Top 10 Best Pantum Printer Reviews {Editor’s Choice}

In the Printers manufacturing industry, Pantum is a renowned name. Pantum printers have earned a top rating for the most excellent features and abilities. When someone finds a printer for their business or personal use and has a confined budget, Pantum printers open the best option.

When you see the best Pantum printer reviews, you will be able to find their capability and be sure that you will make the right choice. Here, on this page, you get the detailed features and benefits of top ten Pantum printers, including your asking for each printer.

Let’s explore the best printers and find the correct one.

Editor’s Choice: Top 3 Pantum Printer

Factors To Consider When Buying Pantum Printer

When you have already decided to purchase a Pantum printer, you will need a guide to choosing one. There is a massive collection of Pantum printers in the store. You have to match your need with the printer.

  • Connectivity

Connectivity options for a printer to the devices are essential for better flexibility. If you can connect the printer to several devices through different options, you can grab hold of the printer. Check the options and choose one for you. Most Pantum printers have all Wireless, ethernet, and USB connections.

Pantum Printer Reviews

  • Compatibility

Almost all the Pantum printer models are compatible to work with macOS, Windows system, and Android systems. Check before you buy and select as you need. Choosing one with more compatibility is wise, like AirPrint, Mopria service, or Linum OS.

  • Handling Options

If you are going to buy a Pantum printer for big business or large projects, you should buy one including more supports. Some Pantum printers can print at higher speeds like 35 ppm, duplex printing options, and extensive input and output trays. Check the control panel type, though most Pantum printers provide LCD panels.

Concentrate on your need and match it with the Pantum printer. There is no worry about the durability and strength of these Pantum printers.

Comparison Table Of Pantum Printer

ProductConnectivityCompatible DevicesPrint Speed(PPM)Editor’s Rating
Pantum P2502W Wireless Laser PrinterWi-Fi, USB 2.0Smartphones, PC, Tablets, Laptops225
Pantum M6552NW Monochrome Laser Multifunction PrinterEthernet USB WiFiSmartphones, PC, Tablets, Laptops225
Pantum M7102DW Laser Printer Scanner Copier 3 in 1Wi-Fi, USB, EthernetSmartphones, PC335
Pantum P3302DW Compact Black & White Laser PrinterWirelessSmartphones, PC, Laptops355
Pantum P2502W Small Laser PrinterWi-Fi, USB 2.0Smartphones, PC, Tablets, Laptops225
Pantum M7102DW LaserJet PrinterWi-Fi, USB, Ethernet, NFCLaptops, PC, Smartphones, Tablets254.9
Pantum M6600NW LaserJet Monochrome PrinterEthernetSmartphones, PC, Laptops234.9
Pantum L2350DW Monochrome Duplex PrinterWi-Fi, USB, NFCSmartphones, PC, Laptops354.8
Pantum M6602NW Multifunctional Laser PrinterWi-Fi, USB, EthernetSmartphones, PC, Laptops224.6
Pantum V9N61A Wireless PrinterWi-Fi, USB, EthernetLaptops, PC, Smartphones, Tablets324.5

Top 10 Best Pantum Printer Reviews

Check the top 10 best Pantum printer reviews here. From here, you easily find the right printer for your purpose.

1. Pantum P2502W Laser Monochrome Printer

Pantum P2502W Wireless Laser Printer Home Office Use, Black and White Printer with Mobile Printing (V8V77B)

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A great addition to Pantum wireless printer is the Pantum P2502W printer. This laser printer makes you faster. With the power of creating documents in a wide variety of paper sizes, this printer increases the boundary of your works. 

Life becomes easier when you work with this supportive printer. You can use both wired and wireless connectivity. So, you can do your job staying in different places when you need. Works become an enjoyment.

Key Features

  • Print Media Ability: This laser printer can support a wide range of paper sizes and weights. You can work with the paper weight up to 163 g/m2. This printer allows to print up to 8.5 by 11 inches of paper. You can cross the limit and produce a large number of items. 
  • Structure and Design: This Pantum printer’s frame is sleek and slim. The space-saving design takes very little space and fits in a smaller area of your desk. You can set your laptop or PC on one desk easily. The compact structure of the printer gives the maximum flexibility in handling it.
  • Wireless Connectivity: With the USB port connectivity option, this printer constantly allows wireless connections. It makes the work reliable and convenient. You will be amazed when you command your printing job from your smartphone. It is compatible with a laptop or PC or Android or iPhone.
  • Speed: Keeping pace with the quick working time, this printer provides the most significant power. You can complete your job in time and get satisfaction. This printer allows to print 22 pages per minute.

FAQs on Pantum P2502W Printer

Q: Can this printer print color pages?

No. This laser printer only supports a monochrome printing service.

Q: Do this printer scan?

No. This is a printer-only device. It cannot scan or copy, but the printing quality is worth this device’s price.

Q: Can you install the wireless connection?

Yes, it is possible to connect this printer to a wireless system, and it is easy. With only one step, you can join it.

Q: Do this printer come with any cartridge?

Yes, this printer includes a 700-page ink cartridge as the starter part.

Why is it unique?

  • Concise design 
  • Both wired and wireless connectivity options
  • Compatible with iOS system
  • Supportive Pantum application available


  • Paper jams occur after heavy loading printing


When you search for a reliable, energy-efficient, and small-size printer that can give the option to print large-sized paper in a shorter time requirement, then you can select this printer. It can be a significant part of your office or home.

2. Pantum M6552NW Multi-Functional Printer

Pantum M6552NW Monochrome Laser Multifunction Printer with Wireless Networking Mobile Printing Large Paper Capacity

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Pantum laser printer means quick printing jobs. With this Pantum printer model, you can be efficient in your career. As this printer is multi-functional, you can perform all your printing, scanning, and copying tasks in one device, making your job time-saving and cutting the expense of scanner and copier. 

In producing superior quality printouts, Pantum has earned an excellent reputation. Customers can trust the ability of this printer freely. It works smoothly and creates sharp texts. You can perform amazingly with this perfect printer aid.

Key Features

  • Connectivity: This printer can connect to PC, laptop, Android, and even iPhone smoothly. It works in a different operating system, including iOS. You can use wireless connectivity or ethernet connections, or even a USB port. It is easy to connect the printer wirelessly or with other links. 
  • Print Quality: This model of Pantum printer can produce texts in 1200 by 1200 dots per pixel system. This is high enough to show the document’s original version with accuracy. You will get the exactness in curves and waves of each text or letter. The scanner is flatbed and can take a perfect image of the file and create a uniform digital format.
  • Speed: Printing speed is higher for this printer. You can print 22 pages per minute that exclusively increase your working speed and let you do more. The auto document feeder helps in working without any hassle and works faster.
  • LCD Control Panel: An LCD control panel makes your operating job easier. You can easily understand every tiny part of the printer and use it efficiently. If you forget to stop this printer after working, it will automatically go into sleep mode and preserve energy.

FAQs on Pantum M6552NW Printer

Q: Does this printer provide any warranty?

Yes, this printer provides a one-year warranty from the manufacturers.

Q: Is it complicated to connect the printer to a wireless connection?

No. It is the only one-step installation process that is easy to perform. 

Q: How is the structure of this printer?

This is mellifluous and compact in design. It takes concise space to sit on your desk. It also takes less space while in operation. It is 417 × 305 × 301 mm in size.

Q: Will this printer work in Windows 7 and 10?

Yes, this printer works well in these operating systems.

Why is it unique?

  • Both the wireless and ethernet connectivity work
  • Compatible with iOS 
  • All-in-one toner cartridge compatibility
  • Convenient for the driver installation process


  • A little expensive


Though you have to spend a bit more, you will get fine quality prints and a relaxing working environment with this Pantum printer. So, cross the limit and do lots more.

3. Pantum M7102DW Multi-Purpose Laser Printer

Pantum M7102DW Laser Printer Scanner Copier 3 in 1, Wireless Connectivity and Auto Two-Sided Printing with 1 Year Warranty, 35 Pages Per Minute (V6W81B)

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Pantum brings a printer that is standard in color and professional in structure. It perfectly fits on your office desk or at your home table. The gray color matches the interior fine. With the compact framework, this printer takes less space on the table or desk. 

The metal body is durable enough to serve you for an extended time. You can be an expert in your profession when you do not have to spend valuable time printing or scanning tasks. So, be proficient in your work line.

Key Features

  • Wireless and Ethernet: Both wireless and ethernet connectivity is available for this printer. So, your work is flexible enough to give your more time and a working environment. You can connect the printer with your smartphone, laptop, or PC and work smoothly, avoiding all obstacles. The connection is so stable that you will not face any interruption between your work.
  • Multi-purpose ADF tray: This printer includes an auto document feeder tray that works as printing paper feeding, copier paper feeding tray, and scanner bed. This multi-purpose tray works efficiently and makes perfection in every type of device’s job.
  • Scanning and copying: The printing job is perfect. This device scans and copies properly. This machine can scan the document and send it directly to email, PC, FTP, or USB at high speed. The scanned image is proper and precise. It can copy clear and clean too.
  • Speed: In terms of speed, this printer is fantastic. It is the best time-saver machine. It can print 33 A4 size pages per minute and 35 letter-size pages per minute. This printer can scan 25 pages per minute. So, you can go with the advancement of time using this printer.

FAQs on Pantum M7102DW Printer

Q: Does this printer come with a starter cartridge?

This printer includes a starter ink cartridge that can print 1500 pages with 5%-page coverage.

Q: Does this printer can print an auto-duplex system?

Yes. This Pantum printer can print duplex pages automatically. There is less quantity of printers available in the market with this ability.

Q: How many pages the starter drum can print?

This printer’s drum can print 12000 pages, and it is a huge opportunity.

Q: How is the customer service from the manufacturers?

Yes, it is excellent. They have 24 hours-7 days call service. Besides, the one-year warranty service is also helpful if needed.

Why is it unique?

  • The printer comes with a starter ink cartridge capable of printing 1500 pages
  • Wireless installation is easy through a one-step process
  • LCD control panel for easy operation
  • High-speed printing and scanning


Paper jams happen frequently


The advanced core technologies of the Pantum printer engineering make these printers capable of performing better and doing more. Precise printing, scanning, and copying tasks are sure through this printer. You should not wait to grab this printer from the store.

4. Pantum P3302DW Compact Monochrome Printer

Pantum P3302DW Compact Black & White Laser Printer with Wireless and Ethernet Capabilities, Auto Two-Sided Printing for Home Office Use, 35 Pages Per Minute (V4B15B)

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For a professional or engineer, or artist who needs detail and intricate printing or scanning jobs, this Pantum printer is for them. With the surety of precision, this printer gives high-quality results. The crisp printouts make every drawing, shape, or text sharp-edged curves.

It is also easy to run and a time-saver. You can perform better with the help of this printer. In a short time, you will produce a high quantity of printouts.

Key Features

  • Easy Assembling: This Pantum is easy to set up like others. Pull the cartridge tray and set them. Then establish the connection of the printer to the power and put the paper. Make the printer connection with your PC or smartphone, and then start your printer. It is easy. 
  • Duplex Printing: Duplex printing is a manual process, generally. A few printers have the function to flip papers or print media and then print both sides of the paper. This Pantum printer can print double sides automatically, which shortens the time requirement and does printing fast.
  • Paper Holders: The input and output tray has a large paper holding capacity. The input tray can control and work with 250 sheets at once, and the output tray can work with 120 sheets. So, it is smooth and flexible to work with this printer.
  • Body Structure: This Pantum printer is made of metal. It is robust and durable. You can be sure of the support from this printer for 10 to 15 years after proper maintenance. So, if you need more than one printer for a big project or office setup, this printer works better for providing long-term service.

FAQs on Pantum P3302DW Printer

Q: How is the printer compatibility with Windows 8 or 10?

This printer is compatible with almost all Windows systems, including Windows 8, 8.1, 10, and even Mac OS.

Q: Can this printer copy papers?

No. This printer is a printer-only device. It cannot scan or copy.

Q: Is this printer compatible to work with Chromebook or Chrome OS?

No. This Pantum printer is not compatible with the Chrome system. 

Q: What is the required power supply?

This printer work with a 110 Vac power supply.

Why is it unique?

  • Both wireless and ethernet connectivity compatible
  • Firm metal body and durable
  • Lifetime drum unit capable of holding 12000 pages
  • Easy settings and river installation


  • Though black printing is premium, grayscale printing is darker


This printer has a starter cartridge to work long and support beginner users. It works faster and takes heavy loads. So, it is perfect for home use only and a big project. This printer can be an excellent addition to your office, from the LCD monitor to the easy and stable wireless connectivity. So, you can select this printer with the surety of precise support.

5. Pantum P2502W Small Laser Printer

Pantum Mini Monochrome Laser Printer for Home Office School Student Mobile Wireless Printing- Small Laserjet P2502(D1m0n)

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If you are looking for printing support for your personal use or small home office or a student, this Pantum printer serves perfectly. The printer’s small size and whitish color suits your desk or in a student table nicely. 

Though this printer is small in size, there is no compromise for quality in the result. Indeed, you can produce crisp and bright printed copies of your document. The monochrome printing output will be fine, smooth, and precisely like the original copies.

Key Features

  • Speed: After seeing the size, the printer has a slow ability. But the reality is that this printer performs fine. Generally, a printer takes more time to create the first printed copy. This printer takes only 7.8 seconds for the first printout. Besides, you can produce 22 printed pages per minute using this printer. So, it makes your printing job fast enough to meet the demand.
  • Small size: When you see the sleekness and simplicity in the compact design of this printer, you will like it. It fits your desk or table, occupying a tiny space while working big. For a student table, it is perfect. 
  • Relaxing operation: Operating this small printer is enjoyable, you can say. You can perform some printing tasks by scanning the code from the printer without any network. Moreover, this printer works with wireless and USB-connected services smoothly. The navigation panel includes an easy push button to run this printer, which makes it super easy.
  • Durability: With the firm and robust metal body, this Pantum printer is durable longer than expected. There is a record from the satisfied customers that this printer can work smoothly for 20 years, which is fantastic. As the print quality is superior, you can get this pleasing result for a long. Can it be better than this blessing?

FAQs on Pantum P2502W Printer

Q: How is the price of this small printer?

Though this small printer can perform well as others, you can get this printer at a lesser price. The price is $98 to $100 in different conditions. 

Q: Does this printer offer any manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes, this printer provides 12 months servicing warranty from manufacturers.

Q: Does this printer come with any starter ink cartridge?

Yes, this printer includes the starter ink cartridge that can print 700 pages. So, it is enough to perform well for the first two weeks of your printing experience.

Q: Can this printer print legal-sized paper?

Yes, this printer can print legal and letter size paper and A4 size pages.

Why is it unique?

  • Work with Wireless connections with stable lines
  • Premium quality printouts with intricate lines and texts
  • Can work through the connections to mobile, PC, or laptop
  • Durable and strong construction


  • Paper becomes wavy after printing


With the premium printing quality, this small printer can surprise you. It fits in any place well and does your job pretty fine for the small size. The color and design of this printer make this printer a part of your home decoration pleasant and correct.

6. Pantum M7102DW LaserJet Printer

Pantum M7102DW Laser Printer Scanner Copier 3 in 1, Wireless Connectivity and Auto Two-Sided Printing with 1 Year Warranty, 35 Pages Per Minute (V6W81B)

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If it is hard to handle a printer, this Pantum printer is the most helpful device. You can run this printer smoothly with all the supportive features even if you do not have any experience. The LCD monitor, smooth connectivity, firm structure, long durability, fine finish, and premium print quality makes this printer an excellent machine.

This device is not limited to printing services. Instead, there is much more. You can use fresh scans, copy, and send emails freely. These scanning and copying supports are also high in quality and speed. So, why lagging? Run with the advancement of time.

Key Features

  • High Speed: In terms of speed, this machine is super-fast. This printer allows you to print 35 pages per minute. Not only in these printing tasks, but this device is also fast scanning and copying. It lets you scan 25 pages per minute and copy 35 pages per minute. So, no work will be slow. You make your documents or reports or proposals or copy your necessary pages in less time.
  • Secure Printing: As professionals, we may need to keep our documents or files secret or hidden to keep them safe from hacking or theft. While bringing these particular documents for printing, violation the secrecy is possible. that is why you may need to use the AirPrint or Mopria application service. This Pantum printer is compatible with these applications. You also benefit from the Pantum application to keep your documents safe.
  • Multi-purpose Job: You can use this printer device for multi-purpose tasks. You can print, scan, and copy efficiently. All these services come at high speed. You do not need to buy the scanner or copier separately. Do all types of jobs in one machine and save your time. 
  • Quality: In terms of the quality of the printed outputs, Pantum has a reputation. This Pantum printer creates high-quality printouts, digitized images from scanning, and copies of original documents. The printed pages have detailed text presentations with sharp edges and curves. 

FAQs on Pantum M7102DW Printer

Q: Can this printer print 11 by 13 inches pages?

This printer can print up to 13 by 8 inches of paper. 

Q: Do this printer support cardstock printing?

Yes, this printer can print plain paper, cardstock, labels, and envelope. So, you will get huge options to work.

Q: Does this printer include any manual?

Yes, this printer comes with a simple instruction manual. You can get detailed instructions on the Pantum website.

Q: Do I get any starter cartridges?

Yes, you will have the starter ink cartridge to print 1200 pages. It is fine as the beginning support.

Why is it special?

  • Wireless connectivity and Wired connectivity through the USB port
  • Scan directly to the USB disk
  • High-speed performance
  • 50-page auto document feeder


  • Wireless connectivity need an application connection


This printer is quite expensive compared to other Pantum printers. The quality of this printer and the sleek and refined design are worth the price. You can use this printer for more than 15 years through the proper maintenance, and you can get this printer and enjoy the advanced benefits. 

7. Pantum M6600NW LaserJet Monochrome Printer

Pantum Monochrome All-in-one Wireless Laser Printer with Print Copy Fax Scan & ADF, Compact Multifunction for Home Office Mobile 23 PPM Printing (Laserjet M6600NW, Black)

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Pantum brings a desktop-friendly device to print, scan, copy, and fax to email. It is a super-easy running printer that needs a one-step driver installation process to connect it to the Wi-Fi access. This printer is so powerful that you can grab the control in your palm through smartphone connectivity and perform many tasks on one device. 

Pantum is famous for its high-quality printing results, and this Pantum printer is not different. You can produce top-quality printed copies and also scan and copy efficiently. Another most supportive feature is the size of this printer. You can keep this machine in a minimal space that can be helpful for students especially. 

Key Features

  • Speed: To meet the demand of the present time, this printer is no less than others. Though it is small, you can print 23 pages per minute. It also takes only 7.8 seconds to print the first page. The letter and A4-sized paper can pass through this device and produce perfect printing results.
  • Compact Design: This printer is engineered so that it can perform top-notch but occupy very little space on your desk. The metal framework is absolutely more vital to sit on a small area. So, when you are short in a room in your home or office, this printer serves the best.
  • Compatibility: There is so much in this tiny machine that amazed the customers. This printer is compatible with wireless connections, USB connections, ethernet connections, and many device connections, including Android, iOS, PC, or laptop. So, you will have the best flexibility while working. You can go anywhere and still run your printer to perform your tasks.
  • In the Box: This printer comes as a complete package. You do not have to buy the USB cable or power cable separately. They come with a printer. The fascinating point is that you will get the starter cartridge to support you initially. There is also an instruction manual to quickly understand the machine running procedure. The quick setup guide makes you assemble this printer in a short time requirement.

FAQs on Pantum M66000NW Printer

Q: Do I need to connect this printer to Wi-Fi at home?

This printer comes with the setup CD-ROM. When you run it, it automatically connects the Wi-Fi to your printer. You have to click the Wi-Fi on your computer or mobile, and it is ready to print on command from a PC or smartphone.

Q: Is this printer need a telephone landline for faxing?

Yes. The cord for fax from this printer needs the connections to the landline.

Q: What is the color of this printer?

This printer is black that suits every type of home or office interior.

Q: How to find the detailed settings of this printer?

There is a setup guide. If you need to know more information about this printer, you can find it on the Pantum website.

Why Is It Special?

  • Detail LCD control panel to run the printer in a better flexible way
  • Starter toner cartridge stays pre-installed
  • Original quality printed output
  • Google cloud printing compatibility


  • Though there is a setup guide, it takes more time 


When you need daily support for your printing or scanning tasks, this Pantum printer is the right choice. Its small size stays quiet in a small space and performs well when you need it. The gentle performance of this printer makes your experience premium.

8. Pantum L2350DW Monochrome Duplex Printer

Pantum Compact Monochrome Laser Printer with WiFi Wireless NFC Duplex Two-Sided Black and White Printing for Home Office School Student (35PPM, L2350DW-W2U36A)

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Here comes another Pantum support to keep pace with the advancement of the time. The Pantum L2350DW printer offers excellent help with its advanced features. This printer provides high-quality and refined printed outputs that are smear-proof. With the long-lasting printouts production, this printer itself is durable for longer.

This printer is excellent for saving your valuable time. You can print lots of pages in a short time with less effort. The Auto document feeder and duplex printing service make your job more efficient. So, this device is worth checking.

Key Features

  • Connectivity: If the printer is compatible with different devices and operating systems with various connections, you will get more options to grab the printer support. You can connect your PC, laptop, or smartphone with this printer wirelessly or through a USB cable. Besides, this printer is compatible with NFC. So, without network support, you can print by near-field communication technology. So, printing becomes more effortless and smooth.
  • Duplex Printing and Auto Feeder: Duplex printing is the recent innovative technology found in all printers. There are a few of them. Even all Pantum printers cannot print double sides of a page. This Pantum printer can print both sides of the paper by flipping it automatically inside the machine. The feeder is also an automatic process with significant input tray support. So, it becomes so easy to work with this printer.
  • Paper Holding Tray Support: This printer has significant input and output trays. The input tray can hold 250 sheets and automatically feed to the printer. The output tray can hold 150 sheets. So, there is no hurry to remove printed pages, and you can set 250 sheets at once to work for long without interruption.
  • Compact Frame: This printer takes low space to sit and operate with a compact design. The input tray does not need any extra space, and it is designed to save space. The output tray is movable and takes common space while opened. You can keep it close while you are not working.

FAQs on Pantum L2350DW Printer

Q: Can this printer connect through the ethernet?

Yes. You can connect the printer by ethernet cable and port and use it smoothly.

Q: Does this printer include an LCD control panel?

Yes, you can easily understand the process of operating the printer and run it smoothly with the help of this LCD panel.

Q: Is it hard to download the driver?

It is super easy to install the driver to run the printer. It is a one-step process.

Q: What type of ink do I use in this printer?

This printer works with a drum unit and toner cartridges. You can use standard yielded TL730 toner, and high yielded TL760 toner. The compatible drum unit is DL730.

Why Is It Special?

  • Auto duplex printing service available
  • All types of connectivity included NFC, wireless, USB, ethernet
  • LCD control panel for easy operation
  • High printing speed and that is 35 pages per minute


  • Paper jams occur after a while printing


Among other efficient Pantum printers, you can include this printer in the top-rated printer list. All the recent innovations are included, and the advancement reaches the next level. It becomes incredible to use this printer when you get all the easy processing.

9. Pantum M6602NW Multifunctional Laser Printer

Pantum M6602NW All-in-One Monochrome Laser Printer Copier Scanner Fax with Wireless Ethernet & USB2.0 Capabilities, 150 Pages Paper Input Capacity (V7W99B)

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The printer can be adequate support to increase your work efficiency. If you select this Pantum printer, you will get the chance to improve your work efficiency and reach the next level. With stable connectivity, you can work smoothly, avoiding any interruption. 

Quality matter the most. This printer ensures higher quality performance in printouts or scanned images. You will get the finest result and maximum flexibility while handling this machine with sharp detailing.

Key Features

  • Print Quality: This printer can produce a high-quality outcome. The printed pages will have sharp texts or shapes with cutting-edge control. These printouts are smear and smudge-proof. So, you can keep these printed copies for a more extended period. When people make important notes or documents, this printer’s long-lasting nature is a must and assured.
  • Multi-functional Printer: People who need to print also need to digitize the images or documents and copy important notes. Almost all business needs to make their leaflets copies or booklets copies. All these jobs require a printer, scanner, copier. This Pantum printer serves all in one device. It allows printing, scanning, copying, and even sending to email for fax. 
  • Pantum App: The Pantum app support many purposes with this printer. After installing the Pantum application, you can connect the printer to your mobile, laptop, or PC through wireless connectivity. 
  • Flexible Operation: This printer is easy to run through the detailed LCD control panel. The automatic sleep mode keeps you and the printer safe from overheating. The input and output trays are also helpful enough to serve you longer. The input tray can hold 150 sheets, and the output tray can hold 100 sheets. There is an auto document feeder with 35 pages capability to reduce the labor. 

FAQs on Pantum M6602NW Printer

Q: Does this printer provide any starter cartridges?

Yes. This printer provides the starter cartridge with the capability of printing 700 pages.

Q: Can you connect the printer through the ethernet system?

Yes, you can use an ethernet cable to connect the printer. Besides, you also can connect the printer to your devices by wireless connectivity and USB cable connection.

Q:  How is the printing speed of this printer?

The auto document feeder can support printing 22 pages per minute.

Q: Can I print color?

No, this is a monochrome laser printer.

Why Is It Special?

  • All wireless and wired connectivity is available 
  • Metal frame with compact structure
  • Print all types of documents like Microsoft Word files, PDF, or others
  • Quiet and less noise production


  • Understanding the cable connectivity can be hard to understand


This Pantum printer is perfect for running a small business or personal purposes. The sleek and compact structure suits ay types of desks smoothly. It allows people to work more and shorten time requirements. 

10. Pantum V9N61A Wireless Printer

Laser Printer in Black and White for Home Use, Mobile Wireless&Auto Duplex Printing, Print at 32PPM, Pantum P3012DW(V9N61A)

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When you get this printer, you do not only get a masterpiece machine at a low cost, and you can reduce the price in the long run. The high speed of printing lets you stay one step ahead. The variety of connectivity enhances the working space and enables you to work more efficiently.

There is a surety that you can get support from this printer for a longer time. The durable construction and stronger frame stay perfect on your desk. You will find your machine ready to work for you whenever you need it. 

Key Features

  • AirPrint, Morpria, and Pantum App: Printed files can be public on a device or software. You need exceptional service from particular applications to keep your documents or necessary items hidden or secret. AirPrint or Mopria software can serve the best in this regard. While working with the sensitive items in your Pantum printer, you can ensure safety through this software as this Pantum printer is compatible with these applications. Besides, there is a Pantum app to support the sensitive printing service. 
  • Increased Productivity: This printer allows you to increase business productivity by high speedy service. The first printout takes only 8.2 seconds, and then you can print 35 pages per minute with the help of an auto document feeder. So, this printer is perfect when you consider increasing the business growth.
  • Connectivity: When you can use different connectivity for the printer to your devices, you will get more options and flexibility. You can use the ethernet or USB cable connections and work smoothly when you need them. You can work from your smartphones through the wireless or NFC system and run the printer.
  • Includes with Printer: You can start your printing right away when you get your printer package. Yes, the complete support comes with the initial package. You will get the starter cartridge capable of printing 1500 pages, 12000-page built-in drum unit, USB cable, and power cable on the box. 

FAQs on Pantum V9N61A Printer

Q: Does this printer offer any manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes, you will get a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, and there is a reputation of Pantum printer brand for their customer service.

Q: Can I print 11 by 17 paper?

Yes, you can print 11 by 17 papers easily. It supports a large paper size.

Q: Can I scan or copy?

No, this is the printer-only version of the Pantum printer.

Q: Does this printer support duplex printing?

Yes, this printer supports double-sided printing services automatically.

Why Is It Special?

  • Compact frame with a movable output tray
  • Noise-free printing service
  • High speed of printing
  • Compatible with Windows OS or Mac OS


  • Connections to a device are needed to reset every time of printing


A printer is a necessary item for an office setup. The printing quality should also match the demand and the speed too. Using this Pantum printer, you can run your usual tasks at a higher rate to increase working efficiency and make you an expert in your career.

Is Pantum A Good Brand?

Yes, of course. Pantum has an excellent reputation for its affordability and valuable features. In a low-price range, you will get a durable printer that has a record of lasting for 15+ years. The running cost of these printers is also low. So, all the premium features are available in less money required for the high monthly duty cycle.

Factors To Consider When Buying Best Pantum Printer

Moreover, you can have the premium quality of prints, almost all the connectivity options, and supportive printer cartridges as the starter in most printers. When it is difficult to find printers that can automatically print double sides of pages, many Pantum printers have this ability.

The input and output tray ability is also high enough to support a medium-range budget business. So, it is wise to choose a Pantum printer for long-term use.

How Do I Connect My Pantum Printer To Wi-Fi?

Almost all the Pantum printer models can work with wireless connections. The printer’s settings to Wi-Fi can be a little different in specific terms for other versions, but the general procedure is the same. Let’s know the Pantum printer’s steps to a Wi-Fi connection.

Pantum Printer Reviews

  • Step-1: Turn the Pantum printer on. Next, connect the Pantum-app through the mobile phone or PC. You can search the SSID seeing it as it starts with Pantum-app and then the number and character string.
  • Step-2: Enter the browser in your PC and then search for the printer webpage. Open the webpage and select the ‘login’ tab. 
  • Step-3: When it asks, enter the user-ID and the password given in the package or manual. 
  • Step-4: Now, enter the setting option and choose the ‘wireless settings’ option. Then choose ‘wireless Hotspot.’ Now set the wireless parameter as Authentication or as WPA or WPA2. Here, select the password and apply.
  • Step-5: At the last step, disconnect the printer and the webpage. After a while, connect them again. Now check the password under WPA or WPA2. If it is suitable as you set before, your connection has been occupied. 

So, the connection of the printer to the Wi-Fi is set.

How Do I Install Pantum Printer Without CD?

This process can be a bit different depending on the operating system in your computer or Mac. The general approach is presented here.

Installing Pantum Printer Without CD
  • Step-1: First, you have to connect the Pantum printer to your PC through the USB cable connection. Then turn the printer on. Keep you PC connected to Wi-Fi. 
  • Step-2: Now collect the printer number and note it. Enter the Pantum website and get into the support section. Here you have to search the relevant model of the Pantum printer. 
  • Step-3: Install a relevant printer driver for a specific printer model number. There is a different printer driver for windows and macOS. So, download what printer drivers you need.
  • Step-4: Now, enter your computer’s Control panel and select the ‘devices and printers’ option. Now click on ‘Add a printer .’ It will ask you for the printer model number. You have to search for the correct printer model and select it. 

Then you can test printing. The printer is set without the automatic process via CD-ROM.

How To Reset Pantum Printer Toner?

  • Step-1: First, you have to collect or buy a replacement chip resetter that is precisely right for the Pantum printer model that you are using. 
  • Step-2: Remove the cartridge and then place it upward on a flat surface. If you keep the cartridges in this position, the release points of the cartridge will be in the upward direction. 
  • Step-3: Hold the resetter chip upright, keeping the LED lights up. There are pins or buttons on the resetter chip, and you have to push them down. You have to push these pins or buttons till the LED light is green. When the cartridge is reset, a beeping sound may come. With the green light and beeping sound, you will be sure about the resetting process. This process takes only 5sec.
  • Step-4:  As your printer cartridges are ready, you can open the tray and put the cartridges back in the proper position inside the printer. So, the printer is ready to work.

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Final Words

If you are searching for a Pantum printer, you can be sure that you will get a fine printer. It is wise o match the purpose and demand with the product. So, you should check the best Pantum printers’ features and then choose one printer to match your need and budget. Here, you got the best Pantum printer reviews for the top ten printers.

So, your work becomes more accessible. Grab one printer and start your job soon.


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