Printing Double Sided Documents On Brother Printer

How To Print Double Sided On Brother Printer [Successful Duplex Printing]

‘Brother’ is a renowned brand for printers. People want to perform all types of printing jobs through their printers. Printing double sides of a paper is a necessary process to make many documents and reports.

How to print double sided on Brother printer? It is quite a tricky process. The printer cannot flip the paper inside the paper feeder. Isn’t it?

You have to set the paper for printing both sides manually. Some supportive settings will reduce your hassle and do the printing job from both sides correctly. Let’s follow the procedure that is described here and get both-sided printed papers.

How To Print Double-Sided On Brother Printer Successfully

With the advancement of the new age, some printers support the automatic double-sided printing process. The printers print one side first and then automatically reverse the paper inside and print the other side. But this feature is not available in all printers, especially the older versions.

Brother printers do not support the double-side printing process. You have to flip the papers to print both sides manually. 

You can print both sides of a paper by commanding from your PC using the odd-even page settings. It is a system setting of the printer driver. You also can print double sides by the Brother printer from Macintosh by using the odd-even page setting on the printer driver. 

In these odd-even settings, you have to set the printer driver for printing odd-numbered pages. You have to set the printing sequence in reverse order. For example, if you will print 10 pages, then place the printing page order like 9,7,5,3,1. After printing the odd pages, you have to set the printer driver to print the even-numbered pages in regular order, like 2,4,6,8,10. 

Now, follow the steps below and print double-sided.

Double-Sided Printing on Brother Printer Using a PC

Step-1: First, on your PC, open the printer driver. Here, select the ‘Basic’ tab. Under the Basic function, click on ‘Reverse Order’ to keep it checked. Now tap on Advanced to get the settings option under advanced.

How To Print Double Sided On Brother Printer

Step-2: Under the Advanced option, click on ‘Other Print Options.’ Now, select ‘Print Order’ and check the ‘Print Odd Pages’ option. Click on OK. Now the Brother printer will print odd pages on set papers.

Printing Double Sided On Brother Printer

Step-3: After printing odd pages on paper, remove all the documents from the paper feeder tray. Dry all the printed pages carefully. Make sure that no pages get smeared ink. Do not keep the printed pages on the unprinted blank papers. 

Step-4: Now, set the printed pages into the paper tray again to print the other sides. Keep the top page first. Set the papers placing the printed sides facing up. While setting the pages, maintain some rules.

Double Sided Printing

  • Ensure that you keep all the pages perfectly flat. 
  • If the printing is set on the Portrait orientation, insert papers so that the top part of the first page is placed at the back part of the tray. 
  • To print on Landscape orientation, you have to insert paper keeping the top side of the first page at the right side of the paper tray.

Step-5: Now, again, set all the settings to print even pages. Enter the printer driver and select the ‘Basic’ tab. Click on ‘Reverse Order’ to make it unchecked.

settings to print even pages

Step-6: Go to the ‘Advanced’ tab and click on ‘Other Print Options.’ Here, you have to choose the Print Order option. Under the Print Order option, you have to select ‘Print Even Pages.’ Now click on OK, and the printing will begin. The Brother printer will print the even pages on the other sides of the papers.

Double-Sided Printing on Brother Printer Using Macintosh

Step-1: First, open the dialog box for ‘Print.’ Then, you will see some options, and you have to select ‘Paper Handling.’

Step-2: Under ‘Paper Handling,’ you will get the option ‘Reverse for Page Order.’ Here, you have to select, ‘Even Only for Pages to Print.’ It will be set to print even-numbered pages. Now, click on Print.

Double-Sided Printing on Brother Printer Using Macintosh

All the even-numbered pages will be printed.

Step-3: When printing all the even-numbered pages is done, remove them from the paper tray. Take time to dry all the pages. 

Step-4: Now is the time to set all the pages back on the paper tray for the following printing process. Place all the pages keeping the faces up. Pages should stay on a flat surface. So, ensure that you set them on the flat paper feeder. The alignment will be different for the paper settings regarding different orientations. 

For the portrait orientation, insert paper keeping the top pages of the images at the backside of the tray. For the landscape orientation, insert form keeping the top edges of the pictures at the right side of the paper tray.

Step-5: Enter the Print option, and you will find a dialog box under Print. Select ‘Paper Handling option’ here. Now select Normal from Page Order. From the following pop-up menu, select ‘Odd Only for Pages for Print.’ Now click on ‘Print.’

Double-Sided Printing on Brother Printer Using Macintosh

All the odd-numbered pages will be printed out.  

So, these are all the simplest methods to print both sides of the papers in your Brother printer using the Macintosh.

Disable Double-Sided Printing Default From Macintosh

It becomes a default setting when you print both sides of the papers from the Macintosh commanding process using Apple AirPrint driver. So, you have to change the settings when you need to print single sides paper printing. 

One solution is to use a different printer driver to print both sides of the paper. The CUPS printer driver is an eligible printer driver that prints double sides without defaulting it. It is possible that you cannot find this printer driver.

Actually, this printer driver can be unavailable for some time. Then you have to uncheck the option set for double-sided printing, or you have to change the default settings by disabling double-sided printing.

Follow the steps below:

Step-1: Open the document that you decided to print. Then click on File from the top menu bar. From the drop-down menu, tap on Print.

Disable Double-Sided Printing Default From Macintosh

Step-2: Here, you will see the option for Two-sided printing. To disable it, you have to click on it, which will uncheck it.

To save this setting for future printing preference, you have to click on ‘Save as’ or click on ‘Save current Settings as Preset,’ which you will find under the Preset option. You have to give the Preset a name and then click on OK.

How To Print Double Sided On Brother Printer

Step-3: After setting all the points, click on Print.

The printing will be done on only one side of the paper.

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Final Words

Brother printers are popular in the printer market. Customers like to use these printers to use it for every type of printing job. But how to print double-sided on brother printer? It is an easy task. You have to flip the paper to print both sides. To keep them in the correct order, you have to follow the procedures mentioned above.

When we can work on our preferable printers, why will we pay extras? So, learn to print both sides of the paper and do your job correctly with Brother printer.

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