How To Print Without Black Ink In Epson Printers [Solved]

It gets tricky when you think about it.

Where do you even start? You are in the middle of a client’s work, and the ink is over. The confusion comes in when you have no idea that printing without black ink is possible. When you start using printers in your office, always ensure that you are on track on the date of filing your cartridges.

Getting original cartridges is advisable because refilling with non-originals can damage your Epson printer. But things happen, and you find yourself in a fix. You don’t have money to replace your cartridge, and you must deliver your work. In that case, always learn how to print without ink.

In an office setup, most documents are printed in black and white. That is why you will realize that, unlike color cartridges, black cartridges run out of color very fast. As we always say, learning is a continuous process.

If you are new to using printers or even a pro, you have to know how to navigate your printer and get things done. Anyway, when the black ink is up, you don’t have to worry. In this article, we will discuss how to check your ink levels, print using other colors to achieve black, and print without black ink in Epson Printers.

The guidelines will give you a clear indication of how you can work without the black ink when such emergencies happen. Though it is not a long-term solution, it is OK to try. But as soon as you have time and ready, replace your cartridges.

How to Check Your Ink Levels (Through Windows and Mac)

Why is it necessary to check your ink levels? You may think this is to avoid messing up your work, but the real deal is to avoid messing up your printer. Empty cartridges seem to damage printer heads. So you are advised to start thinking of replacing your ink once you realize your printouts are somehow faint. That means your ink is on its way out.

Epson Printers Ink Level


For the windows users, check what level your ink is through the EPSON STATUS MONITOR 3. You can also check on the progress meter. These two will give you a clear indication of the remaining ink in your cartridges.

Now how do you access the Epson status monitor 3?

  • The first step is to open the printer software.
  • Once there, you will see the utility tab.
  • Click it, and it will direct you to the Epson status monitor three button.
  • Click on the button to open.
  • A graph will pop out displaying where the ink levels are. For your black ink, you will be able to identify from other cartridges because the ink is black.

How about progress meter?

Checking on the progress meter is hassle-free. Once you send work to your printer, the progress meter appears automatically. Grab this chance and check where your ink level has reached.


For the Mac users, you can also check your ink status using Status Monitor.

  • Go to your file menu and look out for page set up or print.
  • Click on it, and the print dialogue will pop up.
  • Once it pops up, you will see the utility icon button.
  • On the utility dialog button, you will get the Epson Status monitor.
  • Please open it, and your graph showing your ink status will appear. From there you are able to check where your black level ink is at.

NB: For the above methods to work on your Windows and Mac, ensure your ink cartridges work well. In case they are broken or are not well installed, you will not get accurate results. In that case, install them properly and repair them to avoid inconveniences.

How to Print Without the Black Ink in Epson Printers

Even if the black color gets finished, you can use other colors to get black printouts. The good thing with the Epson printer is that it comes with a multiple-color option. This is very helpful, especially when you find yourself in a fix.

How To Print Without the Black Ink

Here are steps to follow to get black printouts.

  • First, you have to locate the control panel setting. If you have no idea where the control panel is, right-click the Start screen, located at the bottom. Next, “click all apps.” There you will get Control Panel.
  • The second step is to select the device and then the printer option.
  • Once you have done that, go ahead and identify your printer. Of course, here we are, identifying Epson printer. After that, right-click to get more “setting” options.
  • When you get to the settings, and they are all displayed, look for the properties tab. I assume you have seen it. Okay, if you have seen it, let us proceed to the ink setup menu. There you will get color options.
  • From the “color option” proceed and select black for all the black printouts.
  • While that is done, countercheck and make sure you have done everything correctly. Now it is time to save the changes we have made and “click apply”.

How To Print Without Black Ink If You Are Using Windows Software

If you are using Windows software, there is still hope if you don’t have black ink. Below is a process to follow.

  • When the ink is over, of course, the papers will come out blank. So the first step is to stop all the printing process. This can be done through the control panel. Open the control panel and go to the setting menu. There you will get an option for cancelling the printing process.
  • Once you have cancelled, look out for the Epson Printer and open it.
  • Once the quality settings, you will have an option of typing your error. Make sure you type change to “plain papers.”
  • On the print option, you will have to choose the printing option. Choose gray or black printouts. This will lead you to the next stage.
  • Go ahead and print your work.

Print Without the Black Ink with Windows Software

How To Print Without Black Ink Using Mac

When using Mac, the process slightly differs from Windows. Here is how to go about it.

  • You have to stop the printing process first. Go to your control panel and cancel all the printing being done. This must be done immediately to save time and protect your printer too.
  • Next find the utility box and as usual open it.
  • There you will get a box with options of black or grey printing options. Don’t ignore this box because it has the key to your black printouts. Go ahead and select the gray printout ability.
  • Next go to the media setting menu found on the printing setting and select plain papers. Choose “Grayscale” and proceed.
  • Lastly, save the changes and start your printing.

How To Print Without Black Ink Using Mac

How Can You Print Black Using Your Color Ink?

It is also a fantastic way of printing your documents if the black color is cut off. When it comes to printing with other color ink, you use two methods to achieve that. They are Grayscale and Composite printing.

These two methods work perfectly well though in different ways. Let’s discuss each for a better understanding.

How Can You Print Black Using Your Color Ink

Composite Printing

A simple explanation would be getting black color through combining colors. This is an act of mixing colors to attain black. For example, if you take blue and red, you will get magenta. I know you know how mixing colors can give us different shades of colors.

Composite Printing


It is where you tone the use of black to get a grayscale kind of color. Though it can work perfectly well, most people think it is too faded. So if you are using it in business, somehow, it can spell out trouble. But the good news is that while changing colors of grayscaling, you can choose deep grays. This can make a massive difference to your printing.

Grayscale Printing

It is a good option if you run out of black ink so it can save the day. But in case you realize that the documents look faint, you can always turn to other options.

In Conclusion

Epson printers give you various options when it comes to printing. As we have discussed above, you don’t have to beat yourself so hard if your black ink cuts off in the middle of work. You can use the above tricks to ensure that your job is done at the right time without delays. But as we discussed, it is also essential to keep checking your ink level to avoid damaging your printer.

As you will discover, printers that run out of ink regularly have a short life period. So to get the best of your printer always put your best game ahead. Always be on the lookout. These processes should not go for long. Note there are only to be used for emergencies. Plan to refill your ink cartridges to avoid further inconveniences.

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