How To Remove Logos From Clothing : Easy Steps To Follow

One of the most prominent design patterns in clothing happens to be logos. It is a universal indicator of separating a brand’s apparel from its competitors. It bears the goodwill of the manufacturer and is a visible testament to its being their creation.

Other than that, various individuals and sports teams also use logos in clothing to express individuality or team spirit.

However, one of the biggest problems of having logos in clothing is that they have poor longevity. Unlike the cloth’s fiber, symbols do not tend to last long and can ruin its aesthetics. So, learn how to remove logos from clothing to avoid this unfortunate incident by reading our article.

How To Remove Logos From Clothing

Before we get down to knowing how logos can be removed, we need to know about the types of logos out there. Logos are available in different types of fiber, material and they also vary according to the type of clothing you apply it to.

Keep on reading to find out all the variations in which you can remove logos from clothes.

1. How To Remove Print From Hoodie

Hoodies typically have screen-printed logos on them. They are quite tricky to remove and take up a lot of time. Accuracy is of the essence because the last thing you will want is the print to remove only halfway through.

It’s pivotal that the cloth of the hoodie doesn’t get damaged in this process. Therefore, the safest option is nail polish remover.

Start by using a small drop of nail polish cleaner on the area of the logo on the hoodie. Once the fluid settles onto the fiber, take the clothing into a room that has proper ventilation.

Ensure that you take adequate safety measures by wearing gloves and a face mask. Use cardboard on the back of the jacket to prevent harsh chemicals from damaging it.

How To Remove Logos From Clothing

Apply nail polish remover on the logo and let it settle for half an hour. Take a piece of cloth, then start rubbing it to remove the print. The faster you will work on it, the lesser the chances of the hoodie getting damaged. Wash the hoodie once the process is complete. If there’s any part of the print left, repeat the process.

2. How To Remove Logos From Shirts?

There are different ways of removing logos from a shirt. It all depends on the kind of material you have at your home. Among them, the most popular method is using nail polish remover as it is the most common object available among the lot.

To start things off, begin by washing the shirt with the help of cold water. Then let the sweater dry off with a hairdryer to loosen the ink of the logo. Use your fingers to peel most of the print. Take a cotton swab and then apply a generous amount of nail polish remover and start rubbing the logo to remove the rest.

Finally, rewash and dry the shirt to remove any logo residue.

How To Remove Vinyl Logos From Clothing

Another effective method of removing a logo from a shirt is using plastisol. First, apply it to the print and let it rest for half an hour. For a logo, it’s best to apply it with a soft cloth.

Once it settles, start removing it with a soft brush gently. Wipe off the plastisol with a cloth and wash the shirt with cold water, and air-dry it. Continue repeating until the print gets removed.

3. How To Remove Vinyl Logos From Clothing?

Removing vinyl logos from clothes might seem complicated, but the process is quite simple. Start by ironing the apparel and putting a dry towel inside it, just where the logo is.

Now wet a piece of cloth with cold water and put it on top of the print. Then gently press down a hot iron over the wet cloth and ensure the heat injects into the image.

How To Remove Plastic Logos From Clothes

If you see the water on the wet cloth evaporating, then it’s time to take the iron off. Now start peeling the vinyl logo out with the help of a knife. Using your fingers to loosen the print first can make the process easier. Keep on redoing this process until the entire vinyl is removed.

4. How To Remove Plastic Logos From Clothes?

Plastic logos are more potent than most of their counterparts. They are difficult to remove and stick firmly to the fabric. The best approach in this regard will be to use a spot removal gun for properly removing logo from shirt.

Start by loading the gun with fluid for spot removal and apply it to the logo. Spray it only onto the print as it can stain the clothes.

how to remove screen printing from jersey

Once the fluid settles into the logo, soak a rag with water and start wiping it off. Make sure that by the time you’re done wiping, there is no residue from the chemical left. After completely wiping off the chemical, wash the clothes immediately to ensure that no spot remover remains.

Finally, dry the shirt in an area with good ventilation, and you’re done.

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How To Remove Logos On A Bag?

Removing screen printing from a bag is a tricky challenge due to its firmness and the heavy-duty fabric of the pouches. It’s near impossible to get the job done.

However, there are a plethora of ways through which you can conceal it effortlessly. The most common practice is simply using a sharpie. It not only removes the presence of the logo but covers it too.

How To Remove Logos From Clothing

Most logos tend to be sewn into the bag. In that case, it will be more convenient to take a pair of scissors or a needle and cut off the thread. The removal will be clean and not damage the bag either. On the other hand, if it is printed, take a warm iron to remove it or use your fingers to peel it off.

Although the method might be similar to removing print logos on clothes, the result is equally sufficient.

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Final Verdict

Knowing how to remove logos from clothing is a neat trick to learn. Now you will have all of your clothes and accessories free from any unwanted prints. There won’t be any traces of them if you do it properly. You can easily pass them off as off-brand.

Once you start using these methods, it will save you the expense of heading over to a tailor. Furthermore, it will also save you a lot of time. You won’t ever have to worry about dealing with unwanted prints on your apparel ever again!


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