How To Reset The Printer Spooler on Windows OS

A printer spooler is essential to supply data at an optimum rate. When the windows provide data at a different rate to various sections, the slower sections get puzzled for getting more tasks at once. A printer is a slower machine. That is why the printer spooler gets confused, and then you have to fix it.

How to reset the printer spooler? There are several mechanisms with a different support system to reset the printer spooler. The printer spooler is responsible for sending data from the computer to the printer for printing. If it does not work well, then printing is not possible.

So, caring spooling is essential maintenance for the printer. Let’s know the techniques to reset the printer spooler.

How To Reset The Printer Spooler: 5 Different Methods

You can reset the printer spooler using administrative tools, service console, command prompt, and task manager. Though it is about the settings of the computer windows, you can do it easily following the steps below.

Method-1: Through Administrative Tools

Step-1: You have to enter the control panel through Windows or Start button. Select the Control Panel option from the applications list. 

Step-2: In the Administrative tools dialog box, click the Services tab. Here, you may have to enter the profile name and password of your administrative account.

How To Reset The Printer Spooler

Step-3: Now, under the Services tab, search for the Printer Spooler option. It is easy to find as it is arranged in alphabetical order. With the help of the printer spooler option, you have to stop or start it. In two ways, you can do it.

Way-1: Click on the Printer Spooler tab. This tab becomes highlighted, and Start and Stop links will appear. Click to either stop or start. 

Way-2: Double click on the Printer Spooler tab and click on the Stop or Start button after arising on screen.

Resetting The Printer Spooler

Step-4: You can test the program is stopped or started as you commanded. You have to check the Status option from the Services Window. 

Method-2: Through Services Console

Step-1: First, click on Windows or Start tab from the windows Display. Then search ‘services.msc’ on the search box. Here, from a list of Programs, you have to select Services. If you are asked to enter the administrative password, you have to enter it and click on continue.

Windows Services Console

Step-2: Now search for the option- ‘Printer Spooler’ and then right-click on it. A drop-down menu will arrive at the right side of the Printer Spooler option. From this menu, you have to select the ‘Start’ or ‘Stop’ option. 

Thus, you can reset the Spooler.

Resetting The Printer Spooler

Method-3: Through Command Prompt

To use the Command Prompt to reset the printer spooler, you must launch the Command Prompt as administrator. So, follow the steps below.

Step-1: Enter the Start or Windows option by clicking on it and the search ‘cmd’ in the search box. After appearing the ‘cmd’ option, right-click on it. From the following drop-down menu, select ‘Run as administrator.’ Here you may have to provide your administrator account name and password. Otherwise, you may only need to give permission.

Command Prompt

Step-2: When the next box appears, you have to stop or start the printer spooler here. 

If you have to start the printer spooler, you will type ‘Net Start Spooler.’ When it starts the Spooler correctly, you will get messages or notifications like this- ‘The Print Spooler Service was started successfully’ or ‘The Print Spooler Service is starting.’

If you have to stop the printer spooler, you will type ‘Net Stop Spooler.’ When it stops the Spooler correctly, you will get messages or notifications either like this- ‘The Print Spooler Service was stopping successfully’ or like this- ‘The Print Spooler Service is stopping.’

When you get the message, you can be sure that your action is done successfully. 

Method-4: Through Task Manager

Sometimes, the Windows printing system allows the print spooler to consume more memory than its capacity. Then the printer spooler error occurs, and you have to use the task manager to reset the printer spooler. Follow the steps below and get support from the task manager to restart the print spooler. 

Step-1: On your keyboard, press ‘Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc’ together. It will open the Windows Task Manager. Under the Task manager section, you have to select the Services tab. Here, scroll down and tap on Spooler.

Reset The Printer Spooler Through Task Manager

Step-2: Now, check the Spooler Status. If you find the status as ‘Running,’ right-click on it and click on the Restart option. You will find the Stop or Start option too. Click on the necessary option which you need.

Reset The Printer Spooler Through Task Manager

After resetting the print spooler, you have to reopen the document or file that you want to print. Then send the desired file to the printer with the printing command.

Method-5: Troubleshooting Errors

To resolve the issues or errors with the printer spooler, you can troubleshoot it. The process for troubleshooting the print spooler is a bit different for different Windows systems.

Troubleshooting Windows 10 and Windows 11

Step-1: Under the Windows or Start section, you have to type Troubleshooting. The dialogue box for Control Panel will appear, and here, you have to select the Troubleshooting option.

Troubleshooting Windows 10 and Windows 11

Step-2: Tap on the Hardware and Sound tab and select the ‘Use a printer’ option by clicking on it. Click on Advanced. Next, click on Run as Administrator. Then you may be asked to give some credentials. If you do not know them, you can cancel and go to the next step by clicking on arriving promptly. 

After clicking on Finish, Troubleshooting is complete. Now, you have to check if the printer is working correctly. If the printer has issues left, you have to uninstall the printer driver and reinstall the latest drivers to suit your printer. 

Troubleshooting Windows 8

Step-1: Press the Windows key and Q button together on your computer keyboard. Now you will see the search box on your computer. Type – Troubleshooting. Next, you have to select the Troubleshooting option.

How To Reset The Printer Spooler

Step-2: Enter the ‘Hardware and Sound’ section and select the option ‘Use a Printer.’ Then click on Advance. Here, select ‘Run as administrator.’ If you do not and to provide your credentials here, click on Cancel. Then click on the next options from the following prompts.


After finishing, the printer spooler should work.

Troubleshooting Windows 7

Step-1: Click on the Start tab on the screen. You will get the search box. Here, type Troubleshooting and click on troubleshooting word after getting it. You will arrive at the troubleshooting option on the Control Panel.

Printer Troubleshooting in Windows 7

Step-2: Enter the ‘Hardware and Sound’ section and click on the ‘Use a printer’ tab. Next, tap on Advanced. Tap on ‘Run as Administrator.’ Provide the necessary credentials or click on Cancel. 

Then follow the following prompts and click on Finish; lastly.

If the problem is left even now, uninstall and reinstall the printer drivers

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Final Words

The printer spooler is an essential part of printing using the Windows system of your computer. You have to stop your work if there are any issues with the printer spooler. How to reset the printer spooler?

Yes, it is essential to reset the printer spooler to run the printing job. If you have to seek help from professionals to reset Spooler, then it is time-consuming and costly. This article will get the fine details with some easy steps to reset the printer spooler. Learn it and have your work done without interruption. 


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