How To Print Brochures In Word | Simple Steps With Picture

If you are concerned about brochure printing or booklet setting, you have to set the pages in an application first. Microsoft Word is the most popular option to set the brochure printing layout and command for Print. This application helps in developing the book fold layouts and Print them in the correct order. Microsoft Word allows to ready the Brochure for printing and also for folding and binding.

How to print Brochure in Word? If you learn the process, you will create brochures in a suitable format with great ease using Microsoft Word. Changing or setting the layout before beginning the write-up for Brochure is a nice trick to reduce the hassle. It will reduce the hassle of making all clean-ups.

Let’s know the detailed steps for printing brochures in Word.

How To Print Brochures In Word

Printing brochures require maintaining specific steps carefully. If you can select and set the layout correctly from the beginning, Brochures will come all set after printing. 

To print brochures in Microsoft Word, follow the simple steps that are described below:

Step-1: At first, open a New Blank Document through the File option of Microsoft Word. Next, you have to choose the Layout of your Brochure. It is essential to determine which images and texts will be printed on which portion of the Brochure. A standard tri-fold brochure appears in an accordion or barrel fold system. After deciding how you will arrange your brochure images and texts, select a layout style.

How To Print Brochures In Word

Step-2: Now again, enter the File option from the application menu of the Word. Tap on the “Page Setup” option. You will see a dialogue box of Page Setup. Set the page orientation here from “Portrait” to “Landscape.”

how to print tri fold brochure in word

Step-3: From the application menu, click on Format and the Columns. Here select the number of columns you need. If you want to set the folding marks, you have to add lines between columns.

How To Print Brochures In Word

Step-4: Now, you can add your texts. There is a system to add texts to your Brochure depending on your brochure design. A typical tri-fold brochure has a barreled layout with the first page with an inside page full of Word page and the left page to the left side, and the right page to the right side of the Brochure. The second page will have the Brochure cover on the right-side column and the back part of the Brochure on the left side column.

how to make a brochure on word

Step-5: Next is the time to add the images. You have to enter the insert option from the application menu. Then select the picture option and then From File, add images. As Microsoft Word cannot handle every type of art and image format, you have to add pictures in a standard format. JPG, JPEG, TIFF, and. GIF.

How To Print Brochures In Word

Step-6: Get to print setup. Enter the File section and select the Print option. Set the printing option for double-sided printing. Your printer should be capable of printing on both sides of the page. If your printer cannot print double sides, then set the printer with pages in 1-1. Then you have to re-insert pages with the printed sides and again the page inverted, and here you have to set Print for pages for 2-2. This setup will give you the correct print layout setup.

How To Print Brochures In Word

How To Print Brochures In Word 2008

A standard brochure contains 8.5 by 11 inches of paper that remain folded in half. The binding is done by stapling in the center. After setting the Brochure, it measures 6 by 9 inches. As the Brochure has folded settings, printing is not possible sequentially. You have to print double-sided

Like the other Windows Word versions, Word 2008 does not have the book fold printing option. That is why you have to manually replicate the process and set it to publish the Word Layout view. The trick is to arrange the texts and images correctly to accommodate content on all pages. 

Follow the steps below and print your Brochure in Word 2008.

Step-1: First, count how many sheets you need in your Brochure and take blank sheets for estimated numbers. By holding them together lengthwise, fold them in half. Now check again if you set the correct number of pages.

How To Print Brochures In Word
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Step-2: Make a note for each page using the pencil where you want to place which content. Mark the papers at the backside of the page. Add relative page numbers.

How To Print Brochures In Word

Step-3: Now, take folded papers and unfold them. Lay all the documents on a flat surface or floor. Set them one by one starting from the cover page keeping the page face up. Then set other pages accordingly.

How To Print Brochures In Word

Step-4: Next, you will enter the Microsoft word program on your computer and select the “Publishing Layout” option from the View Menu. Click on the “Master Page” option that is found at the bottom right corner. Here you have the options to set for all the universal pages for your Brochure. 

Step-5: Now, get to the “Page Setup” from the File menu. Here you have to set the page orientation from the portrait to the landscape. Then enter the Document tab from the Format menu option. Here you have to set the margins.

How To Print Brochures In Word

Step-6: Enter the View menu and click on the Ruler option to keep it checked. Now you will see the ruler under the application menu bar.

how to make a brochure on word

Step-7: For making the centerfold, click and hold the mouse on the left side of the vertical ruler and then drag it to the right side. It will pull the vertical guide on the mark of 5.5 inches on the horizontal ruler. It will set the centerfold right. Here you have to put two more guides. One guide is at 4.75 inches, and the other guide is at 6.25 inches. It will be the center margin and gutter area that serves the binding.

Step-8: Now tap on the “All Contents” tab, and it will get you out of the Master page. Now click “Text box” on top of the screen. And then drag it on the Word page to add texts to your Brochure. It will add a block to add texts on that. You can set these boxes in different positions using the Arrow tool next to the Text Box.

How To Print Brochures In Word

Step-9: If you need more pages, you can dd them from the Insert menu. As you set the master page settings, you will get the center guides on all the new pages. You can add images from the insert menu.

how to print tri fold brochure in word

After making all the settings, select the “Save” option from the File menu. Now it is ready to print setup.


Now is the time to make the print setup and Print. Follow the steps and Print.

Step-1: Get to the Print option from the File menu. The Print dialog box will appear. Check the Paper Handling option. If you find the double-sided or duplex printing option, click to check it off. Now click on “Print.”

How To Print Brochures In Word

Step-2: The best practice to print the brochure pages is to print the odd pages first. If you are using Word 2008, you do not have the double-sided printing option. So, you have to print both sides of the pages manually. At first, print the front side of pages and then flip all the pages and Print accordingly. You have to be careful to place pages correctly and set the right texts and images on the right page.

How To Print Brochures In Word
Vista Print

Print Brochure In Word From Mac

As the older version of Word does not have enough features for brochure printing, the Word for Mac also does not have all the necessary features. You have to print double sides of pages manually here too.

Mac users can print the Brochure from Word in Mac in two stages. At first, you have to turn the word Document into a PDF and then print the Brochure. Follow the steps below and print the Brochure using your Mac.

Step-1: First, download the application “Create Booklet 1.1” from the Apple Site. This application will install an option in the PDF printing menu that automatically turns the Word document into a Brochure or booklet.

Print Brochure In Word From Mac

Step-2: As described above, you have to select the required settings from the Page setup, paper size under the File option. Set the Print Layout from the View option. Set all the pages correctly for the Brochure.

Print Brochure In Word From Mac

Step-3: In Word, enter File and command for Print. Now you will get the Print Dialog Box. Locate the Tab “PDF.” Click on it and select “Booklet.”

Print Brochure In Word From Mac

Step-4: Preview the Booklet or Brochure format and check if every setting is okay. Then Save it from the File menu.

Print Brochure In Word From Mac

Now it is ready to print, and you have to print as the printing instruction above described.

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Final Words

Brochures are an essential part of branding. Printing and producing brochures correctly are possible through Microsoft Word. If you learn how to print Brochures in Word, your hassle will be reduced. You will be able to print the Brochure in the correct order.

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