how to print on plastic bags

How To Print On Ziplock Bags [A Complete Guideline]

Plastic bags have been the reliable choice for decades. If plastic ziplock bags have some funky arts, acceptability increases, and buyers get the most interest. You may do the print on demand, adding necessary logos, business names, and custom design. Buyers or consumers will appreciate the work of art, and it will raise the value of ziplock bags.

In shopping malls or supermarkets, reusable ziplock bags have great value and demand. Think if you know how to print on ziplock bags, you can make some deals with folks. There are many techniques to set desired design on ziplock bags; you can adopt one and start your work to make some money.

How To Print On Ziplock Bags

Based on loads of your work, techniques to print on plastic ziplock bags vary. For the big-budget, the most economical approach supports an immense amount of works at a time. You have to hold a plastic roll one by one set and pass through the ink units. In this process., the printing will run. For the big deal, flexography is the most commercial and acceptable method.

Let’s know the technique step by step.

Flexography – for Big Budget

In this process, inks are deposited on a rubber-made image or design plate, adjusting the object’s design. It ensures a fixed register of colors on the item.

How to Print on Ziplock Bags

Step-1: Printing on Plastics of Bags

The flexo plates are used in this process. The heat press machine uses an adhesive to fix the rollers on the flexo plates. Now, at the rollers turning point, flexo plates hit the plastic paper roll of ziplock bags. It passes through the web press, and then the design will be on the ziplock bag’s plastic.

Step-2: Cutting in Bag Size

When the design is on the plastic, the final ending result will arrive with the extended plastic ziplock bags’ formation. Cut the bags from the rolls, then give the preferable size to it. Now use a heat press to fuse the edges at the top, bottom, and sides. Your printed ziplock plastic bags are ready to sell.

Screen Printing – for Short Budget

If you are going to start your new printing business and have a small budget, you can rely on screen printing on ziplock bag plastics. This process is labor-intensive, so this process is the best for the first run with a short budget. Screen printing is performed on one bag at a time. At the start, you have to put one bag on a board or a flat structure to keep the bag stable. Now setting the metal screen and dragging a squeegee will apply the ink. For a short deal, this technique is okay.

How to Print on Ziplock Bags

  • Step-1: Gather Ingredients

You need some elements and ingredients to perform the screening on bags, and those are- a plastic knife, screen (framed and stenciled), squeegee, photo emulsion, latex, canvas, darkroom, back inks, gloves, popsicle sticks, and ziplock bags on which you print.

  • Step-2: Fix Frame and Set on Heat Transfer Vinyl

Fix the frame on the screen. Then select and ready the design that you are going to press on the bag. Set the chosen design on the heat transfer vinyl. Check if the design is perfect for the setting. If not, you can change the design. Now, take the emulsion that is mixed with the sensitizer. Soak the design in the emulsion.

The screen must be of quality material. It should be durable and high-graded. Otherwise, it can damage total printing work.

  • Step-3: Pressing Ink

While pressing ink on one side, the other side of the bag can be soaked. To avoid this, keep light cardboard in the plastic bag. Now place the design carefully at the right area of the bag where it would sit. As the plastic ziplock bag is lighter and moves quickly, attach a rubber frame or tape. Then pour ink on the screen with the help of a popsicle stick. Spread the ink by the squeegee. Be sure it is all over the screen.

  • Step-4: Design Placement

Cross over the design with the ink using a squeegee and dot it smoothly. Please do not be hard and rough while doing it; instead, do your job with patience. Ensure that the ink does not touch the other side of the bag, and so, raise your template corners carefully.

  • Step-5: Remove Template and Wash

When the design is all set, remove your template softly and keep it on canvas. Now wash it with cold water and save it from drying up for an hour using a blow dryer. Check if the design is correctly set.

Frequently Asked Question on Ziplock Bags

There are some queries in the mind of the users of ziplock bags. Those questions should be answered correctly.

Q: Is the ziplock bags reusable?

Ans: Yes, they are. If the quality of these bags is high-grade, they are washable several times. You can use them again and again. Be sure the plastic of the bags is thicker and of freezer version

Q: Is inkjet printing okay for printing on ziplock bags?

Ans: Yes, some folks use the inkjet printing process. This process is suitable for printing numbers on plastic ziplock bags.

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Final Words

Plastic ziplock bags are life easing products. You can reuse those several times. By printing, some creative artworks on those bags will add extra value but at a low cost. That’s why printed ziplock bags are in great use.

It may seem hard to print on a plastic bag. But if you know how to print on ziplock bags, the ingredients needed, and a decent idea about inking, it would be easy and time-saving. As a way of making some money, it is an excellent option to encourage your creativity. So, make some big deal and do your best performance.

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