Sublimation Printing On Socks [Tips For Better Sublimation]

Sublimation is a kind of heat transferring process used to print on t-shirts, socks, and other garments. This process heats the ink to transfer a colorful design into a material or garment fabric. It is an innovative process to make gorgeous printing on fabric. In cases of socks, polyester-constructed materials stretch well and good for printing. Besides, it offers lots more options to add more colors and intricate designs to your socks.

There are some details that influence a suitable sublimation on socks. If you know them well, you can make or find comfortable but with trendy design socks. Let’s know every important matter on socks sublimation.

What Is Dye Sublimation?

Sublimation is a chemical process that happens when some object directly turns into a gas from the solid form. In the process, the item does not turn into liquid. When sublimation is done for dye, a transferring process occurs from the solid ink to gas on the transfer paper. Then this ink is transferred to the garment. The heat pressing process transfers the ink. So, dye sublimation makes it possible to print on different types of attire and create fancy designs.

What is Dye Sublimation

Sublimation On Socks

Sublimation ink binds with synthetic fabrics like polyester. So, it is possible to easily print various designs, photos, or images on sublimation socks. Before performing the sublimation process, we have to know what we need and which kinds of socks are better for sublimation printing.

Types of Socks that Suits Sublimation

The socks material should have a minimum of about 65% polyester. It will make bold and resonant colors for print. Softballs are an excellent choice for sublimation. The sublimation on softball socks makes nice printed socks that offer protection from any sliding.

What is Dye Sublimation

If the base color is white and grey, the design colors will be vibrant. If the design has dark backgrounds, the grey base color will suit them best.

After wearing the socks, it stretches at the bottom of the foot, and so, color fades a little. So, the bottom part should be blackish or dark grey. It will blossom the design and pattern specially when the pattern is of dark colors.

Ingredients for Sublimation Printing on Socks

The necessary items for sublimation on socks are below materials.

Sock jigs are essential for ensuring that the sock can stretch slightly during sublimation and keep it flat. It will ensure that the edges of the socks get appropriately printed. You do not need to worry about sock jigs availability. You can make them easily.

How To Make Sock Jigs

To make sock jigs, you will need socks and heavy chipboards per sock.

Step-1: Lay the sock on a flat surface. Place the chipboard under it. Cut the chipboard using scissors. Cut them wider than socks. But do not cut chipboard wider than 3.5 inches.

Step-2: Cut the toes part round as much as you can do. Make sure that the jigs are long and wide enough to place the entire sock on it.

Process of Socks Sublimation

The sublimation process needs to work with a heat press at high temperatures. So, be careful enough while handling the heat press. Besides, this is an easy process. You can add photo on sublimation socks, too. That will make your creativity grow. Follow the steps below and get your socks with a fancy and stylish design.

Sublimation on Socks

Step-1: Settings

At first, you have to set the temperature at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, select the time from the timer at 36 seconds. You also have to keep the pressure maximum.

Step-2: Printing and Setting of Socks and Design

Print the selected mirror images on the Tex-print paper. Take the sock jigs. Now, place the sock on the platen. Keep the printed Texprint paper on the sock, placing the print side facing down on the sock.

Step-3: Heating

Now, press 400 degrees Fahrenheit heat on the sock as the settings were done. After pressing the socks’ design at 400 degrees Fahrenheit with high pressure for 36 seconds, remove the design paper immediately.

Step-4: Repeat Process for Other Side

Adjust the inserted chipboard with the sock carefully. Now, roll over the sock slowly so that the printed area goes at the other side and the sock’s blank space comes upside. Now, the blank sock’s side will face up on the platen. Now, again, place the printed Tex Paper facing down on the sock’s blank part. Press the heat also at the same setting. After 36 seconds, remove the paper immediately.

Now sublimation printing on socks is done for both sides.

Tips for Better Sublimation

Some easy and simple tips help in getting better chances and reducing mistakes. Those tips are below.

  • Before pressing the design on the sock, test it on cheap socks at first. Then go for the actual socks.
  • Try to use 80 to 90% polyester socks as 90% polyester performs the best for sublimation.
  • Always try to make your sock jigs to get perfection.
  • Trim the edges finely so that there remains no excess white area
  • After completing the job, use a lint roller to clean it up and clear debris from the sock.
  • Use the sublimation printer at least once a week. Otherwise, the printer head may dry up.

Final Words

If you can learn the proper sock sublimation, you will have fun by creating amazing things. The sublimated socks are attractive and gorgeous. The popularity of these items has increased day by day. The sublimation process produces a sharp-edged color foundation, vibrant color speculation, and lustrous color finish than the regular inkjet printing process.

After learning the sublimation on socks, engage your creativity on designs and print them correctly. You will see, many customers like your work. You can take this as a business by selling them to the right customers. However, it is a better idea to gift the sublimated socks to your friends and kin. It can also be a great hobby. So, let’s do some fun and make some money out of this enjoyment.


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