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Gridlines are the supportive feature of Microsoft Word. They are straight lines presented horizontally or vertically, or both ways. Gridlines provide a great option to prominently mark the borders in different places like cells in tables, axes in charts, and pictures and texts.

Gridlines help in locating and entering data into individual cells clean and clear. It will be easier to identify and read the charts with their notable points. Using the gridlines in bordering or marking the alignment in texts and images gets its correct position in your documents.

How to print gridlines in Word? Gridlines come in printed documents generally. But some gridlines fail to be published. If you learn the techniques that print gridlines, you can solve the problem and get the full benefits of gridlines. Let’s know the method to print gridlines in table, chart, text and image alignments.

How To Print Gridlines In Word

You have to follow three techniques for printing gridlines. One is for table gridlines, the second is for chart gridlines, and the third is for text and image gridlines.

Print Gridlines in Tables

Step-1: First, open the document that you will print. Then insert the table as you need. The visibility of the gridlines on the table depends on the border settings. So, you have to hover the mouse pointer on the table and see two icons. One is at the top-left corner, and the other is at the bottom right corner of the table.

How To Print Gridlines In Word

Step-2: Hover the mouse pointer at the top left corner and right-click on it. Next, you will see two menus appear. When you click on the small triangle at the top menu, the border menu will open.

Step-3: From the list under the Border option, tap on “All Borders” to make it checked. If you do not want to make all the gridlines visible or modify them, you will get all the options here. There are options to change type, thickness, color, shading, etc., settings from this section.

Print Gridlines in Tables

Step-4: Now is the time to Print. Click on the File menu and tap on the Print option from the drop-down menu. You can see the preview of the Print to be sure that the gridlines are appearing right.

Print Gridlines of Charts Axes

Step-1: At first, open your Word document and hover around the chart. The gridline settings ensure that the major and minor axes are visible. Right-click on the chart area, and it will open four icons at the right corner of the chart.

Print Gridlines of Charts Axes

Step-2: Counting from the left side, click on the second icon from the horizontal icon list. It will open the elements of the chart. Here the Gridlines option is present. Click on it, and the axes will be visible.

Step-3: If you want to add more gridlines, click on the small triangle at the right corner side. A new menu will appear on the screen that et you add more icons.

Step-4: After adding more axes in the charts, tap on More options to format the significant gridlines. Here you will get all the options to add or modify necessary elements like color, line type, width, transparency, width, etc. Close the menu bar by clicking on the Close icon from the top-right side.

How to Print Gridlines in Word

Step-5: As mentioned above, click on the Print tab from the File menu and Print.

The axes in the charts will be visible now.

Printing Gridlines on Alignment of Text and Image

Step-1: Open your desired Word document and then reach the page that has an image.

Step-2: You can add gridlines from the View tab of the top menu bar where is gridlines option visible. Just click on it and modify the appeared grid on the document around the image or text. But the problem is that this grid is not able to be printed. To make them printable, you have to turn the grid option from the image.

Printing Gridlines on Alignment of Text and Image


Step-3: keeping the gridlines option of the mage turned on, enter a blank document. You have to press the ‘Win + shift + S’ keys together on the keyboard. Now you will see that the mouse cursor becomes a cross. Now release the mouse button on the document. It will present a grid as the size of an image, and it will be saved in the clipboard. You will get a pop-up notification that will disappear again.

Step-4: To open the saved clipboard file, you have to click on notification on the windows. Now select the saved snip here. The Skip & Sketch app will open the image with the protected grid inside. Here, you have to keep this file. So, click on the ‘Save as’ option and save it as a PNG file at the desired location, editing the name. Then close this application.

Step-5: Return to the page with your image of the Word file. Enter the Insert tab from the menu bar and tap on the ‘Pictures’ option. Here click on the ‘Save’ option to save it. You will see that image has covered the page content.

Printing Gridlines in Word
Office Beginner

Step-6: You have to make some changes to the Layout. So, click on the grid icon from the top right side. The Layout option arrives. You have to select on ‘Behind Text’ option. Close the Layout box. Now, if you need to change the size or positioning of the image, click on the image and modify it.

Step-7: Now command for Print from the drop-down menu of the File menu tab. Before printing, check the preview if all the gridlines are visible here.

If you want to insert grid images in all pages as the watermark, follow the instruction to step-5 mentioned above and follow the steps below.

Step-8: After saving the image file with the grid in Skip & Sketch app, open the document pages in Word. Instead of going to the Layout ta, go to the Design tab of the menu bar. The Design ribbon in the menu bar will arrive. Here, you will find the watermark option. Click on it. The watermark menu will appear. Select on custom Watermark option. The menu will appear on the screen.

Tap on the Picture Watermark, and the images will appear to select desired one. Here, choose the Work Offline option and then select the grid.png file that has been saved earlier. Now you have to turn the Washout option off and then Apply. Exit the menu bar by clicking on the Cross tab. Here, you will see a watermark of the image on every page of that Word document. There is no option to resize or modify the watermark after applying it as a watermark.

Printing Gridlines on Alignment of Text and Image
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Step-9: Now is the time to print the document with a watermark image. As usual, enter the File tab and click on Print. Check the Print preview to check if all the pages have a visible watermark. Click on the Print tab.

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Final Words

Gridlines are the practical features of Microsoft Word to create the documents or reports more presentable and clearer. People will like it more when you mark an outline around more important information and notable points or images in a Word document file. It is because it will take less time to understand and keep the most critical issues. But if you cannot print those gridlines even after making them, the labor will go in vain.


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