How To Set Up HP Wireless Printer | Easy Steps To Follow

HP Wireless printer is a great choice to have all the advanced features and functions. How to set up HP wireless printer? Many people do not understand the process through the process is easy and simple.

Actually, there are a few systems to connect the wireless network to your printer. You can connect the printer by HP auto wireless connections, and Wi-Fi protected setup, wireless setup wizard, USB wireless setup, and through the installation of HP Smart application. Whatever method you feel is convenient for you, you can use it. All of them are safe connection methods. Let’s explore all the techniques first, then choose the desired method depending on the printer type and available connectivity. 

How To Setup HP Wireless Printer

It is not very tough to set the HP wireless printer. If you know the system correctly, you will be able to set it up easily without the help of an expert. Let’s understand the steps to set the printer the right way.

Step-1: At first, unpack the printer following the package removing instructions.

How To Set Up HP Wireless Printer

Step-2: Now attach the plug of the printer to the power cord. Then turn the printer on and set the printer cartridges. There is a startup routine, as the instruction says. Let the printer go through this startup process. 

Next, you have to choose the internet connection method and connect it as described below. If your printer supports an Ethernet connection, you can join it. But the wireless connection stays inactive if the Ethernet connection is active. To connect a wireless connection to your printer, you can follow one of the described methods below. 

1. HP Auto Wireless Connect:

The HP Auto Wireless Connect is an advanced technology. This technology allows connecting the printer to the wireless network system automatically. You do not have to join any cord or cables, and you also do not have to go through any network settings. You do not have to set the network name, address, and password. There are many such printers available in the market with this function. Most of the newer HP brands can do this. When you go for a standard software installation process, you will find this option.

How To Set Up HP Wireless Printer

To enable the HP Auto Wireless connect, you have to install specific software for the HP printer and then follow the instruction on the screen. This instruction will ask for the network type, which can be Ethernet or Wireless connection. Then you will see a saying- “Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer.” Select on it and do as it is commanding. 

If the printer has no such auto network connecting option, you can go for the standard wireless setup for network configuration. Still, you have to know the conditions to be applied for the Wireless Auto Connect. Learn the requirements and see if your HP printer have an Auto-connect system.

Conditions to be compatible with HP Auto Wireless Connect: 

  • The computer or Laptop must use Windows Vista and other newer versions and MAC OA 10.5 or the latest versions
  • The computer has to be connected with 2.4 HZ network connections and not more than that. Actually, the HP printer can work on 5.0 Hz networks. 
  • When the computer is using a wireless connection of the network, the computer’s operating system should be in the wireless adapter control. Then the HP software will be able to retrieve the current network settings of your computer.
  • The computer should use a static IP address. It will not enable the computer to connect to the Wireless HP printers.
  • The HP printer should be in HP Auto Wireless Connect Mode. Before connecting the printer, you have to keep the HP printer in this mode for two hours. When you provide the power to the printer, set the printer mode in HP Auto Wireless Connect mode and keep it like this for 2 hours and then connect the printer to the desired network.
  • It is possible that you are not able to connect the printer to the network using the Printer software even after Auto Wireless Connect Mode. In that case, you have to reset the settings and rerun this mode through the “Restore Network Settings” or “Restore Network Defaults” option. To find this option, tap on the Wireless icon, then go to the Settings option or the gear icon as it comes in front. Then you will find the “Restore Network Settings” under the Network menu. You can refer to the printer documentation if you want more information.

Some technical factors and environmental issues can affect the HP Auto Wireless Connect to be offered. Yes, it is possible. In that case, try it after pausing the system for a while.

When you find the HP Wireless Auto Connect option automatically offered at the time of the installation of the printer, you can be sure that this is a recommended setup option. You can be worry-free and use this function. While using this setup method, you may have to disconnect your computer from the wireless connection temporarily. So, be sure that you have checked well and saved all your job on your computer carefully. 

Suppose you do not find the HP Auto Wireless Connect option automatically during the installation process. In that case, you can be sure that this program is not recommended for this HP printer. So, you should go for another network setup method for your HP printer. 

2. WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup Method

WPS uses the Pushbutton mode to connect the computer to the printer for the wireless connection. This is an easy option to link the network. The process of connecting the printer to the WPS connection is available in the manual. There are some requirements for the printer to get this setup method available. Those requirements are-

  • Both the wireless connection router and the printer has to support WPS Pushbutton Mode. You can be sure about this by contacting or checking the wireless router manuals and the printer manuals.
  • In fact, the wireless router has to have the physical WPS pushbutton on its options.
  • Most of the WPS wireless routers cannot connect with devices through the WPS methods when you are using the default network name of the manufacturers, and there is no security. So, you have to check these matters and change the settings before using the WPS pushbutton.
  • Another essential requirement is the presence of WPA or WPA2 security in the network connection. If the security is absent, you cannot connect the WPS wireless router to the printer.

how to connect wireless printer to wifi

These are the most required conditions to enable the WPS networking connection system. But how do you connect it? Follow the steps below to join the wireless printer to the wireless router through the WPS system:

Step-1: At first, enter the WPS settings in the printer option and then turn on the WPS push button. If you have any doubt about the instructions as they can vary from printer to printer, you can consult the manual

Step-2: You have to enable the WPS system by pressing the WPS button of the router within two minutes.

3. Wireless Setup Wizard

If the HP printer has a touchscreen, you can use the Wireless Setup Wizard system to connect the printer to the router because you have to run the program through the printer’s control panel. 

Now follow the steps to set the function.

Step-1: To set the Wireless Setup Wizard, you have to check the network name and security password of WEP, WPA 2, and WPA. Know the name and password correctly.

How To Set Up HP Wireless Printer

Step-2: Enter the printer’s Control panel and then find the network menu or tap on the Wireless icon. Enter the Settings option here. You will see Wireless Setup Wizard. Select this option. Now you will see a list where all the wireless networksis present.

how to setup hp wireless printer to computer



On some HP printer models, you can directly enter the settings option by touching the wrench icon. 

Step-3: Find the name of your network from the list and select it. It is possible that you are not able to find the name of your network connection. Then you have to enter the network name manually by typing it on the search bar. Before that, check the complete list from top to bottom. Be careful that you are typing the name correctly. You have to maintain the character of the upper or lower case of letters. 

How To Set Up HP Wireless Printer

Step-4: After entering the network name, it will ask for the password or passphrase. You have to put it on the required option precisely as it is. 

how to connect hp printer to laptop wireless

After completing this process, the printer should connect the wireless network properly. If it is not connected yet, you have to perform printing work for the wireless network test report. It will help you find the problem with this setting. Then you can solve it as the manual say.

4. USB Wireless Setup

This process is an available process for all types of HP printers. Even if the printer does not have a touchscreen, you can use the USB wireless setup within the printer software installation. In this method, you first have to make a temporary connection between the printer and the computer. It is one so that you can connect and disconnect the links. It is necessary to do to join the ISB setup successfully.

how to connect hp printer to laptop wireless

When you get the prompt message from the software, you will first connect and disconnect the cables and then connect again to follow the given instruction for configuring your printer’s wireless connection. Some printer software automatically finds the wireless settings for the printer and give your instructions. 

After installing the printer software, you will get the consecutive steps for a USB wireless setup. 

5. Installation of HP Smart App to Connect the Printer to Computer

HP printer brand offers an intuitive Smart application that supports in many ways. One ample support is to connect the printer to a computer or other devices. Follow the steps below to make the connection properly. 

Step-1: Keep the printer and the computer close to the Wi-Fi Router.  

Step-2: Now, you have to turn on the Wi-Fi connection to your computer or smartphone. Connect devices to the desired network. If your mobile device or computer is connected through the Ethernet cable network, you have to disconnect the Ethernet cable and run the Wi-Fi connection to your device.

How To Set Up HP Wireless Printer

Step-3: You have to turn on the Bluetooth service on your mobile device or computer. It will enable the Smart printer app to detect the printer during the setting time. When you are using iOS or Android, you have to allow the device to location service. It will enable the app to use location detecting the printer as Bluetooth does. It will provide a setup solution and instructions.

To download the HP smart app, you have to know some points, like-

  • You have to download the app from the different pages for different devices, like download the HP app from for Android, Apple, iOS, or iPadOS. For Windows 10, you will get the HP app in the Microsoft Store and the app from the Mac App Store for MACOS. 
  • There will be an instruction that will say you to sign in to Microsoft while downloading the HP app. You can sign in or click on the “No” option. It is your choice.
  • If you are in the connection of VPN, disconnect it while downloading the app.
  • For the first application downloading option, you have to sign in to a new HP account; otherwise, you will not access the app. 

Final Words

HP wireless printer is one of the preferable printers for customers. But how to set up HP wireless printer? Since there is more than one option to set the connection of the HP printer to the wireless network connection, there is nothing to worry.

Among the Auto Wireless Connect, WPS connect, Wireless Setup Wizard, USB Wireless Setup, and wireless setup through the use of HP Smart App, you can select one option that matches your printer settings. All the settings processes are easy and clear. If you cannot connect the printer, you can check on the manual or HP website. 


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