How To Use Color Ink To Print Black?

The printer is one of the most used devices in our daily work life. Whether you are a teacher, student, businessman, or whatever profession you are involved in, you need a printer to get your documents into physical shape. But sometimes, we find ourselves helpless when an outage happens to the printer, and it does not print as per our requirements. Not getting a black document from the Printer is one of those common problems we often encounter while operating a printer. That happens because most printers are designed to stop the printing procedure if any cartridges go empty.

You’re expecting your printer to print only black & white, but it isn’t printing so because it may be either out of black ink or the existing setting does not allow it to print black only. Now what to do?

No worries, this article will discuss how to make a printer print black and white only when you run out of black ink.

How To Use Color Ink To Print Black?

If your printer runs out of black ink, though the color cartridge still contains a good amount of ink. And you want to print black using the color ink only. But you don’t know exactly how to do this.

No worries, to get you out of this puzzle, we are providing you better solution below. And this tip applies to any brands like HP, CANON, BROTHER, EPSON. Here, we will describe how you can print monochrome documents by applying only color cartridges. As we don’t know which operating system you’re using- Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. So we will give a solution for both systems respectively and use MS Word document to explain the process step by step. But you can go through the same way for any application.

Steps for Windows OS

An easy trick you can apply is to remove the black ink cartridge and then suggest the Printer to print. You will get your documents printed in black. But this solution may fizzle out in some computers because they do not print if any cartridge goes missing. In such a situation, you need to explore your printer option and change the setting as we have shown below-

1. Open word document, press Ctrl+P, and select Printer. Here we select the Epson L210 printer.

How To Use Color Ink To Print Black?

2. After viewing Printer, click on Printer Properties.

select printer properties setting
Microsoft Support

3. Now, click on Graystyle

How To Use Color Ink To Print Black

4. Now press Ok. 

The resetting process is done. From now on, your Printer won’t bother you anymore and print all documents in black and white only.

Steps for Mac OS

  1. Open MS Word document and press Command+ P. This command will open Print Option window.

1. Click on Copies and Pages then select Paper Type/Quality.

How To Use Color Ink To Print Black on mac
Osx Daily

2. click on Color Option.

3. Color Option will come up with some options; select Grayscale from them.

How To Use Color Ink To Print Black on mac
Osx Daily

4. Finally, click on Print key.

Following these steps, you can easily change the setting of Mac OS to make your printer compatible for printing black and white documents even being out of black ink.

Some Tips For Specific Brands

How to Make BROTHER Printer Printing Only in Black and White

Not delivering the black and white document has been a renowned problem with Brother inkjet printer though it has been one of the reliable brands in the markets for years. No expert exactly knows why this problem Brother printer has. If you are facing the same issue or your printer is out of black ink, then you can follow the instructions we have shown below to print black and white with your Brother printer-

1. Open Control Panel and select Devices and Printer. Select Brother printer to access printer’s properties and then select Printing Preferences.

Make BROTHER Printer Printing Only in Black and White
Support Brother

2. An option Color/Mono box will appear, select it, and then click on Mono

Make BROTHER Printer Printing Only in Black and White
Support Brother

3. Click on Apply

4. Click on OK.

Your Brother printer is now ready to print in black and white only and won’t print color unless you change the setting from Mono to Color.

How to Print Without Black Ink on EPSON

Not just Epson inkjet printers rather most modern printers contain multiple ink cartridges that are used to form the required colors when printing documents or images. Epson printer works smoothly only if its cartridges have enough inks of all colors. But sometimes, the Printer stops printing documents when any inkjet runs out of ink and does not print until the cartridge is refilled. However, you can make your Epson printer print monochrome documents following some steps even though a particular inkjet, it may be either the color ink or the black ink, goes empty.

Let’s see how you can print black without black ink on an Epson printer

1. Open Control panel and click on Device and Properties.

Printing without Black Ink on EPSON

2. Find your Epson printer model, then click on the Printer’s icon.

3. Select Properties.

Printing without Black Ink on EPSON

4. Ink Set option will appear under Properties. Now click on Color, which comes under Ink Set option.

Printing without Black Ink on EPSON

5. Click on Apply.

Your Epson printer now knows that there is no black ink but it has to continue producing black ink. As a result, it will combine colors with each other to form black color.

How to Print Black on CANON Printer?

Imagine printing some important documents using your Canon printer, but it suddenly runs out of black ink in the middle of the printing process. Now the problem is you neither have an extra cartridge in stock nor you can manage it anyway. In such a scenario, there is a solution for you to continue printing.

Let’s see how a canon printer can print black files even if it is out of black ink

1. Choose your Printer and click on Properties.

How to Print Black on CANON Printer?
Super User

2. Click on Printer option. (You will find it in the list that will appear on the left side of the panel)

3. Select Color option.

Printing Black on CANON Printer?

4. Now click on Apply.

Now your Canon printer will mix cyan, magenta and yellow (CMY) to form black color.

How Do I Make My HP Printer Print Without Black Ink?

Most printers, including HP inkjet printers, have a manual way to print photos and documents and the same printing process by default. But sometimes, you may experience some inconvenience in this process. Then you need to take specific steps regarding specific problems. Here, we will discuss how to make your HP printer print black when it has no black ink in its cartridge. Let’s see the steps-

1. Go to the control panel and click on Printer and Devices and select Printers.

I Make My HP Printer Print Without Black Ink

2. Now select Properties.

3. Click on Ink Set option, which will appear under Properties.

How To Use Color Ink To Print Black?

4. Click on Color Set

5. Select Apply.

Now that you know how to make your printer print black and white using the color ink only. You have all the settings to ensure your printer remains functional and prints monochrome files. Don’t think much about your operating system or your printer’s brand. Go through the setting step by step and make your printer print as per your requirement. Note that you may need to remove the empty cartridge if the printer does not print even after resetting its printing option.


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