Why Is My HP Printer Printing Blurry? [Solved]

Why is my HP printer printing blurry? It is a common phenomenon to experience with printer work. It mostly happens when you come to printmaking a gap of time.

In this case, most of the possible reason is the settings problem or clogged nozzles. When the printer is stopped for an extended period, the ink can easily block the printhead present during the last printing. The settings can be disturbed for the lack of maintenance.

There can be other issues, including printer drivers, ink levels, paper types and settings, image settings, or alignment. Whatever the reason is, you have to check and solve it. And then test printing. But checking all the parameters is quite a time-consuming task. You can reduce the time requirement by checking the necessary parameters step by step, not randomly but wisely. 

Let’s check the HP printer and solve the issue to get clean and clear printouts.

Why Is My HP Printer Printing Blurry?

First, we make the possible reasons that can be responsible for making blurry printing. The possible causes are-

  1. Low ink levels
  2. Clogged print nozzles
  3. Inappropriate paper use
  4. Wrong printer settings
  5. Wrong image settings
  6. Alignment issues
  7. Issues with printer drivers

You have to check each of the issues one by one and find out the reason. Then solve the problem. Let’s check the HP printer step-by-step guide.

Step-1: Check Ink Level

As the first step, checking ink level is the best way. If there is a low ink level, it prints blurry. So, check the ink level. Most HP printers, especially the latest version of the printers, have an easy way to prevent it.

To be sure, you can check the printer manuals to get the instruction to check the ink level. Some modern HP printers offer an ink level monitoring function on the printer LCD monitor that constantly updates you about ink levels.

Why Is My HP Printer Blurry?

Step-2: Check and Clean Printhead

As the second step, you have to check the print head nozzle. Actually, if the ink level is okay, start cleaning the print head. It is a regular necessary step to perform to keep the printer working well. If you tend to the printer regularly, you will notice better results and the same print quality. 

Cleaning printhead nozzles involves removing the ink cartridges from the printer and then wiping clean them. While handling the ink cartridges, you must be careful because ink cartridges are prone to be harmed on hard touch. Gently clean the cartridges and the other parts of the printers.

While cleaning the other printer parts, keep the cartridges on a soft paper towel lying own not upright position. It will keep the ink cartridges safe. Softly lift the cartridge and insert it back to the printer. 

Step-3: Check the Paper

Paper type can be responsible for making blurry images. Sometimes, if the paper size is not correct, it can get wrinkles which make blurry printouts. So, you must use the right side of the paper that matches the printer feeder.

how to fix blurry printing hp
Information Age

If the paper is poor in quality, blurry prints are a common issue. Sometimes, you have to select paper type depending on the printing items. If you are printing heavy-inked photos, then you should use heavy paper with high thickness.

In this case, make sure that the printer can print thick documents. Though all the document printing is okay on regular paper, the dense text printing needs high contrast graphics which needs HP advance papers. You will get detailed instructions on the printer’s manual or the HP website support page.

Some papers have adhesive on one side or two different sides, where one is the printing side and the other is the non-printing side. Before feeding this paper into the printer, make sure that it is getting into the correct position. Otherwise, the adhesive or non-printing size damages the printer that prints blurry on all the following pages.

There is a relation between the paper type and the ink type. Make sure that the paper you are using is suitable for the HP printer and ink. It can be possible that this is not the reason and then go for the next step.

Step-4: Check Print Settings

Some printers are designed to make high-quality prints. When you set the printer in low-quality settings, these printers make blurry output. So, make the change in settings.

  • First, open the file that you will print. It can be images or documents. Enter the File tab and then click on the Print option. The window for Print will appear on the screen.

Print Settings

  • Tap on Preferences or Properties from the box. Another window will arrive. Now select the Printing Shortcuts. Then you will get the menu for the printing shortcuts modification.
  • Here, check all the parameters and make it set on high-quality. Set the printout quality at high. On the Paper Type option, there is a list. If one option from the list matches the paper type you are using, select that, making the Automatic option unchecked. Select the right paper size which you are using.

Change the ink volume of hp printer

  • Now click on Advanced to edit the advanced settings. Change the ink volume here. If you drag the pointer to the left, it will print light, and it will be darker to the right side. Make a perfect balance that publishes high-quality printouts.

Step-5: Image Resolution Checking

Image is quite different than a standard text document. Image finishes are patchy, with isolated areas that have rough, grainy, and unbalanced color parts. Image resolution matters a lot to match up different color parts and balance all the details. So, you have to ensure that your printer is set to the correct image resolution depending on the image type.

Check the image resolution and set it depending on its need before printing.

  • For the smaller print format like 4 by 6 inches printouts, 240 pixels per inch resolution is better.
  • The better choice is for, the higher print format over the 4 by 6 inches printouts, 300 pixels per inch or higher resolution depending on the image size.

Low image resolution than requirement makes blurry output.

Step-6: Alignment

If the printer ink cartridge or toner cartridge is not correctly aligned, it can make blurry printouts. You may need to change the alignment several times to ensure that it is perfect for the image or documents. Follow the steps to modify the alignment.

  • First, make sure that you have loaded white and plain blank paper. Enter the HP solution center from the menu of the Windows computer.
  • Here, enter the ‘settings’ and select the ‘Printer Toolbox.’ Tap on the Device Services section and select the ‘Align the Ink cartridges’ option. The ink cartridge alignment procedure is now allowed to perform.

Align the Ink cartridges

  • Now open the lid to access the ink cartridges. Make the alignment face down. Keep all the cartridges toward the right side. Now, close the lid test printing. 

Step-7: Check Printer Drivers

When you find that the printer is still printing blurry, the problem is with the printer drivers. Printer drivers may need to be updated. Check it and update it. 

  • First, enter the control panel and search ‘Device Manager’ by typing o the search box. When you see it, click on it. Now select your printer from the list. Right-click on the printer’s name and choose the ‘Update Driver option from the drop-down menu. Next, click on the Automatic option. Then the printer drivers will be updated, and it is set for an auto-updating option for the next time.
Checking the HP Printer Drivers
HP Support

You can manually download the printer drivers. In this case, you have to update them manually. It is a pretty hassle job, but you can use third-party software to reduce the hassle and update the printer drivers. 

  • First, install third-party software like DriverFix. Complete the downloading and installation process for this software and then run it. It will automatically scan the printer if there is any need to update any driver. 
  • After a few minutes, the scanning will be complete, and it will make some recommendations for updating. Now your job is to check all the suggestions and click on each update button to start the update. When the install button arrives, click on them, and the printer drivers will be updated. 

Final Words

Why is my HP printer printing blurry? You have to check the reasons for this issue one by one and make corrections. As mentioned above, the most common reasons for this issue are the low ink level and clogged printhead nozzles.

So, you should not go for the later steps. It will increase the hassle. First, check the ink levels and printheads. Then go for the next steps.

After checking and resolving all the issues, test the printing. The printouts should be perfect now. If not, there must be some instrumental issues inside the printer, and now you will need the help of an expert. 


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