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How to Print on Leather at Home [6 Methods]

Leather is always a palpable material, and it has its demand in the market. In every decade, there were new trends to fashion with leather. Not only for the clothing or accessories, but leather is also famous for posh home décor. This leather has become more popular after the customization process through the printing method has been developed.

Be it art, text, patterns, designs, or logo, place on leather and enhance the high-end styling and fashion. Many industries are supporting this customization vigorously in the market. You can do the printing at home too. In this context, we are going to discuss how to print on leather step by step.

How to Print on Leather Properly – 6 Methods

There are many processes of printing that you can’t imagine. Person modifies each process to person. You will get a chance to focus on your creativity while performing it at your home. Printing can be done by screen or inkjet method, or flatbed method, or others; inking quality should be good enough.

There are special inks for printing on leather that can create premium quality and multi-color design. The leather also has to be quality proof for printing that does not have any release-material. The release material can minimize the adhesion while the transparent coating is applied to seal the inking.

Now, let’s talk about a few methods of printing on leather.

1. Flatbed Method:

The UV flatbed method is a process of binding ink to the leather texture and material. The digital flatbed method is more professional and acceptable because it uses high-quality adhesive UV soft ink. The flatbed printer creates accurate printing results. From handbags, wallets, to shoes, the machine makes unique designs perfectly. This method is more acceptable to print on faux leather.

How to Print on Leather

2. Inkjet Method:

Inkjet printing is also a digital printing method where the result is more precise, faster, and relatively cheap. You can o it at your home too. You have to implement the output data from your computer to the inkjet printer. The printer will directly print on the leather object. The advanced color managing application ensures pattern fitness, visual effect, and fineness.

You can easily modify the setting of the application. It is easy to operate within only 30 minutes; it is ready to print and fast-release the output.

3. Painting method:

This method is for the big market. This painting can set the silver and gold on the hot film and print on leather. While working on ornaments or promotional materials or labels, the painting can print gold foil on leather. The ultimate result is gorgeous and ever-glowing.

4. Transfer method:

This is an easy process to do yourself. There are two types of transfer method-wet and dry. A transfer paper is used in wet transfer to dissolve the dye and solution on it by the hot pressing. Then a supportive solution is sprayed on the leather, and the transfer paper is attached to it.

How to Print on Leather

You have to use a release paper or a Bopp in dry transfer to print the hot melt adhesive ink. Then this paper is fixed on the leather by a hot pressing process. Print logo on leather by the transfer method and get a perfect piece.

5. Dye Method:

In the dye method, a perfectly suitable dye or combination of dyes is mixing in a solution. Then it is transferred to the leather. The dyeing quality must not be washable.

6. Screenprint on leather:

In screen printing on leather, an image or logo, or design is placed by the screen. This needs a low budget, but yet fantastic design can be made through this technique. There are many differences in the steps of screening to leather. We are going to show a method that are some easy steps to print on leather at home.

Steps in Leather Printing at Home

Step-1: Find A Design or Logo, or Image.

If it is print on demand, you already have it or have an idea of the image. Now set it on illustrator on your computer.

How to Print on Leather

Yes, you are going to digital print on leather. If you can fit your components of the image in one screen, you will save the emulsion. You have to know the color and have the stock of those colors. But you should not compromise the design quality. There should be shades, lustrous effects, and all necessary levels to make the design attractive to your consumer in the design.

Step-2: Set The Transparencies Now.

You can set printing materials than a letter with the help of an illustrator. Use the minimum transparency and then print your transparencies. After that, tape those things together and use transparent packaging tape.

How to Print on Leather

Now, apply the coat, expose it, and then wash them to set if your screen is bigger that it takes more time to develop.

Step-3: Inking and Printing

Water-based ink will be perfect for use on screen. Mesh your ink and then use. Melt adhesive ink is ideal for digital screening.

Align every layer in the correct order. Take a table and trace one by one. At first, trace the screen outline on transparency and the frame’s shape on the table. Now spread the rectangle on the transparency keeping the leather vest under it. Maintain the alignment of the rectangle. Align the screen to the rectangle after removing the transparency. Be careful that the leather should not be displaced.

Now it is ready to print the design components. After finishing the printing, dry the leather vest with heat.

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Final Words

Leather is related to modern fashion’s glamour as it was a posh trend of the past. People admire the high quality and well-designed leather things. If you know how to print on leather, it will be fantastic to place your leather’s creative designs.

The leather’s value increases to an exciting level with the upscale items, reaching a satisfactory result and high price. Printing furnishes life to elegance with its enhanced beauty and designed look.

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