How to Print Vinyl Stickers – 3 Easy Steps

Vinyl stickers are great for promoting your product. No matter what the size of your business, vinyl stickers can take messages everywhere. Vinyl stickers are labels that have a promotional message on one side but have sensitive adhesive or glue on the other to allow you to stick to walls, cars, notebooks, or any visible place. The goodness of vinyl is because of plastic, which makes it resistant to water and tear, and durable.

For visibility of the message that goes with the sticker, printing is necessary. You can print on vinyl with your computer and printer for a vinyl sticker once you have the skill. With the use of image editing software, and a printer capable of printing on vinyl, this can be your interesting home project. Let us see how simple it is to print on vinyl stickers.

Let us see the procedure of printing on vinyl stickers from designing so you can make it an easy home project.

How to Print Vinyl Stickers

1. Creation of Your Desired Design

  • Selection of Design

If you have an artistic mind, you may make your design. If you can work with Photoshop, constructing designs from scratch may be fun. Besides, you can explore the internet to find “vinyl stickers”. If you keenly go through the designs, you will find some that go with your theme. If you wish to sketch yourself, make sure not that fits into 8×11” paper. Otherwise, images and graphic designs from the internet will serve your purpose.

How to Print Vinyl Stickers

  • Design Creation in Computer

If you can operate Illustrator or Photoshop, you can use it to design on your computer. Otherwise, you can use the free GIMP, which is an image editing software.

Scan the design and upload the design you sketched by using the software and work on it. To start with, using vibrant and bright colors would be encouraging. The resolution of the print should be 300 pixels/inch.

how to print vinyl stickers cricut

With the use of image editing software, you need to make the design on your computer.

2. Printing Stickers

  • Create a new document in the image editing software. Adjust the page size to 8 x 11” from the menu at the bottom.
  • Paste your created design in a new document. If there is a need for multiple copies, you need to paste several times and arrange the pages in rows. Assure yourself the pasted designs are within the margin so that the prints come out perfect.
  • Check the position of the print by clicking the print preview for viewing. Correct the position of the design for all the copies you are making. The copies should not overlap.

printing on vinyl with inkjet printer

  • Printing on vinyl: Open the paper tray and load with 8×11” vinyl sticker sheet to print. Make sure the papers are in place such that the design will print on the side opposite to the adhesive side. You may carry out a test sheet to figure out the non-adhesive side printing. Vinyl paper is available in office supply stores or you can order online. However, it is important that you first find out the compatibility of vinyl paper with the printer you are using. The paper suitable for inkjet printers will not be suitable for laser printers. It is true for laser printers. You may like clear vinyl sheets if you want clear vinyl stickers.
  • Advantages of Vinyl Paper: Vinyl papers are thick and resistant to water stress and protect against UV light. The vinyl paper also allows quick printing at a low price.
  • Checking: Check paper settings by selecting the type of printer, number of pages, and any other required feature. It is best to set the printer at high quality to make sure your stickers have the highest visibility. Punch the print knob on the editing software. Take out the printed sticker from the delivery tray.

3. Cutting the Stickers and Laminating

  • Lamination of stickers: You will need clear laminating paper. The over-laminate papers have a semi-gloss finish, which retains the original look of the sticker being neither glossy nor matte. Laminating papers are available online. Apply a laminating sheet on top of the stickers by peeling off the backing. Press the laminate to squeeze off the air bubbles and it tightly fixes to the sticker paper.

how to print vinyl stickers on cricut

  • Peeling: Peel out the back of the remaining laminating paper slowly and pressing as you remove it. To avoid air bubbles you can press the edges with a ruler. Make sure the laminating paper covers the entire sheet of the designed vinyl paper.
  • Cutting: To cut the laminated sticker you will need a craft knife and a ruler. You may also use a pair of scissors to cut the rounded edges. Use your skill to cut out according to the design. Discard the leftover scraps.
  • Finishing: To use the stickers, peel out the back. The vinyl back will be at the backside of the design of the sticker. Peel off beginning from the corner. Stick it on a smooth and dry surface.


Now you have complete expertise of how to print vinyl stickers you can do in your free time at home. These vinyl stickers applied in decals are known as vinyl decal stickers… The vinyl stickers are the creation of arts but also give messages and images for the promotion of products.

Vinyl stickers with many kinds of work of art are common in decorating bathroom tiles, shop windows, cars, bikes, computers, promotion, and outdoor advertising. The low cost per sticker, easiness to make, and durability make vinyl stickers a very appreciable agent of messaging. Hope you enjoy this sticker-making!

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