Where To Print Edible Images For Cakes [Chef’s Tips]

Every one of us has dreamed of machines that produce food. Though the dream of edible printing is still some light years from reality, it is more than as good as it gets in the meantime.

You need to own one if you run a bakery or often bake delicious desserts for your family. Cakes are just as popular with kids as cartoons. By offering them both, you will win both their approval and their admiration. Firstly, everyone look for where to print edible images for cakes. Here you go. A detailed guideline will make your edible printing easy.

What Is An Edible Image?

The edible image is a picture printed onto edible icing paper with edible ink printer. There are numerous ways to place these images on confectionery products, including cookies, cupcakes, and cakes.

Which Printer/Ink/Paper do You Use for Printing Edible Images?

The printer we use is made specifically to print on edible paper and ink.

We use only ingredients approved by the Food and Drug Administration, such as food inks and edible paper.

What Kinds of Things Can be Printed as Edible Images?

A printed edible image is the same as any other picture. However, the paper and ink it is printed on are different.

Can I Use Custom Image?

Do you want custom treats made for your dog? With your company’s logo? What about a cake made of vintage photos of your parents looking funny? Selfies, too! We can create edible images customized to fit your needs. You can have so much fun with it!

Where To Print Edible Images For Cakes

  • Use a USB drive to bring in a high-resolution JPG or a Microsoft Word doc with normal margins (1 inch).
  • Take the best imaging you have with you to the nearest shop. Printed pictures may appear blurry or pixelated if the images are too small. High-resolution JPGs and Word documents can be printed from their system. Unfortunately, PDF files cannot be printed.
  • Otherwise, you can bring a color copy of the document.
  • Please specify whether the document should be sized large or small. Are you going to put it on a cake? How big should it be? Are you going to put it on the side? What height should it be?  Will it have to be scaled down to fit cookies that are 2 inches in diameter? The page supports printing 12 circles. Indicate this information when ordering online.
  • Maximum printable area for edible images is 8″ by 10.5″.
  • We recommend that you do not use PNG files due to their transparencies. It is necessary to duplicate, place, and scale your images before printing them in Word, since they print directly to edible paper. Ensure that the margins for the left and right side are 1 inch each, and 1.5 inches for the top and bottom.
  • You must send us the font file for us to install any custom scripts or fancy fonts included in their Version of Windows. Please include a font file (in .ttf or .otf format) along with your image if you wish to use a specific font.
  • It is vital that the image(s) you wish to print are not copyrighted or trademarked and should be royalty free. Images used for your custom edible image cannot be obtained from third parties. The company cannot be held responsible for any breach of intellectual property rights, copyrights, or trademarks.

Placement Of Edible Images On Cakes And Cookies

Very careful.

There is a risk of damage. So, you should be careful.

  • To get an edible image to stick to the backing to a limited extent, you should first freeze the image (in the ziplock) before icing. In this way, you will be able to remove the backing more easily because the sheet will harden up some.

Where To Print Edible Images For Cakes

  • Would you like to customize it? Cut out your image from the icing sheet still attached to the backing, using a knife, an X-Acto blade, or a pair of scissors.
  • Then, peel off the backing paper to reveal the edible image.
  • The image should be placed on your cake or cookie after the backing paper has been removed. A flat-edged scraper or offset spatula can be used to smooth bubbles or wrinkles.

Bravo! You are now a successful cake artist!

Are Edible Images Actually Safe To Eat?


Food-safe ink and papers are manufactured with FDA-approved ingredients and are classified as GRAS by the FDA.

Additionally, edible paper and ink are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union.

Leading Edible Image Printer Brands In The Market

The edible printing market is dominated by a few well-known brands. It’s still a developing market with few brands going in this direction. There are still new and better brands creating edible colors.

  • Canon

Canon, the world’s most popular brand for edible printers, is known for not only the high quality of their prints but also their wide variety of options.  Their focus has clearly been where it should be and the rewards are now coming into play.

Canon Edible Image Printer

  • Epson

Printing is not that far behind them when it comes to computers. As Epson is working to unify its printers, they may well surpass Canon printers in the future.

Epson Edible Image Printer

  • Icinginks

Ink and sheets that are safe for use are more important than the printer itself when printing edible scribbles. Icinginks has been a pioneer in providing us with safe, FDA-approved products through this process.

Leading Edible Image Printer Brands In The Market

  • Primera Technology

Edible printing is being redefined using technology developed by the company and Eddie printers. This makes them among the market’s most influential brands.

Leading Edible Image Printer Brands In The Market

Proper Maintenance Of Edible Image Printer

A printer must be regularly maintained and cleaned. Prints from these printers enter our bodies, so we need to be extra attentive.

Step-1: Remove Existing Inks

Take out any existing ink cartridges before you start cleaning.

Step-2: Use the Cleaning Cartridges

Clean the printer with the cleaning cartridges. Run the cleaning once the cartridges are installed.

After the cleaning is completed, power off the printer. Keep the cleaning cartridges in place while the printer is off.

Simply leave them in place for a few hours.

Where To Print Edible Images For Cakes

Step-3: Place the Ink Cartridges

Then, replace the cleaning ones with new ones.

Finally, to make sure there is no residue left, run the cleaning print head once more. The ink might mix with the solution if this step is not performed before printing.

You should also keep these facts in mind:

  • Maintain your printer’s inks by using it at least once a week.
  • To save ink, never turn off the printer.
  • Always sweep the paper path after each print to remove any debris or broken shards

Where To Print Edible Images For Cakes

Edible Images From BakeSupplyPlus

Creating a special cake in seconds is easy with custom edible images created from photographs! Cakes can be baked in it, as well as cupcakes, oreo cookies, candy apples, rice krispie treats, and many more! The text or images on your cake can be customized based on what you want.

The Process is as Follows:

Step 1: Select an image from the Internet or your library you want to use for the edible sheet.

Edible Images From BakeSupplyPlus

Step 2: Email us at banners@dandgoccasions.com and attach the image. The border can be customized to fit any size and type of cake, from the smallest cupcake to the largest sheet or circle cake. We will be able to create a design for you more easily if you simply describe things like, “fits on a 7-inch cake” or “24 standard cupcake circles.”

Where To Print Edible Images For Cakes

Step 3: When you submit the image, one of the printing representatives will contact you to let you know if the file has been received and to ask for any additional instructions. After receiving the image, we print a sample of the color to make sure the colors are correct. The image is printed on the edible sheet after you approve it, which usually takes less than 15 minutes.

Storage: Do not store in direct sunlight, sunlight, or heat. Image should not be placed in the fridge or on the dessert. Once you’re ready to serve your guests, simply apply the foil to the chilled dessert.

Application: Just cut out the shape from the sugar sheet or cover your dessert with the entire sheet.

Where To Print Edible Images For Cakes


This guide should have helped you get a better understanding of what to expect, but ultimately your buying decision will depend on your budget and preference.

Hopefully, we have covered all the information you needed regarding edible images printing.


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