Why Does My Printer Print So Slowly [Fix Yourself]

How would you feel if your printer suddenly goes slowly? Although you may have not have noticed, some things may have gone wrong. Many of us face such problems and become perplexed especially if there is plenty of printing jobs with a deadline. We have thought about you and researched the reasons for such an unwarranted situation.

Today, we are going to give you some easy ways to solve a problem that seems very big at the time. These few tips may solve your problem before a complete breakdown. Let us see why a printer goes slowly, and how we can resolve those problems.

Top 6 Reasons Behind Slow Printing

It’s not too easy to fix slow issues in printer unless finding out the actually reason. So, firstly find out the actual reason and then go for fixing. The following troubleshooting steps will give you a free and fast printing.

Reason 1. Corrupted, Missing, or Old Drivers

All computers have print drivers or print processors, which is the software responsible for converting data or information in a form that the printer can figure out and print. Therefore, a driver must be installed and be in perfect form to take the command. A corrupted driver becomes inoperable or unusable resulting in slowing or halt the age of printing. Again, the driver present in the computer may not be compatible with the printer. An old driver also creates trouble for the operating system.

printer slow problem

How to Fix it?

The easiest idea to fix a driver is to change it. It is not as easy as it sounds, as you have to visit each print station to fix it manually or automatically. Therefore, there are two ways of fixing the driver—manually or automatically.

To fix it manually, you need some computer skills to find out which device is giving trouble. Once you know what is causing trouble, you can fix it one step at a time. On clicking the update driver button, windows will locate the updated software of the driver. By following the instructions and rebooting, your printing speed will be back in place.

For automatic fixing, you can use the ‘driver easy’, a computer program that aids Windows users in updating the drivers. The driver easy tool scans the computer without a network connection, downloads and installs network drivers.

Reason 2: Printer Sharing a Network

A printer will not always perform the best if has shared printing with many computers, and these devices again connect to a single network.

Printer sharing a network

How to Fix it?

Sharing a printer with several computers proper installation. You may have to check all the connections and set up sharing setups of each of the secondary printers. Then connect to the main PC by USB cable or wirelessly and rerun the printer.

Reason 3. A Bad Connection

If the printer is far off from the router of the network, the printer will run slowly.

Why Does My Printer Print So Slowly

How to Fix it?

If you are using many computers with the same printer, it acts as a ‘hub’. It is best to move the computer close to the router. A hub or a wireless service set the printer to work efficiently. A directly wired connection is also one of the best solutions.

Reason 4. Wrong Printing Preferences

If the printer receives a command with the wrong printing preference, your printer will show an error.

How to Fix it?

Printers prefer to receive orders on printing specifically on the media, the size of the paper, on-sided, or duplex printing. If these do not match with the feeding items, an error in printing occurs. Check for the specifications of the command to go with the printer’s available options. A printer with a digital touchscreen ensures simple operation.

Reason 5. Faulty Connection

A common feature of a printer not working well is faulty connections of cables. There are so many wires that your need to connect with the computer, the printer, and the master switch, that a mistake can happen in setting up the printer.

why is my printer printing so slow all of a sudden

How to Fix it?

Check if all the cables are proper in proper sockets. The printer’s power cord should connect to the major power line and another cord connecting the cable of the printer to the computer. If the connection is through a USB port, check if the cord is undamaged. If everything else is right, usually shutting down the computer and running the Windows troubleshooter automatically fixes the problem.

Reason 6. Paper Jam or no Toner/Ink/ Cartridge

Long hours of printing or an uneven setting of the printing sheets in the feeder leads to jam and a stoppage of error. A sign of error appears when the ink or cartridge.

Why Does My Printer Print So Slowly

How to Fix it?

For paper jam, follow these steps

  1. Switch off and remove the plug from the printer
  2. Remove printing sheets and reload the tray uniformly
  3. Open the door that leads the paper to the paper
  4. Remove the jammed paper
  5. Close the door and restart the printer

If you run out of ink or toner, all you need to do is follow the direction of replacing those respective to the printer, remove and replace with a new one.

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Final Words

To keep your printer going as recommended, attention to maintaining your device is important. It is always good to check your computer, the printer, and wired or wireless connection before you begin work. The common problems discussed should take care of the problems faced by users every day. If you follow those guidelines, we are sure you will not find your printer print slowly.

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