Which Printer Uses Less Ink [Inkjet or Laser]

Printers are the most vital part of any business or office to get the hard copies of the digital report, proposals, books, documents, etc. In the long run, the price and cost are essential facts that you should know while you are using your printer in your office or at home. The most necessary point of the cost of the printing, in the long run, is the ink cost. If you understand this fact, you will search which printer uses less ink. Isn’t it?

There are primary calculation methods and other criteria to determine the cost of the ink. If you know how to calculate the price, you will decide what printer you should buy or use. Let’s understand the factors well.

Most Ink Efficient Printers In The Market

To know which printer uses less ink, you have to calculate or determine how much cost is needed to print per page. So, you should have a strong knowledge of the calculation of the cost of ink per page. Let’s know the detail and calculate what printer is the best.

Which Printer Uses Less Ink

Step-1: At first, take into account a specific ink cartridge and find the cartridge type.

Step-2: In the second part, you have to determine the number of yielded pages per ink cartridge. The number of pages that the ink of one cartridge can print until it is entirely empty. The higher the number of page yields per ink cartridge, the higher cost-efficient the printer cartridge is.

Step-3: Now, know the cost of that particular ink cartridge. The calculation will be done by dividing the price of the ink cartridge by the cartridge page yield.

So, the cost of ink per page = the price of the cartridge/cartridge page yield.

This calculation means that you cannot decide which printer uses less ink depending on the cost of the ink cartridges. Many expensive ink cartridges are costly but yield many pages that suppress the cheaper ink cartridge capability. For example, we will talk about HP printer ink cartridges. The HP 952 ink cartridge can yield many such pages that HP 63 can produce only 1/5 of that amount. This means you will need 5 HP 63 to make the printout, like one HP 952. So, it can be said that the printer that uses HP952 is more cost-efficient than the printer that uses HP 63.

Unfortunately, there is another consideration. The price of the printer involves the cost. But how and when? Some facts change the matter.

One important fact is how often you use your printer. If you use your printer regularly, you should calculate the difference in the ink cost on the “cost per page” system. But if you use your printer occasionally, you should go for the laser printer. Why is that?

The inkjet printer uses an ink cartridge that dries up very often, whereas the laser printer toner cartridge does not dry up fast. That’s why the printer’s occasional use will cost you more for extra ink cartridge cost. You have to buy a new ink cartridge frequently as it goes clogged. The sublimation printer uses more ink than another printer as it heats press ink to the fabric or other print media.

Example of Some Printers that Uses Less ink

There are some examples of printers that are ink efficient depending on the ink cost per page calculation. If you see their capability and compare this with some top brands, it will be easy to decide what printer you should buy.

1. HP Officejet Pro 9015

This printer is an excellent addition to cost-efficient printers. You will have all the updated features. It has an auto-duplex printing option, multipurpose use feature, etc. This printer is perfect for a small home office.

home printer with lowest ink cost

You will be able to print 1000 black pages using the standard cartridge and 2000 pages using the XL black cartridge. Each of the standard color cartridges prints 700 pages whereas the high-yielding cartridges print 1600 pages. This printer offers a cost-efficient ink cost.

2. Canon PIXMA All-in-one TS 6320

This canon printer is also an excellent option for getting cost-efficient ink. You will get ink cartridges in three different sizes like standard, high-yield, and extra high-yield. If you are using the printer regularly, you can go for the extra high-yield cartridge that will be more cost-effective.

what is the best printer with the cheapest ink cartridges


3. Brother MFC J995 Printer

Brother comes with a super all-in-one printer that offers cost-efficient ink use. They adopted the newest innovation INKvestment tank system. These ink tanks are more significant than the cartridge system, and they hold more ink. The cost of the ink cartridge is much higher than the tanks. In this Brother printer, you will ultra-high-yield ink tank that can print 6000 pages in black colors and 5000 pages in color.Brother MFC J995 Printer

4. Epson Workforce Printer

Epson Workforce is a cheap and low-cost operation printer. You will get an all-in-one function with all the necessary features at a lower price range. As the price of the printer itself, the cost of the ink cartridge is also low. You can have this Epson printer for your home use and have a low-cost cartridge replacement.

most ink efficient printer


When you are a printer user, it is a significant fact to know the cost of ink. Many of us measure it on the price of the ink cartridge. You do not realize that you are spending more money by buying those cheap ink cartridges frequently. That’s why we should know how to calculate the ink cost and decide which printer uses less ink.

There are many innovative ideas for reducing ink costs. Checking all the printer ink types and expenses, you should decide which printer you will buy. So, have a detailed knowledge of it and know the capability of your printer.

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