How To Reset The Printer Correctly [Expert Guideline]

Are you having trouble printing your document? Is it not the same as you had gotten from the shop? Well, printers do screw up sometimes. There is nothing to worry about. The first thing that strikes our mind is that the printer needs a reset to return the settings to a position to when it came from the factory.

Reestablishing the printers setting to the correct commands is easy. Most printers have a guidebook of instructions on troubleshooting. There are many brands of printers, each having slightly different settings to operate. To make things easy for you, we have collected the steps of a few of the popular brands of printers. Let us how to reset a printer step-by-step.

How to Reset the Printer

Restore and Restart Your Printer

The common suggestion for fixing a printer is by resetting and restarting. This means you need to move back to the original position or more simply factory setup. Before going into full-fledge factory reset, you can go to the drop-down menu and click on the Restore Network button.

How To Reset A Hp Printer To Factory Default

  1. Disconnect the printer. Switch off the power line of the computer printer for about 30-seconds and then reconnect.
  2. Switch on the printer by holding the restart button for about 10 to20 seconds. The indicator light will turn on.
  3. Let go of the resume button. With the light of the printer Ready, the setting restores. This is how you reset the hp printer to factory default.

Carrying Out a Hard Reset on HP Printer

The HP printers need a hard reset when a disturbance occurs in the cartridge. A software that is set in the device that works only after hard resting the printer. This applies to HP Deskjet and HP Photosmart filters. The steps are as follows.

  1. Turn on the filter.
  2. On opening the printer, take out the two cartridges.
  3. Take out the plugs and cables hooked to the printer.
  4. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes plug back the power supply cord and cables back to the printer.
  5. Reinstall the cartridges.
  6. Switch on the electric supply.
  7. Make a test print; if you still have a problem, then you need to replace the cartridge.

how to reset hp deskjet printer

Any problem of the printer on the cartridge means an error in the setup of a software jack/flag in the printer. This flag will reset only after you hard reset the printer.

Resetting of HP Deskjet and HP Photosmart Printers

  1. Check if the HP printer is on.
  2. By opening the printer, remove both the cartridges.
  3. Disconnect the power supply cord and other cords of the device.
  4. After about 10 to15 minutes, connect the power supply cord and the other cords into the HP printing device.
  5. Reopen the HP printer and put back both the cartridges.
  6. Switch on the printer.
  7. Print out a test print page. You may have to use another cartridge if the trouble remains.

How to Reset HP Office jet and HP PSC All-in-one Printer

  1. Turn off all electrical connections.
  2. From the back take off the cable plugged into the Office jet printer.
  3. Wait for half a minute.
  4. In the front panel, press the button that controls power.
  5. Plug back the power cable to the printer.
  6. Do a test print. If there is still any problem, you need to replace it with a new cartridge.

How To Factory Reset A Brother Printer?

Brother printers have the latest technology of printing with many features. There are many models of Brother and each has an independent resetting procedure. Factory reset of the printer may be a little tricky but it is the best way to get into stable operation. Therefore, in this article, we have stated how you can reset your brother printer as it came out of a factory.

how to rest brother printer

Reset the Control Panel of the Printer

  1. Turn off the switch of the printer. Close all lids and covers of the device.
  2. Plugin the power cord to begin a reset.
  3. On the control panel of the printer, there is a Go button. Hold and press until the power is on. Wait until it completely starts running.
  4. After the lights show stability, release the Go button.
  5. After the indicator light becomes active, use your thumb to press the Go button up to 6 times.

Reset of the Software of the Printer

  1. By opening the Web browser, go to the official site of the Brother printer. Click the “Support” menu. Through the drop-down menu, choose the “Drivers and Downloads” and choose the “Printer” option.
  2. Choose the option “view” on your printer to see the result. From the operating system, click “Search”. The BRAdmin will show you the results. First Click “Information and Download” and then “Download”.
  3. Follow the instruction of the Download program until the process is complete. Launch BRAdmin and click the model number of the Brother printer.
  4. Select by finding the “Network Configuration”. If the password appears, click Ok.
  5. Go to the “Control Menu” and choose “Factory Reset”.
  6. You may keep a backup file of the previous file just in case you want to undo it.

Another Method to Reset Brother Printer

This is another way to reset.

  1. Open the browser and move the cursor Up and Down to find the Network option. Then snap Ok.
  2. Now move the Up and Down arrow to find the Network rest knob and then click Ok. The + show the Up arrow key and the down arrow key by -.
  3. If you press the + arrow key now, for yes. The printer will restart.

Reset of Canon Printers

A printer does not work well when there is a problem in functionality resulting in slow printing, not responsive to commands, online incompatibility, and so on. Here are some ways you can overcome the specific troubles by printer reset.

How to Factory Reset Canon Printer

If there is any problem with the Canon printer, it has to be factory reset it in the following way.

  1. Press the reset button.
  2. Navigate through the arrow to the Device button and press Ok.
  1. Go to the RESET button and click Ok.
  2. Go to RESET all and click Ok.
  3. Select Yes
  4. On pressing Ok, the device is factory reset and ready to print.

Power Reset of Canon Printer

  1. Turn off the printer and unplug the cables so the printer disconnects from the electrical source.
  2. Return the power cord and plug it into the printer. Switch on the printer and connect the device to the Ethernet.
  3. Perform a test printout to reset your canon printer.

How to Factory Reset Canon Printer

Reset Inkjet Canon Printer

The inkjet Canon printers require the refilling of ink after some time. Replacing the cartridge often creates problems in printing like before. There is a different way of resetting the ink of the Canon printer, which will allow the device to print normally.

  1. Take away the cartridge containing the ink from the Canon printer and place it in the main duct of the printer’s ink setting system.
  2. Hold the cartridge for some time until the LED indicator light of ink resetting system flashes. Hold the cartridge lightly until after the light is steady.
  3. Repeat the same process for all the cartridges that require reset.
  4. Install the ink cartridge in the Canon printer.
  5. Perform a test print.

Resetting the Canon Pixma Printer Through the Factory Default

The Pixma Canon device can be reset to factory default via the following method.

Resetting Canon Pixma Printer Through the Default Factory Settings

If your Pixma device needs resetting, then follow procedure steps stated on how to reset Canon Printer Pixma.

  1. In the Pixma printer, use the arrow to find the Device setting located in the menu. 
  2. Click Ok and select the option “Resetting”, and click Ok. This will let the printer start the resetting mechanism.
  3. Switch the Pixma printer off, hold on to the “Stop” and “Power On” buttons. 
  4. Free the “Stop” button and while holding the ” Power” button, keep pressing the “Stop” button few times. 
  5. Wait for 30 seconds; observe to see an “O” in the screen of the printer followed by pressing the “Stop” button up to 4 times.
  6.  Now, click the “Power” 2 times, shut off the printer to end the process.
  7. Turn on to make a test copy. 

How to Reset Epson Printer to Factory Setting

The following steps work well if you want to reset the Epson printer to factory default.

  1. Open the Control panel and press the Home button from the Home menu.
  2. By navigating the buttons, go to the Setup menu and open, push the Ok button.
  3. Find the Default Restore Setting and click the Ok button.
  4. Now, find the network Restore button and click Ok.
  5. Start the computer again and perform a test print. The Epson printer reset now has a default factory setting.

how to reset printer epson

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Final Thoughts

We have given you the method of resetting the printer mostly to default factory-style as many of us face printer problems. The processes are simple but differ from one printer to another. Whatever brand of printer you have, say, HP, Brother, Inkjet, or Canon, you can fix it on your own. All you need to do is to pay attention to the procedure we have narrated in this writing.

Printers are easy to handle, but they need cleaning and setting to the right features for optimum operation. Printing may be a problem just after a break of printing. Therefore, perform test printing before printing your document. Once you know how to reset a printer, printing can be smooth and enjoyable.


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