How to Print with Black Ink Only When Color Is Empty Epson

In the Epson printer, no ink colors should be empty. If one color becomes empty, then printing stops itself. When you attempt to command for printing, there will be an error message. It will disable the printing option to come in front.

There is a hassle to change the ink cartridge, and it takes a while. If you have any emergency work, it can hamper drastically. But there is a way to tackle this emergency temporarily. Yes, some settings enable your printer to print only with black.

So, you have to know how to print with black only when the color is empty Epson. Here, you will find a step-by-step guide to set the black color printing when one or more color cartridge becomes empty.

How to Print with Black Ink Only When Color Is Empty Epson

If you can set the black print mode correctly, you can keep printing only by black color. But it is a temporary process always. It will only help you to tackle the emergency printing, or you may perform a few printings. So, follow the steps below and continue your printing.

How to Disable Epson Monitor Status

When one or more ink cartridges become empty, then you will have an error message. This message is annoying, and you can disable this messaging. There is a sensor that is responsible for this message. You have to disable this sensor. Follow the steps below.

Step-1: Enter the “control panel.” Click on the “Hardware and Sound,” and there you will find the “Devices and Printers” section. Tap on it.

Step-2: You will get the name of your printer and right-click on it. tap on the “Printer Preferences.” Get into the Speed and Progress box. Find “Disable Epson Status Monitor.” Click on it to cancel the tick mark. Now save it by tapping on the Select button.

How to Disable Epson Monitor Status

After disabling the Epson Monitor Status, the annoying message will stop coming over, and you can set the black color mode and use it without any disturbance.

Setting to Print in Black Ink

There is three option to set the black mode or grayscale mode to print in black. Follow step by step, and you will be able to fix it quickly.

Process-1: On Grayscale Mode

Set the Grayscale as print preferences and print.

Step-1: After disabling the Epson Status Monitor, set plain papers at the loading paper tray. Now open the document or picture that you are going to print. Go to the ‘File’ and select the “Print Setup” or “Print” option.

Step-2: Go to the “Properties” or “Preferences.” Stay on the “Main” interface. Enter the “Appropriate Quality Option” setting. Now select the Plain or Envelope option under the “Type” option at the checkbox, set the Grayscale as the Print option. Tap on “Okay,” and the window will close.

How to Print with Black Ink Only When Color Is Empty Epson

After finishing the settings, try some printing if it happens smoothly with black ink. Your pages will print black and white-colored text or images.

Process-2: Using Printer Troubleshooter

Run the troubleshooter, and this will enable the black ink printing.

Step-1: Press Windows + I on the keyboard. It will open settings. Click on the “Update and Security” option to open it. Now enter the Troubleshoot interface.

Step-2: Tap on “Printer.” Tap on the “Run the Troubleshooter” option. The troubleshooter will run, and there will appear some settings. Follow those settings and do as the instructions say. If it says to fix any issues with the printer, apply the fix option.

After performing these steps, try printing if it goes well.

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Settings of Black Ink on Printer by MAC

Find the Epson Printer Utility and enter the dialog box. Now follow the settings below.

Step-1: Enter the “Driver Settings” from the upper left part of the window. Click on the box saying “Permit Temporary Black printing” to enable the black-printing option. Now close this window.

Step-2: At first, keep the plain papers on the load paper tray. Enter the print dialog box from the settings option. Find the printer that states your printer’s name and select it. Go to the “Print Settings” option. At the Media Type, choose the Plain paper or Envelope option, and at the Color settings, select Grayscale. Now click print. Check if this is printing in black ink correctly.

You can follow any of these two processes. If you cannot print in black even after settings, check the hardware or the printer. Check the cartridges if they are well set on the tank, or any things disturb the inking. There also be less amount of black ink present.

How to Print with Black Ink Only When Color Is Empty Epson

Epson printer always suggests using Epson ink cartridges and alert that there may be damage in using third-party cartridges. So, your printing process can stop for this issue too. Check on that.

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Final Words

Any color in your printer can be empty at any time. Thinking on that, you must not frequently check whether there is all color full. Besides, it is not possible either. There may be no ink cartridge available. So, an alternative to continuing work feels like a blessing sometimes.

So, learn how to print with black ink only when color is empty Epson. Then you can use this process at your emergency. But care not to use this temporary black ink use for long. Try to refill ink as soon as possible. Then your printing quality will not hamper, and both the color print and grayscale print will go smooth.

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