How To Reverse Print In Word : 5 Easy Steps To Follow

Have you realized the skills you have used in composing a document on a computer? Therefore, do you need to know the features of a printer to print out a document? Composing and printing are parts of excelling in the production of documents, photos, graphs, charts, and any document you want to see as a hard copy.

While some enthusiasts of IT students may like to take a practical course on printing, producing a hard printout on paper is not a big deal. All you need is to develop the skill of using your computer and the printer. Here, our concern is reverse printing in word. Let us how we can print our document in reverse order.

What Is Reverse Printing?

When you practically start printing, you find that each printer has specific sets of the dialog box that takes command. In some printers, the printed page side comes on top. This is the wrong way of printing; therefore, you have to reverse the page manually. This is painful when you have a large document to print. Most printers have properties that reverse the output. To use the right dialog to click for the reverse printing, and understanding the commands in a printer is essential.

how to print in reverse order in word

How To Use Specific Commands

To create prints with Microsoft word software, we need to be aware of how to use the commands that come with it. Just as for typing, once you hook up your computer to a printer, you find that it comes with specific commands. The commands are directives of a computer or printer to perform specific tasks.

The printers also come with specific commands in the dialog box as you enter through the file in the menu bar. All printing options specific to a printer are available in the dialog box. Although clicking the print command may let you print, you also need skills to navigate and select the dialog that will perform a particular request. However, you find that the command or feature to show the reverse printing option does not have a consistent name. They are interchangeable names as a back print, flip horizontal, mirror image, or reverse.

Ways To Create Reverse Printing

There are three ways of creating a reverse print in the word. Let us see the steps of each one by one.

1. Setting up in Microsoft Word

In Microsoft word, only one command signals to print reverse in every job. The steps are:

  • Open word file, click on Options dialog, then scroll down to Advanced
  • As you scroll down, you will find a Print head on the inside.
  • There are several boxes under the print head, one of which is Print pages in reverse order. Click this dialog box.

2. Set it Up As Printer Preference

Some printers are fine-tuned to reverse printing. You can order reverse printing from the Advanced tab. Here are the steps.

  • On the Printing preference click the tab that says Print Setup
  • From the Last Page Box, click the Print tab.
  • Click OK and exit.

3. Setting Up the Printer From Any Application

If there is no checkbox or dialog for reverse print under the Preferences, go to Custom print where it wants the page numbers. Type the desired printing page in the Page range dialog in reverse order. For example, if you want to print pages 1 to 10, enter 10-1and then click Print to get reverse printing.

how to print in reverse order in word

4. Printing Mirror Images with Microsoft

Printing images by direct printing may cause difficulty in reading unless you look at the image through a mirror. Mirror images are necessary to print on T-shirts, mugs, etc. The process is achievable in the following way:

  • Open the Print dialog box
  • Click the button for properties
  • Explore to find out the PostScript option
  • Click on the feature “flip horizontal,” or “mirror image

5. Use of Online Text Generator for Reverse Printing

On the internet, there are many online apps available for reversing text. The Text Generator is an online tool used to reverse text without installing the printer software. You can go to your browser and search for such tools. The tool has a button saying Generate a Reverse Text Box. The steps are:

  • Paste the text you want to reverse on the Generate Reverse Text Box.
  • Click the reverse option button.
  • Wait for finishing.
  • Copy

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Excelling in the skill of printing is adding efficiency to office management and especially the documentation. Although printing may be a minor part of the entire computer-operating job, it plays a major part when a document needs large-scale circulation. Again, when a document, for instance, a report, a journal, or a book is ready for commercial print you have to be careful in the order of pages. This is when you need the correct hard copy, lest there is no mistake in the printing order in the last copies.

Printing has to be customized in some printers when the prints come out with writings come out at the top in some computers. Therefore, the skill of customizing the printer to reverse printing will produce the prints correctly. We hope by following these simple steps; you have advanced towards developing your skill in printing documents and images. After all creating reverse print in word is easy.


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