.

Technique-1: Print Preview on Browser Menu

The print preview provides the option to check if the printing provides the page’s all items perfectly. 

Enter the Print Preview tab from the Browser menu located at the top right side three dots of the web page. 

How To Print A Web Page As It Appears On Screen

The print preview page will look exactly like what it will print. If something is missing, you will get the chance to correct them or go for another option. 

When you find that everything is okay, you can command Print from the File menu tab in the browser. Unfortunately, printed copies may have some missing things even though the Print Preview was correct. It happens very rarely but happens. If the case is so unfortunate, then you have to look for the next option.

Technique-2: Search Printer Friendly Link

Many pages have a different link inserted separately in a separate location of that page. It is a print-friendly version or printable version of that page. Search for this link as it is the optimized version of that page link. It supports printing perfectly. If you can find this link, you do not have to think anymore. It correctly prints the page with all the details in it.

Searching Printer Friendly Link


Click on the link and command for Print from the browser. It will be out exactly as it is.

This option may not solve all the black and white printer issues though this is a printable link. The monochrome printer needs different settings.

Technique-3: Search for PDF Page Link

As some pages have printable links at a separate location, some other pages provide PDF page links. If you decide to print the browser page, search for the PDF file link. If there is, all your tension will vanish. The PDF version of the page is easier to print and arrive correctly out of the printer.

Searching PDF Page Link

After finding the PDF file link, click on it and get the file on your computer. Now enter the File tab from the top menu bar and command Print from the drop-down menu. The printed item will be perfect. Do not print from the internet browser printing option after downloading the PF file. It can bring some other issues with it. 

Technique-4: Change the Orientation to Landscape

Under the Page setup or Layout option, there is an Orientation feature to set the alignment of the content. The Landscape is for the left to right horizontal settings of the content on the page that provides the longest dimension. The Portrait orientation is the regular setting of the content that is vertical presentation.

How To Print A Web Page

When you find that there are cut-offs of lines or margins from the sides of the pages, then you can change this orientation from Portrait to Landscape. It will present the content to cover all the margins and lines around the page. 

The page setup option is present in the File menu in most browsers, including Google. Click on the File menu bar and then select the Page Setup option. Under this option, you can choose Landscape making the Portrait option unchecked. Then click on Print to create your documents. 

These four techniques will allow you to print correctly. You can have a neat and clean webpage print. 

There are some issues with black and white printers while printing web pages. Let’s know the solution.

Print From Black And White Printer

Black and white printers print Monochrome well till it is from a word-processing application or image only. When you publish a colored web page into a black and white printer, it cut the colored parts while printing other items.

Some printer fails to recognize one or two-colored items and print everything instead of those colored things. It is very much frustrating. For example, there are blue underlines or blue texts for hyperlinks. If the printer does not print blue, it will be a mess. The document will have many missing readers.

Print From Black And White Printer
Ink Hub

Some distinctive solutions can work. 

  • At first, if you have options that means another printer, you should try to print on that. The other printer can be colored or Monochrome
  • A practical solution is that cut and paste. Cut the necessary texts or items and then paste them into a word processing application. Then print it from that platform. 
  • Some software can solve the problem. They change the color option into Monochrome black and white and print correctly. 

With these three solutions, you can print black and white correctly without any cut-offs.

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Final Words

How to print a web page as it appears on screen? It seems so complicated and sometimes impossible. But fortunately. Some of the other techniques help to print a web page correctly. When no solutions are working, then the cut and paste solution works mainly. 

If you think that no solutions are suitable for your page, you have to open that web page in another web browser. You can seek help by mailing webmaster or by contacting the website which page you want to print. So, there is no worry. Print the webpage you require, for sure. 


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