How to Print Grayscale on Mac and Windows [With Picture]

As we print images or other things in vivid colors, we also need black and white copies. These prints are like photocopy friendly versions. You have to set the Printer in the status that prints monochrome. How to print grayscale? That is the question about settings.

Here, you will find the detailed settings to set the grayscale printing option in the Printer. You can print grayscale from different models of printers through the settings a bit different. In this article, you will get the settings to step for a few top brands printers. You will also know to print grayscale from MAC.

How to set the grayscale in Windows and PDF or Google drive? You will also know the procedure for these platforms too. So, let’s explore the process that set the grayscale to print on your Printer.

How To Print Grayscale

The general way to print grayscale in both Windows and macOS is to set the configuration for the black ink only. It will enable the Printer to print black and white ink. White ink is not necessary to put on color. The only black ink can present monochrome prints. 

A printer uses the black and white printing settings to print grayscale. It uses a wide range of grey shades to mix the color inks with light and dark images. In the computer, you can set the printing option in the grayscale from the ‘Printer & Scanners’ windows from settings. It is also possible to change the settings right before commanding for printing. You have to enter the ‘Printing Preferences’ option to set it to grayscale. 

Let’s know to print monochrome on Windows.

How To Print Grayscale On Windows

Follow the general steps to set the grayscale on different versions of Windows to Printer.

Step-1: Enter the “Control Panel” of the computer and find the “Printer & Scanners” option. Here, you have to select your printer name and model number from the list of printers. Tap on the “Manage” option.

Print Grayscale On Windows

Step-2: A window will arrive- “Manage your Device,” you have to select “Printing Preferences” from the list of options.

How To Print Grayscale On Windows

Step-3: Click on the Paper or Quality option. Tap on Color. Here, you have to select the “Black & White” option. At last, choose on “OK” option and click on “Save.”

How To Set Grayscale As Default On Windows 7

It is awful to set the printing status at grayscale every time you print. So, when you need to print massive amount of printing on grayscale, set it as default. It will save your time and do your job without any interruption. So, follow the instruction below.

Step-1: From the Start Menu, find the option “Devices and Printers.” Click on it. 

How To Set Grayscale As Default On Windows 7

Step-2: Find your Printer’s name and then right-click on it. Select “Printing Preferences” from the drop-down menu.

Step-3: From the upper thread, enter the Color Tab option. Now select “Print in Grayscale.” Click on Apply and Save.

How to Print Grayscale

Now, it is ready to print on grayscale. You do not have to set it on each printing command. This is the process for Windows 7.

How To Set Grayscale As Default On Windows 10

The process is a bit different for Windows 10. Follow the steps below.

Step-1: As the previous process described, you have to enter the Printer & scanner option in Windows 10. You can find it from the control panel of the computer. Moreover, press on the “Windows + S” button and get to the control panel where this option is present.

How To Set Grayscale As Default On Windows 10

Step-2: Here, you will see a list of printers’ models number. Find your Printer’s name and click on the “Manage” option.

Step-3: A Window box will open as “Manage Your Device.” There are Printer Properties and Printing Preferences options. You have to select Printing Preferences. The dialogue box for this option will appear on the screen.

How To Set Grayscale As Default On Windows 10

Step-4: Under the Printing Preferences, you will see the Paper/Quality option. Here, you have to select Black & white under the color option. Click on OK and Save.

How To Set Grayscale As Default On Windows 10

Now your Printer has the grayscale on the default setting, and you can print black and white as much as you want. Windows 10 provides an option for making different edits on printing features under the Advanced Settings.

How To Print Grayscale On MAC

It is possible to print monochrome black images from Mac. Follow the steps below:

Step-1: First, access the Finder option and find the image store image like a gallery. Select on that image which you want to print.

How To Print Grayscale On MAC
Apple Support

Step-2: Right-click on the Finder option where the list of some possibilities arrives. Select on “Open with.” Now click on Preview.

Step-3: Now, enter the File menu tab from the top menu bar. Next, select on “Print” option from the drop-down list.

How To Print Grayscale On MAC

Step-4: Under the Print Menu, click on “Copies.” Here you will see the “Black & White” option. Tap on it. Now click on Print. 

Now printing on grayscale will start until you change it to the color option.

How To Print Grayscale On Mac By PDF

It is easier to print from the PDF of Mac. It keeps the features like margin, orientation, etc. Follow the steps below.

Step-1: First, open the PDF file. It will automatically open the File from the Preview application. Here, you will see the File menu bar on the menu in the Preview app. Select on it and get into the Print option from the drop-down menu.

How To Print Grayscale On Mac By PDF

Step-2: Under the print option, you will see the “Black & white” option. Tap on it. Then you can change or edit other settings to modify the document file.

How To Print Grayscale On Mac By PDF

Now, printing on grayscale will start. This is the process to print black and white document files.

How To Print Grayscale On Different Printer Brands

Now we will know the steps to print on HP, Canon and Epson printer from your computer. There is a bit of difference for different printers. 

HP Printer for Grayscale

Step-1: On the computer, get into the “Manage your device” from the Windows section. Now click on “Printing preferences.”

HP Printer for Grayscale
HP Community

Step-2: Here, you will see the Color tab. Enter into this tab. here, you will see both the option “Automatic” and “Print on Grayscale.” Click on “Print on Grayscale”. Click the OK and Save option.

HP Printer for Grayscale
HP Community

Now the grayscale printing is set as default.

Epson Printer for Grayscale

Step-1: First, Open the document or image that you will print. Find the option ‘Printer Properties’ or ‘Properties’ or ‘Preferences’ under the print option from the File menu bar. 

Sometimes, you may not find these options or an Epson printer. Then find the Printer or Setup option under Options. Here you will find one of those options.

Epson Printer for Grayscale

Step-2: On one of these options, get the tab “Print” here. You can select Black or Grayscale under the Color settings. Now click on OK and Save.

Canon Printer Grayscale

Step-1: For the Canon printer, first, open the document file that you want to print. From the File option, select Print.

How to Print Grayscale

Step-2: A drop-down menu will appear on the screen under “Print,” Tap on the Color option. Here you have to select the Black Only option. It is done. Now you can command for “print.”

Printing Grayscale From Different Media

Printing in grayscale is possible directly from PDF, Google Drive, and Microsoft Word. Let’s learn the processes. 

Step-1: First, open the PDF file that you want to print. You have to enter the’ File’ option at the top menu bar by clicking on it. Under this menu, tap on ‘Print.

Printing Grayscale from PDF

Step-2: Under the Print option, select Preferences. Here, you will find the Color tab and select ‘Print on Grayscale.’ Tap on OK and Save. Then print.

Printing Grayscale on Google Drive

E keep lots of document files on Google drive to keep them safe. It becomes easier if we can directly print from Google Drive.

Step-1: In Google Drive, open a file. At the top menu bar, you will see the Window tab. Click on it and select File.

How to Print Grayscale

Step-2: From the drop-down menu, click on Print. A pop-up window will appear where you have to select Monochrome under that ‘Color’ tab. Now select ‘Print’.


Printing Grayscale on Microsoft Word

Step-1: Open your desired File on Microsoft Word.

How to Print Grayscale

Step-2: Enter File from the top horizontal menu bar and click on “Print” from the drop-down menu. Now, find the option, Black and White. Depending on different Printers, you’ll find this option as described above section. Select on it. 

Final Words

When you need lots of copies of one document, you first have to print the paper in black and white. Then copy it to multiple pages. If you need to print loads of pages in black and white, it is hard to set the grayscale for each one. It is a wise decision to make the grayscale under the color option as default. Then you can print all the pages one by one in black and white. 

How to print grayscale? You already have the answer to this question. Depending on printers’ brands, it differs. All the details are presented in this article. Grayscale printing is quite an environment-friendly option. You can print classical tasted photos on grayscale and also premium quality document prints. So, have this option and make black and white documents.


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