How To Print Envelopes In Google Docs

In the United States, nearly everyone is connected by a nationwide network. Thousands of ads are delivered every year by this network. However, it is not Facebook or the internet. Among the 158.4 billion items shipped in 2013, 80.9 billion were advertising items shipped by the US Postal Service (USPS). Approximately half of USPS mail is advertising (if only there were a way to unsubscribe from USPS advertisements)!

The use of envelopes continues even today, despite the rise of social media status updates. Organizations use envelopes to advertise. Charities contact people to ask for donations. The government reminds people to renew their registrations or sends notices by mail.

We send fewer envelopes these days because of online tools like Google Apps. We send 75% fewer USPS envelopes now than we did in 2007.

You might not need to mail as often if you’ve moved to Google Apps. You can create an envelope in Google Docs in at least three different ways.

How To Create An Envelope In Google Docs

1. Envelope from “Google Docs” Template

Google Docs offers envelope templates, but they are somewhat hidden.

Creating a Google Doc is the first step. In the lower right corner of, click the blue floating action button (with a plus sign [+]).

Finding a template is the next step. In the File menu, select New, then select “From template…”. You will be taken to the Template Gallery.

Finally, narrow your search. If you want to see Google Docs templates, select “Documents” instead of “Public Templates.”. Type “envelope” into the search bar at the top of the screen. A number of envelope templates will appear. You can use a template to create a new document by clicking “Use this template”.

You’ll probably be able to find an envelope template that works with your printer if you experiment a little.

How To Print Envelopes in Google Docs

2. Envelope From Add-on Menu

Syncergy LLC offers an add-on for Google Docs called Envelopes, which adjusts page setup settings to fit envelope sizes including a standard #10 envelope. Margin adjustments are needed to fit a return address (in the upper-left corner) and the recipient’s address (near the middle of the envelope). If you need a size other than one of the 10 preset sizes, you can specify a custom envelope height and width.

The Envelopes add-on is easily installed by opening a Google Doc, selecting “Add-ons,” then “Get Add-ons…”, typing “envelopes” in the search box, and then selecting the “+ Free” button.

Select “Add-ons…,” “Envelopes,” and then choose the envelope size (or customize the envelope size) in a new Google Doc. Your document’s page setup will be adjusted to match the envelope size. Then print the document.

How to Create an Envelope in Google Docs

3. Envelope from Chrome Web App

Create a new Google Doc with the dimensions and name that you specify using the Envelopes for Google Docs Chrome web app. Standard Google Docs come with 11 preset page sizes. Custom page sizes can’t be specified. The app overrides this limitation.

The app will work with Chrome if you download it, install it, and accept the permissions it requests. You can launch the app either through the Chrome app launcher or through the web store. Name your document, set margins and page sizes, and then click “Create envelope.” Finally, click the generated URL to open your file in Google Docs.

To place the recipient’s address in the middle of an envelope, you will need to adjust either the tabs or margins. As soon as you find the settings that work, you can open your file and use it as your master. (Under the “File” menu, choose “Make a copy…”.)

How to Create an Envelope in Google Docs

Other Options to Create Envelopes

Printing labels instead of envelopes is a good idea if you need to send a large number of items. Google Spreadsheets and Avery Label Merge help you merge lists of names and addresses into a Google Document. To install Avery Label Merge, click the “+ Free” button, and then proceed with a merge from its menu. You can then create and print labels in a Google Doc (details below).

Perhaps you don’t even need Google Docs to print and address a #10 envelope. To address your envelope, visit and type in your address. You can print the PDF from the form. Moreover, Shailesh N. Humbad provides open-source PHP code on his website.

Printing should not be necessary. Documents will be shared online or by email. Google Apps has a variety of envelope-creation options when you need them.

Mail delivery is down today compared to a few years ago? Which types of information do you send by mail? Let us know in the discussion thread below.

How To Print Envelopes In Google Docs

Next, you’ll need to inform your printer that an envelope is coming. The Chrome print dialogue will open when you choose “Print” from the File menu of Drawings. Choose “Envelope #10” from the drop-down menu under “Paper size.”

Make sure that your envelope appears correctly in the preview box on the right. You will then be able to place the envelope in your printer (some printers require you to put it face-up, while others require you to insert it flap-up). After the document has been properly inserted, click “Print” on your computer, then listen for that magical sound that lets you know it has been successfully printed.

Print an Envelope From Google Docs: Step-1

  1. Create a new document. Set the top and left margins to .75 and the page size to Landscape
  2. Enter your return address
  3. Indented by approximately 3 inches and type your postal address there
  4. For top-loading printers, insert the envelope into the top of the printer like the picture. This will allow the envelope to open to the left.
  5. Print!

How to Print an Envelope in Google Docs

Print an Envelope From Google Docs: Step-2

  • Logging into your Google account is the first thing that you need to do.
  • Download and install “Envelopes for Google Docs” as a free Chrome extension.
  • You can launch Envelopes for Google Docs from your browser’s apps page once it has been installed.
  • The app will then request access to your Google Docs account. Simply click “Authorize” when you see the request.
  • Your envelope will be set up on the next page. Specify the envelope file name, width, height, margins, etc.

How To Print An Envelope In Google Docs

  • Then click “Create an envelope”.
  • You will then see a link that says, “Click here to access the envelope”.
  • A blank envelope document appears in a new tab in Google Docs.
  • Input any text you wish to include in your envelope (company name, addresses, etc.) and save a copy of your work. You’re done. You now have your own custom envelope. 
  • Press “Ctrl + P” on your keyboard or go to “File” > “Print” to print it.

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