Teespring vs Spreadshirt – An Insightful Comparison

Are you interested to build a business that would not need high investment and the hassles of management? If you are an artist, designer, or writer bubbling with innovative ideas, we have splendid news for you. The print-on-demand is a great idea.  This develops customized prints on t-shirts, hats, mugs, backpacks, books on any daily use product and sell online.

Print-on-demand requires building a relationship with a supplier to customize your design to the product (for example-shirt, hats) to sell online with your brand. As per the agreement, you pay the supplier for his product after the sale of the product. The Teespring and the Spreadshirt are such platforms that ease print-on-demand business.

What is Teespring?

Teesprng is a platform that helps market your favorite items with no expenses or risk. It is the platform for anyone who wants to begin an online business. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs and innovative producers wanting to present their products have the potentiality of earning money in this free Teespring stage. It is a cool way to meet customers and earn money are build up a charitable fund.

What is Teespring

What is the purpose of Teespring marketing?

Getting your idea-generated product out to the world lets you earn name, fame, and money. That is how you become empowered. Teespring assists you step-by-step to enter the marketing world of hassle-free business. The steps are product creation from ideas, establish selling points online, take orders and fulfill customers.

What is Spreadshirt?

If you are a designer, you can earn money by selling your designs at the Spreadshirt marketplace. The Spreadshirt is the perfect market space where you display your old and trendy designer’s clothes and products to online customers. Uploading is free and with no risk. The Marketplace features and sells your product only on demand from the online roaming customers. All you do is relax and receive fair earning as soon as you outreach the payout bar.

Teespring vs Spreadshirt

To grow to a Marketplace product designer, the first thing is to start an account by signing in to the website. You will receive a partner space, where can upload your designs, start products, build your classy showroom, and watch your sales. The Marketplace is busy with traffic, so you can hope to receive many customers for your out-of-the-ordinary products.

Teespring vs Spreadshirt – Which One Is Better?

Teespring and Spreadshirt are two prominent on-demand designer’s platforms. The establishments are open for new entrepreneurs and for people who have existing businesses, and would further like to promote their brand and increase sales through widening the customer circle. Although they are different platforms, they are identical places of choice for those who want to spend time and effort to earn money without investment. Both encourage teams in their establishments or organizations who want to raise money for charity.

1. What products can you sell?

These online establishments exhibit designed products either antique or contemporary times. Many attractive personal and household are not available if you walk into the most flourishing stores. In a new-normal world, online shopping is becoming a practice. Among other such platforms that encourage a creative way of making money are Teespring and Spreadshirt. Both platforms showcase your clothing, (t-shirt) tapestry, pillows, baseball caps, backpacks, wall hangings, and phone, and eyeglass cases, fancy jewelry, or artistic items.

The Spreadshirt platform

2. How do they sell products?

After approval of the partnership with Teespring or Spreadshirt, you can upload the product in the assigned space. The products come in a catalog open to any visitor reaching the website. On the demand of the product by an online order to the company, they ask for delivery with a time gap between order and delivery. This means that you do not have to stock up your materials for immediate delivery. Yet, before uploading you need to have the source of supplier ready if you do not have an existing business of the same products. This also means that you receive the sales proceed from the spring or Spreadshirt after they receive payment from the customer.

3. The Teespring platform

This is a popular platform chosen for selling more than clothes. They also offer phone cases, socks, mugs, and home decors. Once you have an account with the spring, you can upload your design. But, make sure that your file does not exceed 50 MB. Yet, the lowest diagonal space is 500 x 500, and the highest of 3000 x 3000. Within this space, you can upload as many products as you want.

Teespring vs Spreadshirt

After uploading, Teespring prefers you set a goal on the sales figures all along with the campaign of 3-21 days. But, even if this period is over, Teespring prints and sells long enough for you to make a profit.  With a higher sale, the initial cost decreases, driving towards an increase in profit.

To speed up your sale, you need more buyers. The best way to promote your promotion is through social media. People on the go always take advantage of social media through smartphones as it is free of cost. Moreover, no hassle of visiting the store. Through online Teespring makes the sale and delivery to the customer.

Teespring pays for the sales made keeping a margin for the expenses of management. They pay by bank deposit, by check, Paypal, or by Payoneer. You can choose your method of receiving your sale proceed.

4. The Spreadshirt platform

The Spreadshirt is the first of its kind in the marketplace who help sell your design by hosting in their online platform. They have apparels, wall art, and phone cases where you have your design printed and sold from their site. On-demand, they prepare the products and sell them to customers. Like the other platforms, you need to become an e-member to enable you to upload. But, Spreadshirt has two different locations, by owning or creating a shop of your own or the marketplace. In the Marketplace, you have the advantage of two channels of selling your designs. The site comes in the view of over 50,000 people, so great exposure.

What is Spreadshirt?

In the Marketplace, the organization base payment on the design price and the number of products sold. You can ask for the price of a design but not exceeding $20 for each design. The commission is 20% of the total sales from product and print price. After one month, if you sell 11 products, they will award you a bonus. You can also earn affiliate commissions from your customized shop. Spreadshirt pay monthly but need to earn at least USD 10 to be eligible to receive payment. Payment occurs through PayPal or a bank account.

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Using the Teespring and Spreadshirt online platforms is a safe and easy way of earning money. Your intuitiveness in designing is the most valuable investment. A great opportunity to use your talent. The Marketplace option of Spreadshirt makes it a more desirable place to offer your sale design. So, good luck with your design and small business try.


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