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We all know how useful MS word is. Indeed, whatever profession you are in, each day at the very least you access it a few times, one thing for sure. From creating a new document to finalizing a customized version after necessary edits, word is the one stop solution to all these. Besides this, when it comes to printing, word does a great job. 

However, are you aware of the Word’s contribution to fabric printing? If not, then you are not alone. Most of the people (which includes me a few days back) aren’t aware of this. Apart from the best known and frequently practiced features, MS word is unparalleled in creating a flipped or mirror image. 

Now, you might ask what’s I’m going to do with a flipped or mirrored image or how to print a mirror image in word. Mirror images are quite useful for a handful of reasons, where, the most notable mention is transferring imagery as well as text to fabrics with iron-on transfer paper. If the idea of mirror image interests you, read ahead to learn about mirror images and how to print them in word.  

Why Do We Need To Mirror An Image?

Before we tell you how to mirror print an Image or WordArt in word, you should know why we mirror an image. We can go straight through the process and press the print button in the computer. In most cases, to print something this straightforward and simple process is enough. However, there are exceptions.

How To Print Mirror Image In Word
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When we use an inkjet printer to produce Iron-on transfers, it gets heat-sealed to light-colored clothes with the inked side facing the fabric. Which means you are seeing a reversed image. Special treatment required to make this right. When you are dealing with this type of artwork, a reverse or mirrored image is obligatory. It will make sure that the Image or design appears orderly. Wording, for example, isn’t backward when viewed from the other side. 

Whether you are aware of the benefits or not you already have seen a mirrored image, one thing for certain. You might don’t know how to mirror an image in Word, nonetheless, your selfie camera often mirrors your image. Creating a fancy picture is another application of mirror effect, for example, someone within the same picture looking at the identical copy of himself. 

In addition to that, there is a strong belief among the photographers that mirroring a photo improves its composition. Working principle of human eyes added more flame to this, as eyes perceive visual information better while moving from the left to right.   

How To Print Mirror Image In Word

Should you aren’t familiar with Microsoft Word’s features and options, you better contact a professional if you really need to mirror an image. Nevertheless, if you are a word pro and use it frequently, we are here to tell you how to print a mirror image or WordArt in word, with some simple steps.  

How To Print Mirror Image In Word

Open MS word and go to the insert tab. If it happens to be a WordArt, it needs to be placed in a text box. From the insert tab select the text box from the top right corner. With regards to your need, select either “Draw Text Box” or “Draw Vertical Text Box” option. The text or image is editable inside the box — if you wish to edit, you can.

Besides, by using the same method one can even introduce shapes, WordArt, or images at this point. Once the contents are fully ready, bring in the context menu by right clicking the box. A window will appear with a number of options. Select ‘Format Shape’ from the list. Now check the right corner again — the ‘Format Shape pane’ is there. 

Select ‘Shape Option’ and click on the middle option placed underneath the ‘Shape Option’, which is the effect icon. Afterwards, select 3D Rotation in order to make the other corresponding options such as X-rotation, Y-rotation and Z-rotation visible. Now all you need to do is set X-rotation at 180°. Your mirrored image is ready into the text box.

How To Print Mirror Image In Word    

By default, the background of the text box is somewhat shaded, which might not be something you would like or want. Good thing is you can remove that shading. Go back to the ‘Shape Option’ again, select the “Fill & Line” icon placed first from the left underneath the ‘Shape Option’ and symbolized by a tipped-over paint can. Then select “Fill” to make corresponding options visible. Finally, select “No Fill”; shading from the background is removed.   

In terms of an image, the process is somewhat the same. Go to the document if there is one existing already or open a new one. Search for the insert tab and click on it when found. A new world of options will appear. Choose “Pictures” if the image you are about to mirror is already stored in your computer. 

Moreover, you can easily load one from the web or your online file storage. If you choose to go online, click on “Online Pictures”.  Clicking “Pictures” will bring in a new window titled ‘Inset Picture’. It will show you the storage of your computer. Select your image by double tapping on it.

How To Print Mirror Image In Word

On the other hand, selecting “Online Pictures” would lead you to the same window, however, with different options. There would be two options; “binge image search” and your personal online file storage, for example “OneDrive”. Whichever option you choose will take you to the respective web link from where you can easily download images.  

Once you are done with image loading, right click on the image. A shortcut menu listing everything you can do to the object will show up. Navigate directly to the bottom of the list and select Format Picture. Another shortcut menu emerges with a number of options. Go with 3D rotation and in X-rotation, select 180°; you are done with your image mirroring task. 

Or You Can Make Your Printer To Print A Mirrored Image

Despite the fact that word does a great job in mirroring images, it doesn’t have any intrinsic setting that allows you to create mirrored output. However, there are other options other than words to create mirrored output. Before you try too hard to mirror an image or WordArt in word, check your printer’s properties.

Printers these days are armed with various up to date features. These features include the capability to mirror the output regardless of printer type (laser or ink-jet). To see what’s available, go to the File tab and click on “Print”. A dialog box will pop up, where you will find printer properties. Check whether it has a mirror image or rotation option and activate it. If not available, access the ‘Advanced’ setting.

Is Mirror Printing Troubling You?  

While it’s an advantage to print a mirror image in word, some people may find it disturbing, if it is against their will. In general, the Word is used to make professional-quality documents, letters, reports and more, but, most importantly in a formal manner. There are very few occasions when we need to print mirrored versions. If yours one printing a mirrored image, but you don’t want it to, then there might be a setup issue. 

If that is the case check the printer properties in your computer. You may have activated – accidentally or otherwise – mirror printing and this was somehow saved as the default. Access the printer’s folder in the windows control panel and check for mirror image settings. Some printers include them as “Flip horizontal,” or “T-shirt transfer.” If any of them is activated it will result in mirror output. 

How To Fix Mirror Image In Word? 

Fixing mirror images is easy if you know beforehand how to set your printer in a mirror setting. If you don’t, follow these simple steps. Go to the control panel in your computer. Look for the Printer Control Panel and access the list of printers paired with the computer. From there, find your printer and right click on it to access the properties.

How To Print Mirror Image In Word

From the general tab, go to printing preferences where you will find “Advanced setting”. Under Printer Features there is an option with an arrow on the side titled as Mirror Image. Now, click the arrow down and select “Off”. Save the setting. You are done. 

We usually mirror images for particular documents. Therefore, mostly it’s done in MS word. Altering the default setting is quite unlikely. We either do it unintentionally or forget to change the setting when the work is done. Whatever the reason is, be careful when you are navigating in the control panel. Make sure that you aren’t clicking any setup that you don’t need to. So that fixing a problem doesn’t expose you to another unwanted situation.  

Can I Mirror An Image In PDF?

Without any doubt PDF is the most effective document format when it comes to sharing documents. Whenever a document is shared, in specific, word document, in 90 percent cases it’s in PDF format. However, what you do in Word cannot be done in PDF. Luckily, you can Mirror an Image in PDF too.

Can I Mirror An Image In PDF?

PDF is not a format we usually use to edit documents. Thus, mirroring an image in PDF won’t be that straightforward. However, by using a software popularly known as PDF editor one can achieve what he wants. If you’ve already tried Googling “best PDF editor”, you’ve probably quickly discovered that there are a handful of options available on the internet. 

Of a truth, out of those thousand options, finding an effective and easy to use PDF editor is no less than a challenging task. We have gone through a number editing software. But, complacency was achieved only when we discovered PDFelement – a complete solution for all PDF tasks, at a much reduced price.  

Once PDFelement is installed, open it to mirror image. Click on “Open file”, it will take you to your computer storage. Select the PDF that needs to be edited. On the top left corner there is a command titled “Edit”. Click on it, then select the image, a shortcut menu listing everything you can do to the image will show up. 

To mirror your image select “Overturn Vertical” or “Overturn Horizontal”. Right clicking on the image will show you the editing options. Do necessary editing (if required) and save the file. 


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