can you print on cardstock with an inkjet printer

How To Print On Cardstock Canon Printer? [6 Easy Steps]

Printing out documents on a card stock canon printer is not very difficult. The system is not too different than a general inkjet printer system. Sometimes for certain tasks like vlogging or small creative businesses, you might want to try card stock printers instead of the general ones.

With the thick or colorful kinds of card stock paper, a general printer will have difficulty in printing.

So, first, you need to buy a different kind of printer that can handle card stock paper.

And then knowing how to print on cardstock canon printer is the next important task. This way, you can make various designs, and this will make the paper more attractive and stylish for certain tasks that need such designs and colorful appearance.

How To Print On Cardstock Canon Printer – Easy Steps To Follow

By following the below-mentioned steps, you can nail the process.

1. Getting The Right Size

The size of your document has to be the same size as the paper size you are dealing with. Now the paper size we are talking about here is the cardstock paper that you are supposed to use for printing. If the size does not match, then there is no way you can expect the paper to print out correctly.

How to Print On Cardstock Canon Printer?

Properly setting up the size of your document might be a bit tricky. It heavily depends on the kind of program you are using for word processing and page layout.

Firstly, you will need to find out the size of the paper. You can use a ruler to measure around if you want.

Then see your document and check to see if the document is the same size as the cardstock paper. If not, you will need to visit the page setup section and customize the dimensions of the paper to match the cardstock paper. After entering the same measurements, click “okay.”

2. Entering Paper Size Into Print Driver

You need to also enter the custom paper size you have into the print driver. This is a step most people end up forgetting about. In general, you would assume as long as you match the actual paper size with the document’s paper size, then that would be enough.

The printer will still print out everything as it should. But overlooking the print driver’s setup might end up causing a huge mistake if there are big differences with the paper size. The printouts will come out with wrong measurements, and the pages will not have the document printed out properly.

To manually enter the proper matching dimensions of the paper size into the printer driver, you need to access the printer’s properties. There will be some standard sizes given already to choose from.

But it is not necessary to choose those because sometimes your paper size or document measurements might not match those standard measurements. You are allowed to manually input customized dimensions.

3. Updating Your Printer Driver

If your printer driver offers you no option to manually input custom dimensions of your paper size, then you might want to update your print driver. You could try downloading a new printer driver too, if the previous one is not compatible enough.

cardstock paper printing

By downloading a new printer driver, you may be able to unlock some new features.

After all that, if you are still not able to find an option that will let you enter a custom size for your paper on your printer driver, then the last option is to go online for support. Check on the printer’s body and see who the manufacturer is.

What you need to do is go online to the printer’s manufacturer’s support website. The site address most likely will be on the instruction manual that came with the printer. Every canon cardstock desk printer comes with such manuals.

4. Setting Up The Orientation Of The Page

Do not forget to set up your document’s pages in the correct orientation. No matter what kind of card you are trying to make, the landscape mode or portrait mode are important features you need to be aware of. Take time and consider what mode would be proper.

Fix up the margins all over again. This is especially needed if you separate anything on a page into multiple columns. Match this set up along with how to place your paper in the printer, else the writing or pictures on the page could end up getting cut up as it will not print on the paper.

An example of this kind of mistake would be, your printer driver setup is set at portrait mode and like your paper is set. But in your document, the pages are all set up with landscape mode. What do you think will happen in this situation now?

The paper will continue to print out in portrait mode, and the writing or pictures will end up printing into empty space away from the page. This will leave your page having cut off information while it is white and empty on the upper and bottom areas of the page.

To avoid this sort of mistake, you need to always check and make sure that both your computer document set up and the printer driver’s setup of the paper are identical. After placing the papers to be printed out, they will come out exactly the way it shows on your computer screen.

5. Choosing The Right Type Of Paper

Finding cardstock for a Canon printer is not that difficult. Canon printer cardstock and canon wireless printer cardstock are very easily available. But it does not only have to be cards stock paper. You can also use this printer to print out anything on envelopes, heavyweight card stock, magazines or brochures, vellum paper, etc.

Sometimes it may be possible for your printing to be better or improved if you use different kinds of paper. You can experiment to find out what kind of results show up on each kind of paper you print out with the same exam design, colors, etc.

can you print on card on a normal printer

And sometimes, it takes time for the printer to adjust, so trying a few times on different paper might help it smoothen out and then properly print when you are working on the official pages.

You might also get some branded paper that comes indirectly from the manufacturer themselves. All you have to do is make the proper setup, and the printer will handle all the quality and direction adjustments when it will print.

6. Getting the Right Paper Tray

Be careful about your paper trays. A very common problem that people face is paper getting folded or jamming up inside the printer. The print will come out in odd angles, or worse, the paper could get stuck in there forever and never come out.

How to Print On Cardstock Canon

You will need to call someone to unscrew the entire printer machine and get the stuck paper out and fix it up again so that it can run as usual.

For some types of paper types, different kinds of paper trays are recommended. This will ensure quality printing without causing any damage to the printer machine. If you do not follow the instructions, then the colors on the printouts might also be low quality or messy.

Depending on the type and size of the paper you are using, make sure to place the paper in the right kind of paper tray.

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Final Words

it is always beneficial to buy a canon printer and learn how to print on cardstock canon printers. The Canon Pixma printer for cardstock is a good option among printers. You can also find a canon Pixma wireless printer for cardstock to make it easier for you to carry it anywhere you want and use it.

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