How To Print On Photo Paper [4 Easy Steps]

We take photos more nowadays than in the previous time. All the thanks go to low-priced cameras and also to smartphones with a high-resolution camera. These opportunities offer us to make lots of memories and lovely pictures. It becomes more fun when all these photos become real in our hands. We get the chance to decorate our walls, tables, or offices with our memories or standard images. But it is costly to get a hard copy of those photos from the lab.

There is an excellent opportunity to get our pictures in hand at a low price and low hassle. Yes, we are talking about printing photos. If you know how to print on photo paper, you will get them fast. Know the process and have the images in your hand.

How to Print on Photo Paper

For better printing photos, you have to maintain some instructions and steps. If you can set all the settings correctly and collect standard quality photo paper, you will print the premium quality photos. Follow the instructions below.

Step-1: Collect the Correct Photo Paper for Printer

At first, you have to choose the right photo paper. It mostly depends on your demand. Your printer should also have compatibility with the photo paper that you choose to print the photo. Many printer brands offer to print on almost all types of photo paper. Know your printer compatibility level.

How to Print on Photo Paper

There are different types of photo paper in the market. Let’s know their capability and choose.

Glossy photo paper: Glossy photo paper is a shiny paper that makes printouts bright and increases colors’ vibrant. The glossy finish reflects the color, and this reflection may make some vagueness in your photo.

Matter photo paper: Matte photo paper does not reflect the color in the light. So, you can avoid the vagueness of using this paper. Matte papers produce a darker shade than glossy photo paper. The high-quality matte photo paper creates the details of texture and color representation. So, you can choose this paper while you do not need lustrous effects and a brighter color presentation.

Luster photo paper: This photo paper is a semi-gloss paper known as satin or pearl photo paper. This is the preferable photo paper type for professionals. You can produce the glossy, vibrant color of the photo with a matte finish. The images will represent in-detail texture like matte paper. The repeated texture mode projects an orange surface that can hide the scratches. This paper is also finger-proof and water-resistant. The luster paper creates an image that is well-seen from angles.

Metallic photo paper: The metallic photo paper offers a specific metallic appearance on the surface. It looks like the photo is on a metal surface. Though this paper is expensive, you can get it to make some decorative images when you afford it.

Zink photo paper: Zink photo paper does not need any ink cartridge to print premium quality photos at a small size. These papers are primarily helpful for instant cameras. There are several thermal layers with colors that print photos instantly.

Photo transfer paper: If you want to customize your bags or t-shirt, or shoes, you have to print a design on a transfer paper and set the design on the fabric. This paper gets defused to the fabric and blossoms the color of the design nicely.

Step-2: Set The Settings of The Printer

You have to set the settings of your printer before printing your photographs. To get the fine-finish and premium quality photo prints, you have to select the size, resolution, style, and type of the photos correctly. So, go to the “Control Panel” to find the “Printer” option. Right-click on this option and get a list with “Printer Settings.” Then tap on the “Printer properties” option. Now you will see an interface with several options to set your preferences.

how do you use photo paper in a printer

How will be the Photo Resolution and size?

Images may seem fine or high-quality while you see them on your phone or computer. You can be disappointed after seeing the printed photos. The difference occurs due to the enlargement or cropping, or other modification that happens while converting the digital format into printed format. That’s why you have to put the maximum resolution setting before printing. This is measured by the unit called pixel per inch or PPI. The PPI should match the size of the printed photos. You have to follow an instruction to measure the right PPI.

If you multiply the height and length of the image by 300, you’ll have the right PPI. For example, when you have two by 3 inches of photo paper, you have to set the resolution to 600 by 900 pixels per inch.

After setting the size or resolution of the photo, click “Apply.” Your setting finishes and is ready to print.

Step-3: Calibrate the Monitor

When we see the image on our computer monitor or mobile screen, it seems bright and perfect color presentation. Bu the printed photos do not have the same color projection. It is because the color mixing in the computer or mobile is different than the printer.

The printer only has CMYK-colored ink. So, you have to calibrate your monitor or mobile screen to match the color settings of the digital photos to the printed images. There is some monitor calibrating software to do this task for you. Download such an application and calibrate your monitor.

Step-4: Print

You can develop your photos at the lab if you feel this is more reliable for you. But printing at home is a low-cost way. If you can set the preferences correctly, you will produce superior quality print on the best photo paper. Before commanding for printing, you should set the quality settings at “Best” or “High.” It will ensure that the photo paper gets accurate color coverage.

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After providing all the settings, load the photo paper to your printer. Follow the instruction that is given to the photo paper pack. Check if the education says to load the glossy side up or down.  

You have to open the photograph and command to print by clicking on the option “Print” under the “File” section. Find your printer’s name, select your printer, and then click on “Print.” Your photo will be printed as you like. It is wise to print one photograph at a time and pick the image up from the printer’s output tray immediately after printing. Keep the image on a flat surface and let it dry up in a while.

Your photos will be of premium quality and in significantly less time use. If you have loads of printing jobs, you can print on photo paper with a laser printer. But colorful photos are great in inkjet printers more than laser printers.


If you know how to print on photo paper at home with a personal printer, it will be fun making memories at a low price range. You do not have to spend lots of money to develop them in a lab, and also, you will get the chance to modify your photo size, color, presentation, etc.

When you have a photo printer in your home, you can build a small photo booth and earn some money from it. Have fun and earn some by printing photos.

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