Is Pigment Ink Waterproof? Water-Resistance of Pigment Ink

Is pigment ink waterproof? Simply answered, ‘NO.’ There is no waterproof printer ink. Yes, you will find water-resistant ink.

Water-resistant ink is smudge-proof and smear-proof. When moisture or water comes in touch with printer ink or printed copies, it does not smear or smudge for water resistance. If the only smudge-proof feature of the ink is enough for you, then you can consider the printer ink waterproof. But actually, no ink is waterproof.

When it comes to pigment ink, pigment ink is water-resistant for its nature and construction feature. How is pigment ink water-resistant? You have to find the nature of the pigment ink if you need to know how it is water-resistant. Let’s learn about the pigment ink for the printer and its water-resistance power in detail.

Is Pigment Ink Waterproof?

The water-resistant ink meets the demand to eliminate the water damage to your documents or photos. Printed copies or printed images can have a high-quality finish with water-resistant ink. The printouts, which are not water-resistant, easily smear and smudge. It can destroy the texts and color of the photos.

Is Pigment Ink Waterproof?

The pigment is constructed by to different parts. One is the pigment particles that are naturally powder. The second part is the carrier liquid that is made to suspend the powdered pigments. After mixing with the liquid carrier, pigment ink spreads and flows through the printhead and reaches the paper to print.

While printing, the pigment ink is embedded into the fibers of print media, essentially essays. The liquid carrier is only used to make the ink flow and reach the print media. So, it evaporates after completing the printing process.

This is the reason for the pigment ink to be water-resistant. When there is no water left, there is no chance to make smear or smudge. That is why pigment is the perfect addition to matte paper. In terms of glossy paper, it needs binders to bind to the paper material. The glossy paper is not porous enough that can penetrate the ink. So, the ink with the use of binders adheres only to the surface of the paper.

The demerit of this glossy paper printing is that it creates a bronzing effect for the opposing nature to the pigment ink. It is high for dark-colored papers. The specialized glossy papers can work well with the pigmented ink. Moreover, using matte paper for pigment ink is the right choice. Pigmented ink is not only water-resistant but also UV-resistant. So, they provide premium quality printouts.

How To Find Waterproof Ink?

To understand which printer ink is water-resistant, you must consider some points that include the ink base, printers, and available products.

  • The Ink Base

The different printer uses different types of ink. If the ink is water-based, then there is a chance to be wet even after printing. Wet ink can run or smudge or smear easily. After printing, you have to take a while to dry the printed copy. Though you have dried the ink, it can spread or stain when it touches water or moisture.

How To Find Waterproof Ink

The oil-based or powdered ink can be water-resistant as it is wet after printing. Pigmented ink is water-resistant, having this feature. So, to ensure that your printed copy is okay and durable for a long time, choosing waterproof or water-resistant ink is a great choice. You can choose the laser printer too, as the toner is a dry and powdered ink.

  • Printer Matters

The different printer uses different ink based on their ability to work. Laser printers are the better choice to produce waterproof printouts. Laser printers do not use water-based ink; it uses powdered toner cartridges. These toner cartridges have solid powder, which melts after reaching the paper and making the prints.

So, toner does not run like water-based ink. It dissolves into the paper material. That is why laser printers ensure reliable output than water-based ink user printers.

How To Find Waterproof printer Ink?

Inkjet printers can also make reliable and high-quality printouts if they use waterproof or water-resistant ink. Pigmented ink cartridges are the best choice for inkjet printers to produce high-quality and water-resistant printouts.

  • Availability of the Ink

When you have to select the printer or ink type, you will like to have printers and ink that produce long-lasting printouts. Pigmented ink is the right choice to create premium quality and durable images or texts. As there is no water base, this ink so not smudge or smear. Even if there is moisture, the printouts do not get affected adversely.

Is Pigment Ink Waterproof?

In case of availability, most of the top brands like Epson, HP, Canon, or Brother printers provide pigmented ink cartridges with excellent availability in the market.

So, depending on these matters, you can choose your ink and printer to work.

Frequently Asked Questions on Water-Resistance of Pigment Ink

  • How is the price of pigment ink?

Ans: As the pigment ink’s solid particles are more durable than the dye-based ink, pigment inks are the expensive ink option. Pigment ink does not make color vibrance like dye-based ink. But only for the smudge-proof feature, they are super expensive.

  • Is pigment ink compatible with all inkjet printers?

Ans: No, pigment ink is not suitable for all inkjet printers. If you use pigment ink in dye-based ink-supported inkjet printers, then it will clog the printhead frequently. So, you should check the instruction to see if the printer can support pigment ink.

  • Are all pigment ink the same?

Ans: The initial printout quality seems the same for both the dye-based and the pigment ink. With time, both the printouts fade away. But the difference is seen when pigment ink takes more time to fade away. All pigment ink serves the same durability.

  • Are pigment inks eco-friendly?

Ans: DTG pigment ink that is direct to garment pigment ink is eco-friendly ink. It uses the most sustainable process to print. When the printing is done by pigment ink, it follows a waterless process. Pigment ink is a sustainable, biodegradable ink that follows an energy-saving process to print on garments.

  • Where can the Pigment ink be used?

Ans: Pigment ink is perfect for printing on porous paper o also on non-porous media. That is shy, and you can use pigment ink for a wide variety of print media, including leather, plastic, glass, ceramic, transparencies, metal, etc.

  • What is the difference between dye-based ink and pigment ink?

Ans:  The dye-based ink is the liquid ink that has color dissolved into it, where the pigment ink has colors suspended in it. Dye-base ink seems like sugar dissolved in water. The pigment ink is like sand mixed in water. After printing, the suspended material that is the water of the pigment ink evaporates.

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Final Words

Is pigment ink waterproof? Counting on the durability of the printer ink, pigment ink is the best. Compared to dye-based ink, pigment ink has ingredients that help in keeping it long-lasting. To make color vibrance and refined finish, dye-based ink is economically popular.

But most professionals and photographers prefer pigment ink to make their creation durable for a more extended period. 

In this article, detail about the pigment ink and its water-resistance power is included. The pigment is the better choice as the durability is higher, and the vibrance and other features are almost similar to dye-based ink.


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