HP DeskJet vs Envy: What’s The Difference

As far as printers go, there are a few names that managed to make a real impact in the printing industry. HP is one of those and has a wide variety of well-known product lines to choose one from. DeskJet and Envy, for example, are two shining stars of HP that have been ruling the printing industry for quite some time now.

In terms of quality and reliability, both DeskJet and Envy are an instant go to. Yet, they have some differences and knowing those may help you to select one.

However, going with HP has a downside as well—it has a large range of options and figuring out the best can be a bit of a daunting task. Instead of spending hours upon hours researching, check out this well-structured comparison article of HP DeskJet vs Envy.

Why Are We Comparing?

Well, before we start the argument, it is important to know why we are comparing. Whether it is necessary or not. One may even argue what is the point of comparing two models of the same manufacturer.

If you happen to be a professional, you know how useful having your own printer can be. But, replacing a DeskJet with an envy and thinking it will function similarly doesn’t make any sense.

HP DeskJet vs Envy

A printer is a device that prints data from a particular system (usually a computer). Deskjet and Envy are among the most commonly used printers currently. Although these two are from the same manufacturer—HP, they have some stark differences. Not all the printers are designed to function the same and this makes knowing the differences important.

Comparison Chart: HP DeskJet vs Envy

We understand you are busy with more pressing chores and checking a detailed comparison may not be in your cart. Therefore, we have simplified things for you in this article. A table below will give an instant insight of these two. However, if you can allow yourself enough time to have a proper understanding, see the detailed comparison that followed.

SL No.

01Designed For Home



Designed to handle Light loadMedium load



Speed 8ppm11ppm
05Touchscreen No 



Size Small Medium 



Type All in OneAll in One



Super TankNo



HP Envy series is just the upgrade of its well-known and widely used Deskjet series. A lot can be found similar in these two, however there are some major changes as well in terms of functioning. Read ahead to know more:

  • HP DeskJet

HP DeskJets printers primarily are designed to be used at home. A DeskJet is a good choice, if you occasionally print movie tickets or a boarding pass but can’t afford space for a large printer. In addition to printing, these compact devices can scan and copy as well; you do not necessarily need to invest on additional devices anymore. Finally, HP DeskJets are built to last and colorful designs make the printer’s presence charming.

HP DeskJet Printer



Although the HP ENVY printers are also made for home use, they house more features than DeskJets printers. In addition to the regular operation such as printing, scanning, and copying, an ENVY printer is capable of performing duplex printing and photo printing.

One can easily print holiday photos and color prints with it, as it comes with high print resolution. Special HP photo inks, and borderless printing functionality further enhance its photo printing capability. In addition, adjusting the settings is much easier now, thanks to its useful color screen or touchscreen.

  • Paper Tray

In the DeskJet, the paper tray was extended up on the backside. For me that was a bit irritating. Each time there was a paper jam or page size adjustment, I had to get up from the seat and check what was going on. In the Envy series HP simplified this. The paper tray is on the bottom front now and you have all the ease of loading and adjustments, too without having to stand up.

Printer Paper Tray

  • Control System

For some, the simple operating buttons of Deskjet were a blessing especially for the senior ones. They are going to miss that ease on the display control panel operated Envy printers.

Nevertheless, if you are comfortable with various touch panel operated devices, operating an Envy printer is going to be fun for you. With the operating buttons, users were limited to a number of options. But, with the display control panel, HP has integrated some more options.

  • Number of Copies At A Time

Those who print bulk amounts on a regular, it is a major issue. For example, if you have to print 100 copies and your printer can’t allow you to print more than 09 pages at a time that would require you to send the print command more than 10 times. This is what the case with DeskJet. For the high-paced work environment of the modern age, we consider this as a setback.

However, with the Envy series HP has upgraded that number to 99 pages at a time; a major development that garnered acclamation from all fronts. Besides, this also earned HP an upper hand in the printer market.

  • Printing Speed

Another factor of great importance. This is not an area where Envy gets a major improvement. They print a little faster than the DeskJet’s. At 11 pages per minute Envy is a bit faster, while its predecessor is designed to yield 8 pages per minute.

Printing Speed Of Printer

  • Scan to Email Function

Some of the tech-rich Envy models come with cutting-edge technology such as scan to email function. You can use the ADF or the printer’s scanner to make this feature work. Open the scanner lid, place the document faced down, perfectly aligned and close the lid.

Touch E-mail on the control panel and proceed with necessary information. When done, touch send E-mail to scan and send the E-mail. However, it is needless to mention that the DeskJet series is far behind in terms of this type of innovation.

  • Quality of Ink Used

Inkjet printers usually cost less than DeskJets, despite Inkjet being the latest technology. Therefore, in terms of Ink quality DeskJets seem to be superior. When it comes to font visibility, pages printed through a Deskjet printer will have smoother edges.

Quality of Ink Used

Ink costs on the other hand have opposite bearings. The ink used in the Envy is more expensive than that used in the DeskJets. Moreover, with Envy, users have to change cartridges more frequently if they wish to print several papers or pictures, while cartridges in Deskjet are meant to be used for a long time.

  • Size

For a printer size really matters. A heavy device with a large structure can’t be placed here and there. It requires a proper placement. However, affording a spacious placement is not always the reality. DeskJets are designed to operate in a tight space and can be placed on the table top. On the other hand, functionality comes with a cost. Multipurpose printers are fairly heavy, so does the Envy.

Do They Have Any Similarities?

Yes, they do. Both DeskJet and Envy are popular choices for consumers who need a reliable printer for small scale uses such as home use or small office use. However, what are the similarities between these two HP series?

For one, both DeskJet and Envy yield high quality print. Regardless of photos, documents, or anything else both these models are known for delivering crisp, clear prints. Apart from that, both DeskJet and Envy printers are known for their ease of use and effortless set up. It is no less than great news for those who aren’t termed as tech-savvy.

Another similarity between DeskJet and Envy printers is that both these product lines have a number of models under their brand name. Which means you can select the exact printer model that suits you the best. Lastly, compared to other top brands of printers DeskJet and Envy printers tend to be among the most affordable options.

Steps To Connect A HP Printer To Wireless Network

Steps To Connect A HP Printer To Wireless Network

Almost all the HP Printers allow you to print wirelessly from anywhere in your home. These devices are designed with a built-in wireless receiver. In order to print wirelessly from your HP Printer you need to connect it to the Wi-Fi network. Follow the following steps to connect your HP printer to Wi-Fi and print wirelessly:

  1. Switch your device on and connect it to your wireless network.
  2. Make sure that you have HP Printer Assistant software installed on your computer.
  3. Open the software and click Printer > Print with options.
  4. Click on Wireless Setup Wizard. You will find your printer listed with a check mark next to it. Click the check mark, it will turn green.
  5. Click Continue, it will take you to the next window.
  6. Now turn the Wireless Network Setup On.
  7. In the Network Name option enter your wireless network name.
  8. If the SSID is not visible click the down arrow.
  9. From the Security drop-down menu select the security type for your network.
  10. Register your password in Password or Passphrase, then click Add/OK (the password or passphrase should be between 8-63 characters).
  11. Go to the Wireless Network Setup screen again and make sure that wireless settings are correct. If so then click ‘Next’.
  12. If you wish to use your printer personally and don’t want to give access to other users on your network, select ‘No’ to sharing and click ‘Next’.
  13. Click Install to complete the wireless setup for your printer.
  14. This may ask you to update your printer drivers. If so please install the updated software.
  15. Print a test page to check whether the connection between your Printer and computer is functioning properly or not.

Steps To Print From iPhone To HP Printer

Wireless connectivity proved to be a blessing for the users. You can now print documents directly from your iPhone. Here, we described the easiest way to connect and print from an iPhone. You will find a feature called AirPrint in your iPhone, which allows you to print wirelessly.

Steps To Print From iPhone To HP Printer

  1. Open the Settings on your iPhone and tap Print & Scan.
  2. Mark the box next to AirPrint, it will turn green. AirPrint is now enabled and you are all set up.
  3. Open the document you wish to print and click the Share button. The Share button may also be symbolized as an arrow coming out of a box.
  4. At the bottom right corner of the screen you will get “Print”. Tap it and you will see all the available printers.
  5. Select yours and your printer will start printing wirelessly.

You can also do it by using the HP Smart app. It is basically a free tool which is available in the App Store. It allows iPhone users to print and scan documents from the iPhone. The steps are pretty much the same as AirPrint.

  1. Open the Settings on your iPhone and tap Print & Scan.
  2. Switch HP Smart to green, the app is functional now.
  3. Select the documents or photo you wish to print and get on with printing from your iPhone.

Choosing The Best HP Printer (Buying Guide)

Not an easy task if you are a newbie, given that HP has a big name in the industry with a large selection to choose from. Their quality-driven Principle resulted in some of the best devices with high-quality prints and they aren’t very good at anything else.

Choosing The Best HP Printer

In spite of having backed by quality prints, there are a few other things you need to consider as well. From knowing the type you need to the functionality required, read ahead to know How to choose the best HP printer. Start with the types: HP has three, Inkjet, Laserjet, and all-in-one.

  • Inkjet Printer

To get the best value for the price Inkjet is the type you need. This is the most commonly used printer type and can print both photos as well as documents. However, keep in mind that although Inkjet printers are cheap, original cartridges can be expensive. Besides, at about 2 years, their ink isn’t among the long lasting cartridges.

  • Laserjet Printer

In terms of higher print quality and faster print times, Laserjet Printers give an upper hand. Typically, they are a bit more expensive than the Inkjets, but for the long run they are going to save you thousands. Among the reasons for the lower long-term costs of Laserjet printers is that toner cartridges last much longer than inkjet printer cartridges.

  • All-in-One Printer

If you are ready to shell out a handsome amount this will make your life easy. Basically, an all-in-one printer is the combination of both an Inkjet and a Laserjet printer. They are light in weight and house the facilities of a printer, copier, scanner, as well as fax machine. However, they are no less than expensive, compared to the two other types.

All-in-One Printer

  • How Often You Need To Print

The first thing you need to consider is how frequently your printer is going to be used. If a few pages every month is the requirement, buying an all-in-one will only result in unnecessary expenses. Buy an Inkjet instead.

If you print bulk amounts each day, a laser printer is probably the best option. However, if you need more than just paper print and have photos and other documents in mind, an all-in-one printer is the go to.

  • Printer Size

Depending on functionality, printers come in different sizes. Consider the amount of space you can afford and the functionality required. From table top to mega units designed to go on the floor, you have a large collection to choose from.

  • Print Quality

DPI (dots per inch) is the key in printing quality. The higher the dpi, the better the print quality and most printers of current time have a dpi of 600 or less, while some even yield 2400 or more.

Print Quality of Hp Printer

  • PPM (Page Per Minute)

In the technical front this may be the most important feature after quality. Typically, Inkjet printers are slower than the LaserJet’s and all-in-ones are way faster than the other two. If you are concerned about time, get a faster printer.

  • Ink Cost

The key in determining how costly the printer would be. One may feel happy to be able to buy a cheap printer, but ink expenses may turn that happiness to anguish. Usually, Deskjet’s cartridges have the best value for the money and last long, but are limited to print only features. High-end devices with higher dpi will be more expensive in terms of Ink uses.

  • Per Page Cost

We widely believe that the cost of supplies is the key in calculating per page cost. But, that’s not the only determining factor. All the costs associated with operating the device contribute equally in this matter. When choosing between DeskJet and Envy, ensure that you have a proper understanding of their ink pricing.

  • Weight

A printer is a portable device. Therefore, its weight is an important feature to consider. If you need to move it randomly, look for something lightweight and easy to carry.

  • Price

There are a wide range of printers with varying price tags in the market. Generally started from $50, but depending on features and technology used, it may reach to $1,000. Prioritize your needs and balance it with the budget you have.

To Wrap Up

HP is a well-known brand and offers a wide variety of printers at varying price points to cover the needs of different users. DeskJet and Envy are two of their most popular product lines. These two also have a wide range of printers under their brand name.

As both of these are developed by the same manufacturer, there are more similarities than differences. Yet, there are some differences that we tried to point out in this writing and we believe knowing these differences may ease your conundrum of choosing the best HP printer.


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